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A Nutshell Review: Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
DICK STEEL29 March 2006
Similar to the first Ice Age, the promotional material for the sequel was out in the theatres way in advance, and courtesy of the Scrat character too, up to its usual antics of getting to that elusive acorn. Here, Scrat opens the movie, and emulating the style of the first, he provides most of the laughs, also as an intermission from the actual scenes from the main cast.

Our gang of prehistoric animals are back - Manny the Mammoth (voiced by Ray Romano), Sid the Sloth (John Leguizamo) and Diego the Sabre-tooth Tiger (Denis Leary). We learn that Sid has gone into the early childhood business, educating the young minds of pre-historic brats. However, I felt that this movie was somehow darker in tone than the original. While the original was one which dealt with hope, this one had its setting in extinction, disaster and death.

The valley which they live in is threatened by the melting ice, no thanks to global warming. So all the animals embark on a journey to salvation, to that rumored ark which will save them from the massive floods to come. Along the way, our trio meets up with another trio of characters, who were added to expand the cast, featuring 2 Possums Crash (Seann William Scott) and Eddie (Josh Peck), and another, but female, mammoth (Queen Latifah).

Needless to say, Manny's still anti-social, and Diego can't get along with those rascal possums who get on his nerves, and Sid's the "philosopher" ever providing the laughs. Various themes like romance (hey, we got 2 mammoths here), friendship, trust, and believing in oneself to overcome one's phobia get covered. Pretty wide scope, but they manage to fit in place nicely.

The villains in this sequel are pretty nasty, besides the looming natural disaster, we have two sea creatures with nasty teeth and attitude, as well as menacing vultures ever ready to pounce on the flesh of animals who have fallen.

But it's not all that bleak. Keep a lookout too for that mad sloth song-and-dance sequence, which has potential to become the next ear worm ala Madagascar's zany "you-got-to-move-it" song. The animation is as usual, top notch, and I just can't get enough of the photo-realistic ice and water landscape.

This is one piece of animation that doesn't rely too much on sight gags, of spoofing current affairs, but one filled with more witty dialogue and kept on an even keel with its interesting storyline. Though at times it might feel clichéd, somehow it excelled in its execution.

And that makes this sequel, as enjoyable as, if not better, than the original. Recommended stuff this week!
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A lovely film with a great storyline.
Becky_Boo19 April 2006
This is a lovely film. Great animation and a brilliant storyline for an animation film!

The characters are all lovable and there are a few extremely funny parts in it! Just little phrases and actions the characters do is hilarious!

Ice Age: The Meltdown follows the animals on their journey to find dry land when they discover that their lives are at risk if they stay put due to the ice melting.......there are some little adventures and discoveries along the way though!

If you have seen the first one you will like this and in case you are wondering......he is still trying to get his nut!

I think it is a must see for all ages, not just children.
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Laugh out loud funny!
blubutterfly219 April 2006
I wanted to take my older kids to the movies for some family time. We went and saw Ice Age Meltdown really for lack of something better to see. (Looks like a bad year for movies again- on the bright side, we'll save a couple hundred bucks.) I am pleased to say, I loved this movie. I laughed so much and found it very enjoyable. It was much better than the first one and I don't know if I've EVER said that about a movie. The characters are witty and entertaining and Scrat gets a lot more screen time in his plight for the great acorn. If you liked the first Ice Age then seeing the sequel is completely risk free. A great film for young and old alike. Enjoy! =)
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Scrat is the Star
zhixiong6 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Scrat brought us the most laughter for his extremely positive attitude towards getting an acorn. In a film, it is difficult to create a memorable character with no lines. After laughing at Scrat's funny and unsuccessful attempts, we need to reflect that life is a bumpy road and we should not give up easily.

There are several humorous one-liners, as well as cliché phrases. Some subtle; some blatantly obvious. We were probably smiling when one of the possums was doing the Robert Deniro's famous gesture in 'Meet the Fockers' (2004).

Suppose I am given a chance to delete a scene, I would probably pick the vultures' musical scene. The musical scene seems awkward and does not fit into the film nicely.

Interestingly, the voice actor of Scrat is Ice Age (2002) director, Chris Wedge. However, he did not direct the sequel, Ice Age 2.

Mao points: 9/10
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Nearly Flawless
mrw818 March 2006
Highly enjoyable film. Nary a dull moment as Diego, Sid and Manny find their way through the meltdown. The peril found in the first Ice Age movie was not duplicated here. The danger wasn't as imminent due to the fact that the meltdown is partly a blessing, while the ice age itself was all bad. A subtle flaw but not something the creators could avoid unless they wanted to make a "Mid-Ice Age" movie. How the tribe survived multiple thousands of years is not addressed, but who cares? Maybe they were actually living on the ecuator in the first movie and the ice caps just reached them in the final years of the ice age. A decade later, the climate warms up and causes the mixed emotions found in Ice Age II. The central theme of friendship in spite of differences and the humor found in trying situations plays well. Overcominging fears in the face of danger is a prominent theme. Jokes fly fast and furious for all ages. And the proto-squirrel steals our hearts with his absolute devotion to caching acorns. A strong production for Twentieth Century Fox.
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An Overall Cute Movie!
tnkRbllbabe13 April 2006
Ice Age: The Meltdown did not catch my eye at first sight of it coming to theaters, seeing as I hadn't seen the first one yet. However, I flipped through my channels and found the first one ( Ice Age) to be on. I immediately turned it on and begin to watch. Overall I throughly enjoyed it. Even though I am not a little kid and /or cartoon-like movies are my favorite; I found myself to enjoy this movie very much.

