National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007) Poster

Justin Bartha: Riley Poole



  • [from trailer] 

    Riley Poole : We have thirty seconds to disable the alarm.

    Ben Gates : Go.

    [Ben and Riley break into a house and Riley disables the alarm] 

    Ben Gates : You did that in twenty-five seconds.

    Riley Poole : That's why I tell people to get a dog.

  • Riley Poole : [seeing several police pulling up to the building]  Oh look. My tax dollars at work, coming to arrest me.

  • Patrick Gates : So the only question is, which Statue of Liberty?

    Riley Poole : Exactly. Wait, is there more than one?

    Patrick Gates : There are three, actually, Riley. One is in New York, one is in Luxembourg Garden.

    Ben Gates : But he only referred to one as his "lady."

  • [from trailer] 

    Ben Gates : I'm gonna kidnap him. I'm gonna kidnap the President of the United States.

    Riley Poole : Wouldn't it just have been easier to make an appointment?

  • US President : Did you get the chance to look at page 47?

    Ben Gates : Yes, sir.

    US President : And?

    Ben Gates : I think I can help you with that, sir.

    US President : So it's good?

    Ben Gates : Life-altering, sir.

    [Ben and the President walk of together] 

    Riley Poole : Page 47? Wait, are you talking about the book?

    US President : Book? What book?

  • Control Room Guard : The fire alarm's gone off.

    Riley Poole : Uh-oh. God save the Queen.

  • Riley Poole : [to Ben]  Do you know what the taxes are on 5 million dollars? 6 million dollars.

  • Riley Poole : Did no one read my book?

  • Riley Poole : [running to the left front door of a car]  I'll drive.

    Ben Gates : We're in England.

  • Ben Gates : Someone else is after the treasure.

    Riley Poole : Of course someone else is after the treasure. It's the axiom of treasure hunting.

  • [from trailer] 

    Riley Poole : So let's recap: We've broken into Buckingham Palace, and the Oval Office, stolen a page from the President's super-secret book, and actually kidnapped the President of the United States. What are we gonna do next, short-sheet the Pope's bed?

    Ben Gates : Well, you never know.

  • Abigail Chase : Okay, I've been doing the math here, and...

    Ben Gates : I know. One of us is going to have to stay behind.

    Riley Poole : I've been doing the math too... just promise you'll come back for me.

    [in a high pitched voice] 

    Riley Poole : Riley! No Riley! We won't leave you behind!

    [back to his normal voice] 

    Riley Poole : No, I'm just kidding. Just go.

  • [last lines] 

    Riley Poole : [Riley gets his red Ferrari, now tax free, back]  I love this car.

    [starts it up and then accidentally backs into something] 

  • Ben Gates : Riley, how fast can we get to Buckingham Palace?

    Riley Poole : [sarcastically]  I don't know, why don't you ask your new best friend.

  • Ben Gates : [reading President's Secret Book]  Here's the final entry by President Coolidge. "1924 - I found a plank in secret desk compartment. Plank photographed and then destroyed. Borglum commissioned to destroy landmarks in sacred Black Hills mountains."

    Abigail Chase : Borglum... Mount Rushmore?

    Ben Gates : He carved Mount Rushmore, to erase the map's landmarks, in order to protect the City of Gold.

    Riley Poole : [muttering]  Mount Rushmore was a cover-up.

  • Abigail Chase : [scoffs]  Ah, come on, Riley. That's, that's urban legends.

    Riley Poole : Is it Abigail? Is it?

    [raises eyebrows] 

    Abigail Chase : It's just totally...

    Riley Poole : Crazy?

    Abigail Chase : Yeah!

    Riley Poole : Hmmm, 'Cause the last time I checked, we pretty much make our living on "crazy."

    Ben Gates : [reading the book]  He's got a point.

  • Riley Poole : Look at it this way - in a hundred years, no one is gonna remember anyone involved in the Lincoln assassination besides Booth.

    Ben Gates : That's not true. Do you know the expression "His name is mud?"

