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Season 3

11 Jun. 2007
College Park vs. Union City
The battle between College Park and Union City heats up as Rob and Ritz step up and prove they're the best of their hoods at dishing the dirt.
Episode #3.2
Tensions are high in Marietta and Jonesboro as Yo Yo and Small-C prove that they are the best trash talkers in their hoods. With Wilmer's help, they check out each other's cribs to get some ammo, and then head to the final battle.
Episode #3.3
While P throws down the jokes in Ben Hill, NAVV devours Cabbagetown.
Dunwoody vs. Southside
Que represented for Dunwoody, while Da Product dominated in Southside, giving both a chance to battle one on one.
Episode #3.5
After being voted the best of their hood and defeating the competition Chuck Mendoza (Valley), Deleon Jenkins (Long Beach), DeAndre Kidd (aka Mack) (Downtown), and Will Vega (Orange County) battle to determine who will go head to head in the next round. Deleon Jenkins (Long Beach) selects to go up against Will Vega (Orange County), that leaves Chuck Mendoza (Valley) vs DeAndre Kidd (aka Mack) (Downtown) to battle in the second round. Before the battle begins Sam and Jason select topics the contestants have to stick to during the battle. Wilmer introduces a jury ...
Episode #3.6
For Decatur, Island Boi left the rest of the pack in the dust, while the Westside was taught a lesson by Lewis. Then with Wilmer's help, each hood's finest steps into the other's space to get some dirt for the final round.
Episode #3.7
For Kirkwood, it's Tang who steps up as the best trash talker and over in Lawrenceville, Mookie proves he's got what it takes. After loading up on ammo in each other's cribs, the two face off toe-to-toe in the ultimate Yo Momma battle.
Episode #3.8
In this episode, Robyn beat the competition in Buckhead, earning her the right to battle Matt, who won the Alpharetta title. But first, Wil visits both competitors cribs, where he finds a sorority and a frat house. The greek war is then on in the finals.
Episode #3.9
For Bankhead, it's E-Man who rises to the top, but before Spot kills it at East Point, the contenders get a lesson in trash talking from Mother Fine. Then with Wilmer's help, the finest from each hood step into each other's space to get the dirt for the final fight.
Episode #3.10
The four best from four different hoods stepped up, eager to battle in front of Wil and his surprise guest Bow Wow.
Episode #3.11
The battle between Downtown and Riverdale sizzles as Episode and Big Kev show why they are the best of their hoods. With Wilmer's help, they dig up the dirt on each other and head to the final showdown to prove their trash talkin' skills.
Episode #3.12
The battle between Lithonia and Duluth was on as J takes on Willy Haze. After Wilmer gives each a tour of the competitions crib, they are off to the finals for a battle royal.
Episode #3.13
Pak Attack beats the competition in Dallas and Osa kills it for Columbus. Then with Wilmer finds the competitor's dirty secrets hiding in their cribs, arming them with dirt for the final battle.
Episode #3.14
While Holla McGhee smacks down his competition in Midtown, Ced Young is no holds barred in Little Five Points. With Wilmer's help, the two get the dirty secrets on each other then head to the final battle.
Episode #3.15
We got this week's trash talking finest from four different hoods, ready to throw down and represent. Big Wil made a call out to the Mayor of Atlanta", Jermaine Dupree who showed up to help decide the week's champ.
Episode #3.16
For West End, Mack destroyed the competition, while in Northside, S.E.M.E. had the skills every man envied. After a quick trip to get dirt on their opponent, the two ballers meet up in the finals, where their momma's will stand front and center to get bagged on.
5 Jul. 2007
Douglasville vs. Clarkston
In this episode, Chris Wreckless's originality lands him top honors as Clarkston's number one trash talker, while in Douglasville, JB proves his razor-sharp style doesn't stop with his fine duds.
Episode #3.18
Uptown holds down the fort for Stone Mountain, while in Underground, Amber proves that she's not just a pretty face. After removing all skeletons from each other's closets with the help of Wilmer, it's time to meet up for the final battle.
5 Jul. 2007
Eastside vs. Forest Park
For Eastside, Dirty D doesn't play nice while over in Forest Park, Rod B delivers his own style of freshness.
Episode #3.20
It's down to four, the best trash talkers from four hoods, ready to impress Wilmer and his celebrity guest, Frankie J. The winner walks as the week's best.

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