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Predictable, A Little Risqué, But Enjoyable!
jr1_10118927 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I do not know why so many people had so much hate towards this movie.

It's mostly a story of how this new girl (Romano) moves into an upper-class suburb and meets a new friend who is also a little on the unpopular side.

They become friends and team up to expose the "A-listers" by starting a tabloid.

Yeah, yeah, we've heard it before but I love those kind of TV movies. I recorded it and can't wait to watch it again - and I'm a GUY! I admit that it was a little risqué (for an ABC affiliate) with the gay group of teen guys and their roles that included them checking out other guys' bodies while playing tennis. (Why does Queer Eye come to mind?) Also, the words "ass" and "hell" were used by Romano several times which surprised me because this is ABC FAMILY. Oh well.

Bottom line - it's a great predictable movie with a great plot that I recommend watching with your friends with a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of Coke (just warn the little ones). Christy Carlson Romano did a great job and she deserves credit where credit is due.
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High school senior and her friend create gossip magazine about the schools "popular" crowd, which gets out of control
mycousinislame21 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the premiere, and it was respectable, but a little disappointing. I've seen this sort of story many, many times before. It really reminds me of Mean Girls. Where the good girl tries to bring down the popular crowd, and turns into the popular crowd herself. Then, there's always the best friend who brings the girl back to the real world. It's a little different from Mean Girls, with the whole using the truth through a newspaper, instead of telling lies, but it's generally the same thing. You'd think ABC Family would be able to come up with something more original, but you can't really blame them, trying to make a hit off of another movie. In fact, I've seen it done before, and liked the knock-off better. In all, I'll give Campus Confidential a rating of somewhere between 7 and 8.
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Awful! Thank God I was never in a school like that!
Tenchi6458923 August 2005
Speaking from a tweener's own experience, I found this movie to be an absolute waste of my time.

I spare no expense in saying that there was nothing redeeming about this movie... not to mention, an overabundance of poor, no... abominable acting "talent." Everyone says that this has gay references and stereotypes all around... they're not kidding.

The point I'm trying to get across is simply this: I'm thankful that no one had to endure this treatment in high school... especially when it's portrayed so poorly! Regretfully, I can't give this a zero with the stars, but I can in numbers! 0/10
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Can You Believe It? No.
AsianBamboo25 April 2006
I just have to say that this movie was horrible. Although there was 1 good quote from the movie, I greatly disliked it. None of this would really happen, and gay guys aren't all fashion freaks. They are people,and most of them can be "normal". Christy Carlson Romano stinks, and the only reason I watched it was for Thomas Dekker. He was bad in this movie, but don't consider this all his acting style. Don't listen to the other person, "Mean Girls" was pretty awful too. There are a few problems with movies like these. 1. We have classes! We don't have all that spare time to talk and do NOTHING. 2. How many of YOU have plastic surgeons for dads who will just go and buy you a printing press? NO WAY! They would take you to Cabo or something. 3. Do we all really look like that? No.
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weak copy
SnoopyStyle30 September 2018
Violet (Christy Carlson Romano) is the new girl in Westland Hills High School. She's frustrated with the elitism in the school with mean girls, mean gays, and entitled jocks. She befriends Cornelia (Keri Lynn Pratt) who has worked all her life publishing the school newspaper. Everyone ignores it and the principal cancels it. The girls decide to publish a tabloid to take the powerful down.

It's Mean Girls but bad. This is ABC Family. It's also drawing a parallel with Animal Farm. It does it with less conviction and less appeal. Neither lead girls are that likeable. That school is ridiculous and almost everybody is in their twenties. The click system has been done many times but this one is more silly. It's not simply that this is a copy. It is a weak copy with limited appeal.
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movie and actors could be better but there is potential
lindaverberk7 May 2015
I always like movies that are about high schools so i decided to watch this one. There are several things that I do not like about this movie. To begin with, most of the actors are terrible. I did not expect a brilliant acting but it could be a whole lot better than some of the people that are in it right now. The second thing that i don't like is how cornelia always looks the other way when the camera zooms in on her and she is thinking about something. It looks like they told her don't look in the camera every single time.

I think with a better cast and some adjustments on the script this movie will be a whole lot better.
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Bad, cheesy
gcat2cute21 August 2005
this movie was bad, cheesy and not even fit for a TV movie. it's like a long, long soap opera. the acting was very amateur, and it's very predictable. i had more expectation on this film but it turned out to be crap. if you want the same story line and some thing that you can actually enjoy and learn from? Read AMINAL FARM. broaden your mind with that book instead of this...shall i say again? CRAP!

the movie overall was outrages hideously done. i really had expected more from these actors. but it just turned out to be a kid TV show. if you want to watch this film warned...

made for kids 10 and UNDER!

it's sad that the entertainment industry has resorted to this kind of rubbish.
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Most Definitely the Worst Movie of the Year.
awj1121 August 2005
Within the first ten minutes of this movie I was bored, insulted, and disgusted by the crude (even for a made-for-t.v. picture) cinematography, over-used stereotypes, and inconsistent characters. Then something incredible happened...the movie stayed the same through all the stupid jokes, bad puns, predictable plot-twists, and cheesy ending. The use of George Orwell's "Animal Farm" was obvious, and about as subtle as...I can't think of anything as obvious as this. The few good jokes in the movie only alienated the audience further, and the only remotely good thing about this picture was (some of) the acting...not of course, good enough to save it from a 1/10 rating. If the movie is ever played again on television, read a book. Might I suggest "Animal Farm?"
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I liked it a lot~
kitsuneyoukaichan16 April 2006
Personally, I think that this movie is great. Some people might find it a little boring, but that's because it's about a school paper. I know that a lot of people think like this: "School paper? Booooring. Why do we need one, anyway?" But take it from a girl who took Journalism. It's hard to keep a high school newspaper up and running, especially with budget cuts. This movie sheds light on how effective a school paper can actually be, and therefore, it has earned my respect. There are actual "A-listers" in real life, but not nearly as bad as these ones...however, there are a few. I like this movie mainly because it has an important figure in the form of a newspaper/tabloid. And the fact that it shows just how manipulative people will be to gain popularity.
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