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Definitely worth watching
Greenie1239 February 2006
Absolutely incredible would be the only way to describe this masterful dramatic opera with music by Alexina Louie and lyrics by Dan Redican. I just saw it on CBC's "Opening Night" program tonight, and, having never seen an opera before, might be checking out a few more after seeing this one.

"Burnt Toast" is essentially a series of eight short films about different stages of love and romance. Each part is anchored by a famous Canadian star or two (for example, Paul Gross in part one or Colin Mochrie in part six). To clarify, these are not filmed stage performances, rather, these are actually on location, filmed for the camera films. The cinematography and direction are to die for, as well as the seamless dubbing job done by professional opera singers, which I wasn't even aware of until someone mentioned it to me.

My favourite segment of the film was probably part two, featuring Colm Feore and Leah Pinsent as two frustrated commuters whose cars just happen to be next to one another in a traffic jam. However, none of the segments have any particular weak spots and all will hold your attention right up to the last frame.

If you don't happen to like opera, I would still give "Burnt Toast" a try. You might like it. I sure did...
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