Half Nelson (2006) Poster


Tristan Mack Wilds: Jamal


  • Dan : [after watching Mario Savio's speech about The Machine]  What is this machine that he's walking about? It's keeping us down, what is it?

    Jamal : Like, robots and stuff, right?

    Dan : Umm... it could be robots. It could be robots, but let's say it's a metaphor. He's saying this machine is keeping you down. Now, what is that? What keeps us from being free? Ms. Drey?

    Drey : Prisons.

    Dan : Absolutely. Absolutely, prisons. OK? Prisons are definitely a part of it. What else?

    Terrence : White!

    Dan : White is definitely a part of it. The Man.

    Student : The school.

    Dan : The school, exactly. The whole-the whole education system is part of the machine. What else?

    Student : Aren't you the machine then?

    Dan : Oh, no, you didn't. What'd you say?

    Student : Aren't you the machine?

    Dan : You're saying I'm the machine?

    Student : Yeah, you're white. You're part of the school.

    Dan : Oh, yeah, I guess you've got a point. All right, so I'm part of the machine. But if I'm part of it, then so are you. You are, too. We all are. And this is the thing, remember? Everything is made with opposing force. We may be opposed to the machine, but we're still very much a part of it, right? I work for the government, the school, but I'm also very much opposed to a lot of its policies. You guys hate coming to school, right? Holler back if you heard me! You hate it, but you come anyway. Sometimes. Exactly.

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