    Riley Poole : Yes, of course.

    Ben Gates : You do? Do you know the origin of the expression?

    Riley Poole : Does anyone but you?

    Ben Gates : Dr. Samuel Mudd was convicted of being a co-conspirator in the Lincoln assassination. The evidence was circumstantial, he was later pardoned, but it didn't matter. Mudd's name still lives in infamy, and I will not let Thomas Gates' name be mud.

  • US President : [Ben, Riley, Abigail and company have discovered the City of Gold]  All of you will get credit for this discovery.

    Ben Gates : Thank you.

    Abigail Chase : Thank you.

    Riley Poole : [nervously]  Heh...

  • Patrick Gates : [after being told the clues]  The resolute desk. *The* resolute desk? The President's desk?

    Riley Poole : [nervously]  The President? Which President? Our President?

    Abigail Chase : [sighing]  Unfortunately, yes.

    Riley Poole : [still nervous]  But that means, so we have to... the White House?

    Ben Gates : The Oval Office, to be exact.

    Patrick Gates : [beat]  Why would I overreact to that?

  • Ben Gates : [Riley comes walking home]  Where's the Ferrari?

    Riley Poole : IRS impounded it.

    Ben Gates : The IRS?

    Riley Poole : Funny story. My accountant set up a corporation on an island that didn't exist and assured me that that's how rich people do it. Then I got audited and slapped with a huge fine plus interest! Wanna know what taxes are on five millions dollars? Six million dollars. But enough about me.


    Riley Poole : What's new with you?

    Ben Gates : Well, my girlfriend kicked me out, I'm living with my dad and my family killed President Lincoln.

    Riley Poole : [smiles sarcastically]  Alright!

    Ben Gates : I need your help.

  • [from trailer] 

    Riley Poole : The last time I checked, we make our living off crazy.

  • [from trailer] 

    Riley Poole : [looking at the helicopter over head]  Is that for us?

    [spotlight trains on them] 

    Riley Poole : Oh, hello!

  • Riley Poole : It's a little, golden man.

  • Riley Poole : [while trying to convince them of a conspiracy theory]  Ben, if it were you trying to convince me, you'd have less evidence and I'd already believe you by now.

  • Riley Poole : Mitch, we gotta be on the other side of that door!

    Mitch Wilkinson : Nobody leaves unless I say so! That doors not going to stay open by itself. We both know what has to happen here Ben.

    Ben Gates : One of us keeps the door open, and stays behind.

    Riley Poole : I vote Mitch!

    Mitch Wilkinson : This isn't a democracy.

    [Mitch punches Ben and Riley in the face then holds a knife to Abigails' throat] 

    Ben Gates : Wait! Stop! I'll stay!

  • Riley Poole : [while disarming the security systems]  Now I know I'll probably regret asking this, but what happened with you and Abigail?

    Ben Gates : I don't know, you know? I don't know. She started using the word "so" alot.

    Riley Poole : So?

    Ben Gates : [continues]  Yeah, like "so, I guess my opinion doesn't matter", "so, you seem to always know what's best", "SO, I guess I'm invisible" and now I've moved out, and we're dividing the furniture.

    Riley Poole : [finishes the deactivation]  Women. Can't live with 'em, especially if they change the alarm codes.

  • Riley Poole : [after narrowly escaping capture at the Library of Congress]  That did not turn out the way it was supposed to!

    Abigail Chase : How'd they find us so quick?

    Riley Poole : I'll tell you how! The president's a tattletale!

    Ben Gates : Sadusky, he was there. He knows more about the book than I thought.

    Abigail Chase : How did the President feel about being kidnapped?

    Ben Gates : He was okay.

  • Abigail Chase : [encountering Ben on her way up the stairs]  Ben.

    Ben Gates : Abigail.

    Riley Poole : [in a bathroom]  Abigail? What's she doing here?

    Ben Gates : What are you doing here?

    Abigail Chase : You're dad called me. He said your next clue was here.

