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  • After dating hot doctor Ben, "Mystery Woman" Samantha becomes curious about her family medical history so she sets out upstate to fictitious small town; Whiptail, California in search of her birth mother. Samantha finds her unfortunately she has just been arrested as a suspect in a murder. Murder and mystery follow Samantha wherever she goes.


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  • In this movie Samantha Kinsey (Kellie Martin, the Mystery Woman of the the six previous movies) finally has a date. And with a cute eye doctor at that. Because of her diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa from the cute doctor Samantha must find her parents after she discovers she is adopted. She has the help of friends at home and in the small town she goes to like Charlie Schlatter as Victor Short whom she finds in proverbial small town diner. He is another adoptee placed by the same doctor who placed her. She does find her birth mother. Unfortunately she finds her birth mother with a dead body. So she is quickly embroiled in a murder mystery. At the same time back at the store, her Mystery Woman (the bookstore) employee, Philby (played by Clarence Williams III, an original "Mod Squad" member), and his associate, Desmond (Michael Cole, also of "Mod Squad" fame so it's a two thirds "Mod Squad" reunion) hunt down a "long dead" clairvoyant. Desmond wants Philby to go back to his old job as a secret agent of the U.S. Government but it doesn't look likely.

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