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The Underminer rules!
emasterslake26 January 2006
I've always been imagining what it be like to see Mr. Incredible fight against the Underminer after seeing the movie.

Now my wish came true with this Sequel spin off video game.

It's made and done by the same people who did the Incredibles video game. Has a similar game play too.

What cool about is that this time you control both Mr Incredible and Frozone! That's right Frozone is playable in this game! And what also cool is they got THE John Ratzenburger to do the Underminer's voice throughout the game.

It's a fun game and highly recommended to those who are obsess with the Incredibles like I am.

This game should get an8.5/10 the latest.
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Previously on The Incredibles....
wolfmano236 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
After a great day out the Parr Family are all ready to go when a massive earthquake hits Metroville. an enormous drilling machine tears it's way to the surface and from the bowels of the mechanized monster a short and squat creature calling himself the "Underminer" wages war on peace and love. As Mr. Incredible and Frozone the player(s) battle their way through the underworld in a search for Underminers gravity altering device that will make the over world the new underworld, after destroying the device a final battle between the heroes and Underminers giant robot ensue. There is speculation that a film based on this game is in production. One can only hope because the Incredibles was a great movie and the fans would love a sequel.
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