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Toni Collette: Sheryl Hoover



  • Sheryl : [after Frank tried to commit suicide]  I'm so glad you're still here.

    Frank : Well, that makes one of us.

  • Sheryl : What did he say?

    Richard : I'll tell you when I regain consciousness.

  • [Dwayne looks around van; writes frantically on notepad... ] 

    Frank : [reading notepad]  "Where's Olive?"...

    Sheryl : Oh!

  • Sheryl : [to Frank]  He started snorting heroin.

    Frank : [to Grandpa]  You started snorting heroin?

    Grandpa : [in response to Frank, aimed at Dwayne]  Let me tell ya, don't do that stuff. When you're young, you're crazy to do that shit.

    Frank : [to Grandpa]  Well what about you?

    Grandpa : [to Frank]  What about me? I'm old. When you're old you're crazy not to do it.

  • Sheryl : You know, like it or not, we're still your family, for better or worse...

    Dwayne : No, you're *not* my family! I don't wanna *be* your family! I hate you fucking people! Divorce? Bankrupt? Suicide? You're fucking losers, you're losers! No, please just leave me here, Mom. Please, please, please. Please... just leave me here.

  • Frank : [after Dwayne reads an eye test pamphlet and finds he may be colourblind, destroying his life goal of enlisting in the Air Force]  You can't fly jets if you're colourblind.

    [Dwayne immediately falls into an emotional breakdown; Frank, Olive and Sheryl all yell for Richard to pull over the vehicle] 

    Dwayne : [Dwayne springs from the stopped van into an empty field]  *FUCK!*

    [collapses, screaming and sobbing, breaking his nine-month vow of silence] 

    Sheryl : What happened?

    Frank : He's colourblind. He can't fly.

    Sheryl : Oh, Jesus... oh, no.

    Sheryl : [waits several moments, then approaches Dwayne]  Dwayne...? Dwayne, honey, I'm sorry. Dwayne, come on. We have to go.

    Dwayne : I'm not going.

    Sheryl : Dwayne...

    Dwayne : I said *I'm not*, okay? I don't care, I'm not getting on that bus again.

    Sheryl : Dwayne, for better or worse, we're your family...

    Dwayne : [stands up]  No, you're *not* my family, okay? I don't want to *be* your family! I *hate* you fucking people! *I hate you!* Divorce? Bankrupt? Suicide? You're fucking *losers*! You are losers!

    Sheryl : [whispers]  Dwayne...

    Dwayne : [begins to cry again]  No, *please* just leave me here, Mom. Okay? Please, *please*. Please just leave me here.

    [sits back down, crying continues] 

  • Frank : [recounting his unrequited love for his student]  He fell in love with another man,a colleague of mine; Larry Sugarman.

    Sheryl : Who's Larry Sugarman?

    Frank : Probably the second highest regarded Proust scholar in th US.

    Richard : Who's number 1?

    Frank : That would be me Rich.

    Richard : Really?

  • Richard : It's this Sunday? Why can't Jeff and Cindy take her?

    Sheryl : They have some equestrian thing in Santa Barbara.

    Richard : You know, they do that horse shit every-single-weekend.

    Sheryl : Well, it's the nationals. They're taking both horses, so apparently it's a big deal.

  • Olive : [going over eye test pamphlets]  Mom, Dwayne's got 20/20 vision!

    Sheryl : I bet he does...

    Olive : Now, let's see if you're colorblind.

    [opens the pamphlet] 

    Olive : What's the letter in the circle?

    [Dwayne looks confused] 

    Olive : No in the circle. The letter... in the circle?

    Frank : Can you see a letter, Dwayne?

    Olive : It's an A. See? Right there?

    Frank : It's bright green.

    [to himself] 

    Frank : Oh man.

    [Dwayne scribbles anxiously on his notepad - "What?"] 

    Frank : Dwayne, I think you might be colorblind.

    [pause, Dwayne holds up his notepad again - "What?"] 

    Frank : You can't fly jets if you're colorblind.

    [Dwayne starts to panic, starts hitting the window and the chair in front of him, he then attempts to open the door] 

  • Frank : I take it you didn't like it at Sunset Manor?

    Sheryl : Frank...

    Grandpa : Are you kidding me? It was a fucking paradise. They got pool... They got golf... Now I'm stuck with Mr. Happy here, sleeping on a fucking sofa. Look, I know you are a homo and all, but maybe you can appreciate this. You go to one of those places, there's four women for every guy. Can you imagine what that's like?

    Frank : You must have been very busy.

    Grandpa : Ho oh. I had second degree burns on my johnson, I kid you not.

    Frank : Really?

    Grandpa : Forget about it.

  • Frank : I couldn't help noticing Dwayne has stopped speaking.

    Sheryl : Oh, yeah, he's taken a vow of silence.

  • Richard : [as he rolls up the sheet that covered Grandpa and packs the bags in the trunk of the bus]  You know, Olive, Grandpa would have been proud of you today.

    Olive : Really?

    Sheryl : You were great.

    Frank : You were better than great.

    Dwayne : You were incredible.

  • Richard : It's stuck or something.

    Sheryl : Try pulling it from here.

  • Richard : I can't slow down. I can't slow down.

    Sheryl : Come on, Olive.

    Frank : Come on, sweetie, jump. Jump in the car.

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