Little Miss Sunshine (2006) Poster

Greg Kinnear: Richard Hoover



  • Richard : Sarcasm is the refuge of losers.

    Frank : [sarcastically]  It is? Really?

    Richard : Sarcasm is losers trying to bring winners down to their level.

    Frank : [sarcastically]  Wow, Richard, you've really opened my eyes to what a loser I am. How much do I owe you for those pearls of wisdom?

    Richard : Oh, that ones on the house.

  • Richard : Oh my God, I'm getting pulled over. Everyone, just... pretend to be normal.

  • Grandpa : Are you gettin' any?

    Richard : Dad!

    Grandpa : You can tell me, Dwayne. Are you gettin' any?

    Richard : Come on, please.

    Grandpa : [Dwayne shakes his head]  No? Jesus. You're what? Fifteen? My God, man!

    Richard : Dad!

    Grandpa : You should be gettin' that young stuff.

    Richard : Dad!

    Grandpa : That young stuff is the best stuff in the whole world.

    Richard : Hey! Hey! Dad! That's enough! Stop it!

    Grandpa : Will you kindly not interrupt me, Richard! See, right now you're jailbait, they're jailbait. It's perfect. I mean, you hit 18, man! You're talkin' about three to five.

  • Grandpa : [to Dwayne]  Fuck a lotta women, kid, I have no reason to lie to you. Not just one, a lotta women.

    Richard : Okay, dad, I think we get it.

    Grandpa : [to Dwayne]  Are you getting it? Is it going in anywhere? No, don't show me the pad. I don't wanna see the fucking pad.

  • Richard : There's two kinds of people in this world, there's winners and there's losers. Okay, you know what the difference is? Winners don't give up.

  • Sheryl : What did he say?

    Richard : I'll tell you when I regain consciousness.

  • Richard : Hey, I will pull this truck over, right now!

    Grandpa : So, pull the truck over! You're not gonna shut me up! FUCK YOU! I can say what I want!

  • Pageant Official Jenkins : [outraged at Olive's talent act]  What is your daughter doing?

    Richard : She's kickin' ass... that's what she's doing.

  • Richard : Everybody just pretend to be normal.

  • Olive : Mom? Dad?

    Richard : [half asleep]  What is it, hon?

    Olive : Grandpa won't wake up.

  • Frank : [recounting his unrequited love for his student]  He fell in love with another man,a colleague of mine; Larry Sugarman.

    Sheryl : Who's Larry Sugarman?

    Frank : Probably the second highest regarded Proust scholar in th US.

    Richard : Who's number 1?

    Frank : That would be me Rich.

    Richard : Really?

  • Grandpa : Again with the fucking chicken.

    Richard : Dad.

    Grandpa : It's always with the goddamn fucking chicken.

  • Richard : It's this Sunday? Why can't Jeff and Cindy take her?

    Sheryl : They have some equestrian thing in Santa Barbara.

    Richard : You know, they do that horse shit every-single-weekend.

    Sheryl : Well, it's the nationals. They're taking both horses, so apparently it's a big deal.

  • Frank : Did you know that "a la mode", in French, translates literally to "in the fashion"? A la moooode... It comes from the latin word modus to do or proper measure.

    Richard : Frank shut up.

  • [first lines] 

    Richard : There are two kinds of people in this world, winners and losers.

  • Richard : Sweet sweetness!

  • [lying to the mortuary service about why the dead grandfather is in their car] 

    Richard : We were driving for five or six hours... and we thought he was napping...

  • Kirby : Your packet has tickets in it, and there's your badge number.

    Richard : Okay.

    Kirby : Is there anything else?

    Richard : Uh, yeah. Is there a funeral home around here?

  • Richard : [as he rolls up the sheet that covered Grandpa and packs the bags in the trunk of the bus]  You know, Olive, Grandpa would have been proud of you today.

    Olive : Really?

    Sheryl : You were great.

    Frank : You were better than great.

    Dwayne : You were incredible.

  • Richard : It's stuck or something.

    Sheryl : Try pulling it from here.

  • Richard : I can't slow down. I can't slow down.

    Sheryl : Come on, Olive.

    Frank : Come on, sweetie, jump. Jump in the car.

  • Richard : We're going to California.

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