So Notorious Poster

(2006– )

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Season 1

2 Apr. 2006
Plucky (Pilot)
On the set of her latest woman-in-jeopardy TV movie, Tori develops a crush on Scott, a hunky gaffer.
2 Apr. 2006
After an embarrassing date at a comedy club where the comic started bashing her, Tori is convinced her new boyfriend Scott is weirded out by her.
9 Apr. 2006
Tori desperately wants to land the role of a tough prostitute in a gritty docudrama, and can't even get an audition. She enlists Janey, Sasan, and Ruthie to accompany her to the premiere of the director's latest movie to try to get to him directly.
16 Apr. 2006
Pete's new skanky girlfriend is driving Tori up the wall with her lack of respect for Tori's space. Instead of just talking to Pete about it, Tori's fear of confrontation leads her to shack up first with Janey, then with Sasan and his parents.
23 Apr. 2006
Tori meets handsome and successful plastic surgeon Carter. Enamored with each other, the two quickly begin spending quality time. With things going so well, Tori impulsively invites Carter to dinner at the mansion with Kiki.
4 Apr. 2006
Tori believes she is cursed and uses a voodoo priestess to rid her of her bad luck.
30 Apr. 2006
After an argument with her friends, Tori encounters Farrah Fawcett's masseur, Howard, who has accidentally gotten into the wrong elevator.
7 May 2006
Inspired by Janey's participation in a mentoring program, Tori decides to get a Little Sister of her own.
14 May 2006
It's Mother's Day and Tori is relieved to discover that Kiki is away on a cruise in Mexico. Tori plans to spend the day with Nanny instead, visiting her church on Crenshaw Boulevard where Tori has many treasured childhood memories.

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