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its a work of art
oakraiders3111 October 2006
I Pity The Fool is a mastery amongst the visual art world.this work of art can be compared to gold in a world of bronze. Mr. T plays his role arguably, as well as his role on The A-Team. this show is so good in my opinion because Mr T extends his versatility as an actor. this means that not only is Mr. T playing his customary role as the "tough guy." Mr. T acts not only as his usual intimidating figure but also as a motivator. he acts as role model for those "fools" he is trying to help. this show extends from the television and acts as a mold for how people could improve themselves emotionally, physically and mentally. i hope as many people as possible watch this show and are able to benefit from Mr T's solid advice. i trust that my comment will inspire viewers to enjoy this show every Wednesday at 1o pm est.
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This show is rough and ready. I'm impressed.
Elzna25 October 2006
I like Mr. T's attitude and the fact that this personality and icon is doing a reality show in the first place. I like the people he's helping out, I like the honesty, I like the frustration, and I like it when they come together in the end. This show is good and pretty entertaining, especially compared to that other TvLand Original DISASTER a.k.a. "Alf's Hit Talk Show". That was probably the worst show. Ever. In TV history. So TvLand certainly did well with this show, in light of their other failed attempts at "Orignal" entertainment.

Anyway, this show is raw entertainment. To deal with, Mr. T is given pretty crappy, lazy, pathetic excuses for human beings. He makes the best out of what he's got to work with and in the end, it comes out relatively well. It's not always perfect and there's no guarantee these idiots are going to maintain their new MO. But there's the hope that they will. That's ultimately what makes the show a Reali-T. It gets my stamp of approval.
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MoTvaTion EducaTion EnterTainsion (not a word i know)
gfxdave9927 November 2006
This is probably the most amusing 30 minute reality show I have seen in quite some time. I have all of the first 6 on my DVR and have watched them over laughing along to each one. I really really really, did i say really, Really hope they bring back more!

I mean while its funny, I find myself actually caring for the people involved in the show and being glad when they get their act together and wishing that Mr T would come and kick my butt!

Come on, 6 episodes? TVLand we know you have viacom money behind you, buck up and give us more T!

I'll even promise to not fast forward through the commercials on my DVR!
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Team spirit
IrockGswift29 October 2006
I have to say I'm really impressed with this show. 80s icon Mr.T is back on television to make sure people are pulling there on weight when it's needed. This show shows a different side of Mr.T as a somewhat of motivational speaker and not the tough guy bully we use to know. Mr.T gives a self-sacrificing effort to those in need of change for the better and live more of an progressive life with loved ones,co-workers etc.,mostly those involved in group activities. Like for instance getting a self-centered non-productive man to get involved with his family's household duties and aboard. Also getting an employer to crack down on doing his part to get work done. Overall this show is positive,uplifting,with encouraging results. Mr.t helps give people a change in attitude towards how people use to be and see things from a different and better perspective. Just one thing though I hope what Mr.T has done will pay off in the long run.
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Funny as heck. Some episodes better than others.
kino196921 October 2011
Okay, move over Ramsay (fool)! Mr. T really knows how to take care of business. This is nearly a parody of reality TV, and really worth watching! Some of the episodes and parts are drop-dead funny, and some seem trite. Overall, it's always fun to watch American TV icons still play their roles with humor, and Mr. T knows who he is and never takes himself seriously. --- I'm not going to write episode synopses, so sit back with a beer and enjoy the ride (even if it's in your favorite chair - and if you've seen it, you know what I mean). It's also family friendly - my kids love it. -- - Warning - many of the shots are obviously staged and rehearsed beforehand, but Mr. T's poetry will make you forget about that! -- - E.
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"I Pity the Fool" who wears ...
ken3rd13 October 2006
... high top sneakers with a business suit. Although Mr. T is a cool character, the wardrobe department need some help; the suit looked great; the Converse All Stars, even though Red, White, and Blue, got to go. Mr. T, please don't remind us of Woody Allen at the Oscars; spruce up a bit for the show; people expect a GQ appearance from you now in the right setting.

Now onto the show: Mr T is a sincere person, an awesome character; if he would emphasize learning from his subject as well as the mo-T-ivational effect he has on people, he's got a show. If all one sided, then we'd have to pass; no one's perfect.

Mr. T may find a middle ground between Anthony "Buy my CD/DVD" Robbins and the great motivational buffoon played by Chris Farley on Saturday Night Live; maybe Mr. T can do that in the short term.

Mr. T, emphasize your sincerity, and ability to arbitrate. The guys on the car lot, especially Vince, and the characters in future shows may fall back into those old, easy and sleazy, ways; those guys will need a re-visit from you; Dr Phil does that on his shows.

Mr. T, do a follow-up on some of these guys; back check with customers, family, friends; go even further than the surface; ensure the work you do works for those who may doubt the good effect you have on people.
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Good Idea, but how far can it go?
Observer-212 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Mr. T's got an interesting idea here of being a "reality check" for shaking people out of the complacent ruts that we often get into, forcing them to look at themselves and the world around them in terms of the "Big Picture" of things. This is important stuff, and is a good dose of old-fashioned "common sense."

I wonder, though, how well and how long it will play for. The first couple of times might well be interesting, but there's a danger it can become formulaic and dry. Mr. T's personality, humor, and honest intention will carry it far, but it might deliver a more long-lasting message if it evolves into more than just a glorified one-man show.
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