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An Introduction into Asian Cinema for Westerners Through Movie Bingo

Asian cinema has always had a degree of popularity in Western culture, but all too often they were done a huge disservice by being remade instead of shown in their original state.

That trend is changing drastically, with films such as Crazy Rich Asians finding success and leading viewers down the exciting pathway towards genuine Asian films. A post by Time reported that it was the first film by a major Hollywood studio that featured a majority cast of Asian descent in a modern setting since 1993 and that it had the potential to change Hollywood.

BFI suggest it was hard to find East Asian films in UK cinemas a couple of years ago, but that is a situation that’s now rapidly evolving. The Climbers is a recent release which our article explains was shown in cinemas across the United Kingdom.

The thirst for Asian movies has increased dramatically, but
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China Box Office: Celina Jade’s ‘Mrs. Money’ Wins Pre-Holiday Weekend

  • Variety
China Box Office: Celina Jade’s ‘Mrs. Money’ Wins Pre-Holiday Weekend
On a pre-holiday weekend, in which new films unusually were released Sunday instead of the normal Friday, “Hello Mrs. Money” starring Celina Jade topped the Chinese box office. Zhang Yimou’s “Shadow” took the second spot.

Their first day of release gave “Mrs. Money” $16.8 million, and “Shadow” $10.4 million, according to data from Ent Group. They were followed by Hong Kong crime thriller “Project Gutenberg,” with $8.17 million.

China’s week-long National Day holiday begins Monday. For many people, Saturday was treated as an additional working day. Once the holiday period gets underway for more people, box office numbers are likely to swell.

“Money” was produced by Mahua FunAge, a company that is China’s market leader in live comedy and that made a successful transition into film with 2015’s “Goodbye Mr. Loser,” which made $218 million, 2016’s “Mr. Donkey” and last year’s sports comedy “Never Say Die.” “Never Say Die” was
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Venice Festival Honoree Zhang Yimou: Maestro of Modern Chinese Cinema

  • Variety
Venice Festival Honoree Zhang Yimou: Maestro of Modern Chinese Cinema
Whatever you think of his checkered oeuvre, Zhang Yimou is undeniably a maestro of modern Chinese cinema. Few could match the international acclaim or box office success earned by the 66-year-old director, whose artistic path mirrors the breathtaking steps made in Chinese history and film industry. While his early works helped catapult Chinese cinema to the global festival spotlight, his middle phase led the way in commercial blockbusters with Chinese characteristics.

Zhang will receive the Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker award in Venice ahead of the out-of-competition screening of “Shadow”on Sept. 6.

The allure of Zhang’s filmmaking often comes from the screen divas and captivating female roles he cultivates. Gong Li, who collaborated with him nine times, remains the most luminous presence. So good is he at plucking talent out of obscurity that every time a new project is announced, the media eagerly awaits the next “Mou Girl.”

Born in 1950 in Xi’an,
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First International Trailer for Zhang Yimou's Martial Arts Epic 'Shadow'

Get your first look! An international teaser trailer has debuted for Shadow, the latest film from acclaimed Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou. The film is a re-imagining of the classic Three Kingdoms story from Chinese history, and is yet another martial arts epic. The story is about a king and the people's struggle for their rightful land, as told through the perspectives of the king, his sister, his commander, the entrapped women of the palace, and a commoner. It's filmed in a unique "Chinese watercolor" style and is both Zhang Yimou's return to his roots as a filmmaker and a bold new beginning. The cast includes Ryan Zheng, Chao Deng, Qianyuan Wang, Jun Hu, Xiaotong Guan, Lei Wu, Li Sun, Jingchun Wang. This is only a teaser, but I'm already interested. The footage in here looks cool - can't wait to ...
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Striking Trailer For Director Zhang Yimou's Supernatural Martial Arts Film Shadow

I've got a fantastic first trailer here for you to watch for a new supernatural martial arts thriller called Shadow. The film comes from director Zhang Yimou who has previously brought us films such as Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Curse of the Golden Flower, Matt Damon's The Great Wall and the Christian Bale's The Flowers of War. He's going back to his roots with this new film and it looks like it could be stunning!

I absolutely love what I'm seeing in this first trailer. It looks like it was beautifully shot and there's sure to be some incredibly cool fight choreography. On top of that, the story looks intriguing!

The film is set during China's Three Kingdom's era (Ad 220–280) and it tells the story of a king and his people’s struggle for their rightful land. That story is told through the perspectives of the king,
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John Woo Movie Is China's Biggest Ever Seller

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John Woo Movie Is China's Biggest Ever Seller
The first installment of John Woo double-feature Red Cliff has become the most successful movie ever in China.

The film has passed the 300 million Yuan mark ($43.7 million/GBP21.85 million) after just 42 days in cinemas - beating previous best-seller Curse of the Golden Flower, which took $37.5 million (GBP18.75 million) in 2006/2007.

The success marks a resurgence in Chinese cinema, a decade after Titanic grossed just $38.7 million (GBP19.35 million) there.

The movie's second installment is due for release in January 2009.

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