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The 6th Petticoat Junction crossover episode
jivers015 May 2016
A frequently surreal yarn with a flashback, a nightmare dream sequence, a nod to "A Christmas Carol", and some man-in-bear-suit shenanigans. In the previous episode, Jethro was set to marry both Bradley sisters. This conflict is "resolved" by lazy writing. Jethro simply hides out at home while the rest of the family goes to Hooterville. For some reason, Drysdale is staying with Jethro at the mansion. The only funny bit is of him waking up next to their pet bear. In a mockery of marriage, the bear beats him to the bathroom as Drysdale complains like a henpecked husband. At the bank we see "A Christmas Carol" inspired scenes of a whip- wielding Drysdale behaving like Scrooge. He faints after hearing Jed is putting money in the Hooterville bank. He dreams that Sam Drucker has become his boss. Upon awakening he has a change of heart and generously gives everyone the day off.

Meanwhile in Hooterville, we see a flashback from the previous episode of the bear eating Sam's letter to Granny. She thinks Sam was going to propose to her but never finished reading the letter. Elly is sort of dating Eb Dawson (the only Green Acres cast member in the episode). He has a crush on her but Elly is reluctant. As Justice of the Peace, Sam Drucker tells Elly he'd be "happy to marry her" when she decides. Granny overhears this and thinks he's proposing to Elly. Granny goes overboard with a makeover and shows up dressed like a little girl in 1900s-type garb and a wig.

Steve Elliott (Mike Minor) croons a wistful, romantic song that has nothing to do with Christmas and everyone sings a carol together on the train (exterior shots are stock footage from another episode). The Jethro segment and Drysdale's frantic drive to Hooterville (with the bear in the truck) are story threads left hanging. An ambitious episode with a lot going on during this packed half-hour story. Enjoyable on a nostalgic level but nothing all that funny or memorable occurs.

The next episode, "Drysdale and Friend" continues the bear road-trip story with appearances by Sam Drucker and Fred Ziffel.
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