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maxambivalence2 May 2005
Its so wonderful to see a show about such a loving family. This show continues to exhibit great morals and fun adventures. Their kids are so cute!! I love how honest and sincere everyone on the show is. Its nice to identify with another family out there with similar struggles that I got through as a parent. Every week these episodes are getting more and more intense and tackling bigger issues. I'm sure it must be tough for Cappy being the only boy in the family, but he seems to have the world's greatest dad. Capser must be the world's sweetest man; not only is he so attractive but he has a heart of gold, Catherine is so lucky. I can't wait to see the one where her mother visits...the commercials look so funny! Thanks for bringing more family programming into the world! --ma
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You've got to see this!
boltcom20 April 2005
The princess, the movie star and their collective five children going through the rituals of every day life. This latest "Newlyweds" style show from Lifetime kicks it up a notch. Catherine Oxenberg is gorgeous and Casper Van Dien is an absolute knock out! This kids are overall great, but they do have their moments of tantrums, however, it makes the show more interesting. Although Casper is off making a movie through part of the first episode, he seems to be the one who takes care of a lot of the grunt work, or at least his fair share. The Van Dien's throw a party to raise money for Psunami victims and we all get to see a little of the Hollywood glamor surrounding such an event. A well-balanced view of a very nice family. It come on Lifetime on Monday's at 8:00pm . Watch it once and you'll be hooked!
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Great REAL reality!
texasodyssey28 April 2005
I Married A Princess that airs on Monday nights at 11/10 central is such a fun show to watch. I admire Cathrine and Casper for letting us into their lives and see a glimpse. From the 1-4 episodes the show has been a breath of fresh air. The show also spotlights serious issues going on and they are shown with dignity and respect. This is a family that has been through much together and stick together.

The children are the best and not only funny but those of you that have kids can see yours in them by the things they do.

I am happy this was not such a fluffed up "reality" show. If you are wanting more "real" in a reality show than this one is for you! I am looking forward to many, many more episodes! Five stars out to this show!

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Just when you thought all actors and actresses were the same...
redmav7994xx28 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Just tune in to Lifetime on Mondays at 11PM. "I Married a Princess", with Casper Van Dien and Catherine Oxenberg and their 5 children, gives you a candid look into the reality that is their life.

The show deals with family issues and world issues alike. Believe me, the family has to deal with similar problems as everyone else, but they handle it in their own way. From Casper's past infidelity and Catherine's past bulimia and the continuing repercussions to Tsunami Relief.

The children are great. Expect to see them doing things your children have done, bedtime prayers and all.

Restore your faith in family values, watch IMAP this week! It is great to see that even in Hollywood there can be a real down to earth faith based family that is not afraid to show it.
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Magical Reality
groucho371028 April 2005
What do you think when you hear the term "reality show"? Does it mean dirty, gritty, hard to watch? Surviving on a Pacific island? Someone following people around 24 hours a day with a hand-held camera, recording every yawn, belch, and insult? People diving off skyscrapers attached to a bungee cord? It can also mean just watching a family going about the business of being a family, and staying a family, in spite of the fact that not everybody shares everybody else's DNA. It means Erich Segal was wrong as hell, because sometimes love does indeed mean having to say you're sorry, and then prove it, because your family's future depends on it.

So sometimes the show lives up to the commercials, and everything's light and airy, and they're having parties for Hollywood royalty, and the only one who's disaffected by the process is three-year-old Maya, who for once isn't the center of attention. And sometimes we see a different side of the fairytale life, the side that has ogres and demons in it, and maybe Prince Charming wasn't always so charming after all. Sometimes we see magical reality, the big house on the hill, California sunshine and lots of love. And then there's a storm and a mudslide, and reality intrudes on perfection.

Are they aware that there's an intruder in the house, a guy with a camera who shouldn't be there, and usually isn't, but there he is? Of course. Does that make a difference? How could it not? It's like Heisenberg's principle in physics—being observed changes the object being observed. But does that mean it isn't reality? Of course not. You can bet your life no one has yet said, "Okay, Celeste, take it from the top and this time, cry a little louder!" (She's one year old.) You can tell kids, dogs, and cats to be on their best behavior, but you still hold your breath while the camera's on them. They're all beautiful, to be sure, but all the halos are a bit tilted. So are Mom and Dad's. And that's where the reality comes in. Yeah, Dad gets to do romantic things like go off to work on a movie, but when he's home, he's got his "honey do" list just like all other dads, and just when he's stretched out on the couch to enjoy a well-intentioned but probably not very expert foot rub from one of the kids, he hears his name being called, and he gets that "omigod" look in his eyes. One more chore to do before he can collapse. Find a husband who can't identify with that one. Or a wife who hasn't been disappointed by Mr. Right. Maybe there were times when the Van Diens felt like they'd dived off a skyscraper, and both of them wondered if the safety line would hold.

It's the best of both worlds, reality and fantasy, beautiful people with some not-so-beautiful problems. It's the offspring of three different relationships trying to mold themselves into one family. It's two people trying to guide a fairytale romance through the inevitable clash with reality so it will come out intact and functioning on the other side. Sometimes it's hard to watch (because of the subject material), sometimes it's fun, but they're an engaging bunch and it's an entertaining hour.
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Love the show
kayconnor3311 June 2005
Really cute series! Maya's got my heart, with Nemo a close second. I just saw the "camping trip" show - no, it's not really camping with an RV in the parking lot. However, Mom, give it another try on a "real" camping trip. Just the clean air and water is worth a try - we love Pinecrest in Northern California, but I'm sure you've lots and lots of woodsy, pine-filled areas to travel to - and nothing tastes as good as food cooked out of doors - especially bacon. Keep those episodes coming! Well, I have to write more. Very moving episode with Cappy's bi-polar disorder. India's just beautiful, all the kids are lovely. I'd like to know how many episodes have been filmed as I've missed some (comes on at 11:00 p.m. Monday night, a little late for me, but I stay up for it), and would like to "make up" the missed ones on reruns. I tried, by the way, to e-mail Ken re the website so I could pass on the compliments, but DAEMON told me nothing went thru.
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3rd string actor marries 4th rate princess to make a fifth rate show.
DamienWasHere25 April 2005
So Katherine Oxenberg (essentially an extra on Dynasty) is a princess, and her husband IS Casper Van Dien, and they have a bunch of kids -- and this makes a show? I don't think so, but LIFETIME TV seems to have sunk some real money into this royal jelly.

It seems to me that both of their publicists were working overtime and this was the best thing they could con out of a network executive.

The episode I saw had something to do with Tsunami relief. The Van Dien's were formulating a guest list for their fund raiser. Names like Rod Stewart, Nicollette Sheridan and Courtney Cox were thrown around but, in the end, they got Fran Drescher -- she's okay in my book but not big enough to cover a tidal wave.

All in all they are attractive people who seem to be VERY good parents who have really good intentions -- they just wound up with a stupid reality show. I think they should just live their lives without TV cameras -- nobody needs to know that they're nice people. I mean, a princess doesn't need all this attention, right? Damien
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