Bambi and the Great Prince of the Forest (Video 2006) Poster

Andrea Bowen: Faline


  • Thumper : [about his sisters]  You know, they're okay for sisters. It's just too bad they're girls.

    Faline : [clearly offended]  Hey!

    Thumper : Oops

  • Faline : [hearing Bambi scream]  What was that?

    Ronno : Ah, probably just some poor dumb animal caught in a trap. So anyway...

    Bambi : [in the distance]  YEOW!

    Faline : [gasps]  Bambi!

    [dashes off] 

    Ronno : [angrily]  HEY! I wasn't finished talking about me!

  • Bambi : Oh! I gotta go! My dad's waiting for me!

    Additional Voices : Bye, Bambi.

    Thumper : Aww, Bambi, you never have time for us anymore.

    Faline : Yeah. Isn't it wonderful?

  • Faline : Thumper's been telling us quick a story.

    Owl : Yes, yes. The one with the thousands of dogs.

    Bambi : Thousands?

    Thumper : What can I say? I'm a born storyteller.

    Faline : I'll bet it seemed like a thousand dogs.

    [Porcupine pricks Bambi in his legs, causing him to kiss Faline] 

    Additional Voices : Ohhhh...

    Bambi : Uh...

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