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Barney provides the fun here, but Andy is smart
FlushingCaps4 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The plot is rather basic. In fact, much of this premise was copied on an episode of Gomer Pyle, although they changed big elements.

Here, Barney is seen being his usual fumbling, nervous self when a pretty newcomer, Melissa, to town asks directions to the post office. He makes a big issue, siren and all, to escort the lady to the post office with her following the squad car. He drives about 15 feet and swings around to park right across the street from where they were--whereas a normal deputy would have just told her, "The post office? Why that's right over there across the street." Thelma Lou sees him making a spectacle of himself and they quickly decide they are both free to date whoever they want. Barney is enjoying "playing the field" but when her father goes upstairs to read after the three of them dine at her place, she gets romantic with nervous Barney and asks, "Don't you wish we could be like this forever." Barney says he does and she jumps up and calls for her Daddy to excitedly tell him that Barney has proposed.

We don't really see much after that in that scene, but Barney does the only logical thing the next day and breaks the engagement and makes up with Thelma Lou. But now Melissa and her father want to sue for "Breach of Promise." In the courthouse, after the couple seem eager for a cash payment to help her get over the hurt, Andy figures out they are faking it and lines up everyone and begins conducting a marriage ceremony. Melissa now gets mad and insists she would never marry "a squirt." Andy now accuses them of being crooks, and asks if maybe they aren't really married to each other, instead of being father and daughter. The two leave the room, and town, on orders from Andy.

The closing line of this scene is a classic that I won't spoil. Overall, a rather funny episode, especially the way Barney acts with the women in his life.

Addams Family fans will love seeing Uncle Fester in the role of Melissa's "daddy."
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The price of playing the field
elbga13 November 2018
This is a very funny episode from beginning to end. The opening scene is interesting for veteran fans who enjoy spotting recurring non-speaking extras as they make their way through the Mayberry loop. For instance, there goes Smiling Woman (aka Nice Dress,Nellie) across the street, and farther back one of the only citizens of color in town, the rather tall black woman in a dress, is crossing to the other side. Danny Thomas's brother strolls by, apparently on his way to Myers Lake, and as usual he doesn't say a word. Betty Lynn is photographed particularly handsomely in this episode, especially in her scene with Andy in her living room. Barney's effort to tamp down his temptress's ardor by diverting the conversation to the merits of efficient lighting is made even funnier as he tries to stick his head under the lampshade to check the wattage of the bulb. Jackie Coogan is cast perfectly as the male half of the conniving couple, although you have to wonder what the flashy Melissa/Gladys sees in him for a mate that she doesn't see in Deputy Fife. This is one episode that would benefit from dispensing with the laugh track, which here features the hysterical, high-pitched laugh of a female and the lowbrow guffawing guy that are a regular (and somewhat annoying) part of the track throughout the first five seasons. One wonders what kind of entertainment the recorded duo found so hilarious. It's early in the second season, yet Andy Griffith has already put his Will Stockdale bumpkin in storage and has become a more polished, even a more sophisticated, leader of of the community.
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Lady's Man
Hitchcoc28 November 2019
Barney becomes the victim of his libido. When a pretty woman comes to town and comes on to him, he immediately is taken with her. She is there with her "father," played by Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester from the Addams Family and a former silent film star). Of course, he has a big tiff with Thelma Lou and breaks up with her. Andy sees the handwriting on the wall, but Barney is so hepped up he pays no attention to Andy. I have to say, don't miss Barney's appearance as he talks to Andy at the conclusion.
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