    Riley Poole : She's really there?

    Abigail Chase : Look, Ben...

    Riley Poole : Drop her. Lose her.

    Abigail Chase : I want to help.

    Ben Gates : Well, that's very nice, but it's kind off a bad time right now.

    Abigail Chase : A bad time, right now?

    Ben Gates : It's a bad time.

    Abigail Chase : Okay, I-I just flew all the way to London to offer my help, and you don't need it?

    Ben Gates : You're the one that's making a scene right now.

    Abigail Chase : I- I'm not making a scene right now!

    Riley Poole : No, we want to make a scene.


    Riley Poole : Ah, so subtle.

    Abigail Chase : [barely audible]  Ben, what are you...?


    [stompping down the stairs] 


    Abigail Chase : You're wrong to assume I'd like the chair!

    Ben Gates : [to a bunch of bystanders on the staircase]  You see? You see? Everyone listen to this. This is more interesting than that. She thinks that even when I'm right, I'm wrong, isn't that right? Abigail, just because I answer a question quickly, doesn't make it wrong.

    Abigail Chase : Not if the right answer is something we need to figure out as a couple. That's what couples do.

    Palace Guard Sholder : [the noise has attracted a security guard]  Sir. You and your missus, take it outside.

    Ben Gates : Oh, now look what you've done. You've brought the little bobbies down on us. You take the missus outside. I'm staying right here.

    [rides down the banister like a kid and is stopped by another guard] 

    Palace Guard Haggis : Good afternoon, sir.

    Ben Gates : [in British accent]  'Ello.

    Palace Guard Haggis : [smelling alcohol on Ben]  Been drinking, have we?

    Ben Gates : Just a nip. Popped down to the pub for a pint. But of all right. Going to arrest a man for that? Going to detain a blighter for enjoying his whiskey?

    Palace Guard Haggis : That's enough, sir.

    Ben Gates : Bangers and mash. Bubbles and squeak. Smoke eel pipe.

    Palace Guard Haggis : Sir.

    Ben Gates : HAGGIS!

    Palace Guard Haggis : That's it! Dismount the banister!

    Ben Gates : [shouting, singing]  I've got a bunch of lovely coconuts! Here they, are standing in a row! Small ones, big ones, some as big as your head!

    Riley Poole : That was brilliant.

  • [from trailer] 

    Ben Gates : [underground in the Hall of Records in Mt. Rushmore]  Riley, what do you see?

    Riley Poole : [balancing on the giant over turned engraved slab, looking down at an open grave]  Death and despair! Mostly death. Uh, I mean a little despair, the last few seconds. But then a hard, sudden death.

  • Ben Gates : Well, would you look at that.

    Riley Poole : Oh yeah, it spells "smudge"!

  • Abigail Chase : [Mitch is calling Abigail on her cell phone]  It's him.

    Riley Poole : You have his number on speed dial?

    Abigail Chase : Oh, shut...

    Ben Gates : [answering Abigail's phone]  Mitch, this has got to end before someone gets hurt.

    Mitch Wilkinson : Just give me what you got at Buckhingham Palace, it won't be necessary.

    Ben Gates : Tell that to my father.

  • Riley Poole : [while sitting in a Buckingham Palace bathroom, he is hacked into the security cameras and sees the guard that detained Ben and Abigail walking to the cell they escaped from]  Uh-oh. Mayday. Mayday. Ben, get out of there.

  • Abigail Chase : Look!

    Ben Gates : It's a cipher...

    Riley Poole : Clever!

  • [from trailer] 

    Ben Gates : [about the book he is reading]  This doesn't make any sense.

    Riley Poole : [beat]  As if these clues ever do.

  • [from trailer] 

    Ben Gates : I need your help.

    Riley Poole : Does it involve treasure?

  • Riley Poole : [Riley and Ben are standing by Abigail and her date]  Awkward!

  • Riley Poole : [over hearing Ben and Abigail's argument]  You guys are so great together.

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