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Victor Garber: Jack Bristow


  • Jack Bristow : You're going to tell your contact you want a meeting. A meeting to take place at your contact's discretion.

    Will Tippin : Why would he lead me to you knowing that you'd want to flush him out?

    Jack Bristow : He only told you my name so you would realize that my threat to you was a bluff. That I would never hurt Sydney, even if you continue your investigation. He didn't expect you'd have the guts to contact me.

    Will Tippin : Oh, well, I'll assume that's a compliment.

  • Jack Bristow : Kretchmer briefed me on Denpasar. It was a sloppy operation. Your pursuit of your mother is clouding your judgement. You can't afford to continue and at the moment, I can't protect you. I haven't regained Sloane's trust. He still hasn't reinstated me to active duty. I'm not even privy to his briefings.

    Sydney Bristow : Then you haven't heard that SD-6 got Sark.

  • Sydney Bristow : None of this changes the fact that you were using Will!

    Jack Bristow : He was already being used! It's no coincidence that out of all the reporters in the world, he was chosen.

    Sydney Bristow : What are you saying?

    Jack Bristow : For some reason, Khasinau is trying to expose us.

  • [Jack prepares Will for his meet with Khasinau] 

    Jack Bristow : You'll be picked up by men in a van, they'll be armed.

    Will Tippin : Okay.

    Jack Bristow : You'll be blindfolded and taken to another location.

    Will Tippin : Okay, I know what that feels like.

    Jack Bristow : But they will not hurt you, they need you.

    Will Tippin : But they're going to take me to "deep throat".

    Jack Bristow : Or someone who works for him.

  • Will Tippin : Sodium thiopental, like a truth serum? They are going to give me that.

    Jack Bristow : I would.

    Will Tippin : Great.

    Jack Bristow : Don't worry. I will be monitoring you the whole time. You have your cover story straight?

    Will Tippin : They are going to kill me, aren't they?

    Jack Bristow : If they wanted that, you would have been dead long ago.

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