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for a movie made to sell toys...
spooky_trix16 May 2005
This movie isn't actually as bad as you would think. I dreaded this movie all the way home from the video store (where my 2 year old insisted that we rent this movie), thinking a movie about barbie has got to be horrible. But I was pleasantly surprised. The movie actually follows somewhat of a coherent plot. The animation is above average for these direct to video movies. The characters are of course beautiful, but they are also pretty well fleshed out for a 60 minute long movie. Of course after seeing this my daughter wanted to immediately run out and buy an Elina doll. However, for those of you who aren't excited about buying Barbie dolls due to the sexist and perfectionist attitude taken making the dolls can rest assured that the dolls are at least mythical fairies, and therefore can't help being perfect. Or whatever, just buy your daughter the dolls already. Okay so maybe the movie did make me want to buy the dolls, but like I said it was a pretty good movie for what it is!
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Fairytopia: It's amazing they still make appropriate movies still.
hilary_forever48 July 2005
The movie believe it or not was actually pretty good for a kids Barbie movie. My little sisters got it for Christmas and the movie was pretty good. It's not regularly I would watch Barbie movies but i don't mind watching this one occasionally. Me personally am not very in to Barbie but when i have to watch my little sisters i play with them. I'm not normally one for writing comments on movies but i guessed because i just watched it it would be okay to comment on it. Fairytopia is a movie that i guess i would take on a car trip considering we have normally one or two days to watch movies. I'm not one for watching little kids movies but i guess if you're stuck in the car for two days with two little toddlers it's okay to watch Barbie movies or little kid movies. When you think about it maybe you should appreciate that not all movies are filled with violence and swearing. Well i guess they still make good movies now a days, not that there are that many. It's not even safe for young children to be flicking through the channels at night. Well i guess that's when it's good to have appropriate movies to watch.
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Liked the Barbie Pegasus movie - this one not so much
SusanJL17 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
After viewing the Barbie Pegasus movie, I bought this Fairytopia DVD due to its rave reviews on They are VERY similar in many respects - Barbie has an adorable animal sidekick, goes on a quest of sorts encountering & overcoming various perils, an evil villain with henchmen, otherworldly beings, etc. So similar that I'm sorry I bought Fairytopia.

When the female villain got destroyed in Fairytopia my 3 yr. old granddaughter was upset and asked me if she died. I didn't really know what to say as she exploded into multicolored bits(??) We enjoyed the Pegasus movie MUCH more. The villain got a satisfying comeuppance, but did not die in the Pegasus movie. A better ending for my granddaughter than violent deaths such as the witches in Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid.

I was totally disappointed in the animation in Fairytopia, the scenery could have been much more complex & beautiful. The animation in Pegasus was far more lovely, IMO. The Barbie character had more expression & looked less like a plastic doll.

My grandkids did get a lot of giggles over Bibble, though.
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A must see!
wackeymackey28 March 2006
I saw Fairytopia with my mom last night and it is the best in the Barbie series so far. I am in my mid-twenties but this movie brought back all the enchanting memories of my childhood. Elina the flower fairy was so cute and i loved her home in the magic meadow. I can't wait to start planting my own magic meadow this spring. I loved her friends Bibble and Hue and i couldn't help but I couldn't stand evil Laverna what's her deal. She reminds me of this girl Jessica i work with. I don't want to give away to much bu the animation is fantastic and the characters are all so beautiful and sparkle with Barbie magic. I couldn't help but go and buy an Elina doll after seeing the movie. Hope everyone loves as much as I did. Tootles..
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Very sweet
TheLittleSongbird27 May 2012
In general, the Barbie movies are not held in high regard on IMDb. However, I admit I do like them. I don't consider either of them the best movies in the world, but they are sweet and charming on the whole. Fairytopia is not my favourite(I have more of a soft spot for Nutcracker, Diamond Castle and Prince and the Pauper), but it shares pretty much the same attributes that make the Barbie movies in the first place. It is not a perfect movie, with some dialogue that doesn't flow as well as it should and character designs that could've had more life and less of a plastic feel. However, the backgrounds and sceneries are very colourful, and I do like the whimsy of the music. The story, a fresh concept rather than a loose adaptation of an existing story, is cute and charming as you'd expect, and the characters while nothing exactly new are still likable. All in all, a very sweet movie. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Barbie, how you've failed thee...
TheBlueHairedLawyer24 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This film came out when I was a kid, and I remember the DVD came with this horrible toy I got, a huge plastic figurine of the giant butterfly with a human-like face... ugh (shudders).

Well, guess what I found in my garage last night? The DVD!

Okay, maybe I would have enjoyed this more if I were three years old. As an adult, it's like getting high and falling into some surreal (and rather sexist) world of faeries and trolls.

It's Barbie, so that alone should have warned me right from the get-go that the main character would be a blonde ditz (not that blondes are dumb, most of my friends and I are blondes), and a girly-girl who loves pink, appears so thin she looks anorexic, and lives in a giant pink flower. She has this weird purple and turquoise whatchamacallit as a pet, named - now hang on, this is creativity at its best - Bibble.


Then as usual, the enemies of the nature-embracing, tree-hugging hippie faeries are the evil earth-hating antagonists. Ruled by a witch named Laverna who has knocked out the queen of the faeries, god knows why, there are strange assassins and lackeys with elf ears and bad acne called Fungusses. Not fungi, that would be way too scientific for us dumb girls to grasp! The directors obviously never heard of proper terminology before. Anyway, Elina, the pink girly fairy, notices all the plants are dying and she decides to go on a quest to find the culprit and to seek out a guardian fairy. Why doesn't she just buy some pesticides and spray what is killing the plants? The world may never know.

Along the way, Elina meets that grotesque butterfly I mentioned having a toy of, Hue, who has the creepiest damned voice I've ever heard. This is Barbie, so of course she also meets a prince.

Some people say that this movie is charming, I beg to differ. It's about as charming as someone's toe caught in a mousetrap. Some people say this is a great role model for kids. Well, sure, if you want your kid to grow up to be a 50's-style housewife and fall to the pressure of superficial looks! Some people say this has a deep, environmental message. Let me contemplate that while I litter and pour some bleach on the ground.

This movie has no real deep theme, it is just a really thoughtless, lame kid's movie made to sell Barbie products. If you have any sanity left, watch something else.
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