A little skeptical at first knowing that sequels aren't near as good as the first one, but I went and saw it anyway. I loved every minute of it. It was cute from the very beginning to the very end ( I wont spoil it for the ones who haven't seen it yet. The animals kept my interest with their adventures they went on. Although I didn't laugh the whole time, that doesn't mean it wasn't funny. It has the perfect amount of laughs and chuckles to keep you going, but not too much to overdo you. Some people may say they enjoyed the first better, but I actually thought the second one was just as good, if not better. I highly recommend Ice Age:The Meltdown to fellow moviegoers. Perfect ten out of ten stars!!!
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Quite an enjoyable adventure
aharmas1 April 2006
There are several aspects of this film that I found to be very enjoyable: Its terrific animation, the delightful vocal performances of all the actors involved, and its irresistible imaginative charm. John Leguizamo shines as the heart of the movie, the sloth that inspires all of us to have a good time and gives us hope that there is still some imagination left in Hollywood. His creation and very talented vocal turn perfectly interacts with the other actors' styles. Romano's deadpan delivery this time has found the heart that it sorely missed last time, when it was a just boring attempt to leave his character with no personality. Romano has now found the essence of Manny and has some fun with it. He compliments Queen Latifah's lovely and goofy Ellie. Leary's Diego is not the showiest turn, but he also has some great moments.

In addition to the principals, the possums and the mini sloths are welcome arrivals, and there are some wonderful moments of nutty entertainment, as now computers can portray some truly wacky moments, such as the Berkeley-inspired moment in the sacrificial fire pit and the vulture "food" numbers.

This film is a throwback to what made classics such as "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and The Beast" work: solid acting and a good writing base. It's a commendable and admirable effort.
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Very good for a sequel
jluis198411 April 2006
At first, "Ice Age: The Meltdown" looks like the inevitable sequel to the famous 20th Century Fox animated blockbuster, trying to cash in the success of the previous movie. Well, despite being exactly that, this new adventure of the prehistoric mammals manages to stay on its own legs and delivers nothing but great fun becoming a worthy sequel. That alone is an achievement in its own right.

After some years living in peace in a new pack, our old friends Sid the sloth (John Leguizamo), Manny the Mammoth (Ray Romano) and Diego the Sabertooth tiger (Dennis Leary) discover that the ice is melting and a flood will cover the valley they now call home. Soon they organize a migration, but the trip won't be easy, specially for Manny, who begins to believe that he is the last Mammoth on earth.

"The Meltdown" continues with the style of its predecessor both in humor and animation, so those who fell in love with the original will love the sequel too. The difference however, is in the fact that now Manny is our main character. We get to know more about this character apparently anti-social and cynic, but who in the inside feels very lonely after the loss of his family. Sid and Diego make good sidekicks in this adventure and while their roles in the film are somewhat diminished, they still are very well-developed characters. Scrat, the nut-obsessed squirrel is back too in his constant quest for his lost nut, giving slapstick humor of the finest type in every scene he is in.

It is always hard for sequels to live up to the expectations, specially in family-oriented animation films, but director Carlos Saldanha and his team manage to make a funny movie that never gets boring or tiresome (something vital as it is a movie mainly oriented for kids).

While probably the story is not exactly original or complicated, writers Peter Gaulke and Gerry Swallow make up for it with good character development and funny one-liners that fit the movie tone very good. Two new characters, the young possums Crash (Sean William Scott) and Eddie (Josh Peck) are a welcomed addition to the family, as well as Ellie (Queen Latifah), the lost mammoth.

Ellie, Manny and their relationship is a very important subplot in the movie, and one that was perfectly handled by the director and his crew. While Diego's subplot was also interesting and served as basis for very good jokes, it didn't had enough screen-time; a shame in my opinion, but overall the movie was very good.

To summarize, fans of the first "Ice Age" won't be disappointed by "The Meltdown", and sure the movie will give laughs to both kids and their parents. While still not as good as the first one, this sequel breaks the "sequel's curse" and is an entertaining film on its own right. 7/10
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The Pack Is Back.
Lady_Targaryen14 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I loved ICE AGE 2! I was very anxious to watch this movie, and I finally did it two days ago. There are so many funny moments in this movie, like when Sid starts singing'' if your species has a future clap your hands", when Scrat is trying to take a gigantic nut and everything goes wrong and even when Manny is trying to say to Ellie that they are the only Mammoths alive, so they need to preserve their specie! LoL I didn't watch this movie in the original English language, so I was sad to loose Queen's Latifah voice as Ellie,as well as the great voices of Ray Romano,John Leguizamo and my favorite,Denis Leary. By the way, the ICE AGE of the first movie is not the one who killed all the animals. Many people were asking how the animals survive, and this is one of the explanations.

aka "A Era do Gelo 2" - Brazil
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I did think the original 'Ice Age' was a better movie, but this one is pretty good.
Movieguy_blogs_com4 April 2006
In 'Ice Age: The Meltdown' the gang is back. Manny (Ray Romano), Sid (John Leguizamo), and Diego (Denis Leary) find themselves in a post-ice age catastrophe. The ice is melting and they have to move the herd out of the valley before it becomes a lake. Fortunately, they do not have to worry about any carnivorous dinosaurs. They are all extinct, or are they? This was a cute film worthy of the original. The kids will really enjoy it. I thought the best part was that Scrat, the acorn-loving rodent, has a larger role to play in this movie. Queen Latifah is also really good as Ellie, the mammoth that thinks she is a possum.

I did think the original 'Ice Age' was a better movie, but this one is pretty good.
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Better than the original!
moviefan1725-11 April 2006
Ever since Hollywood fully adopted computer animated family films, there has been a great variance in quality. Some have been have great, and others aren't worth the film they are printed on. Pixar continues to set the bar with movies like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles. A lot of people complain that no other movies of this genre are on par with Pixar. So what? Does that mean they are all bad movies? Not at all. If Finding Nemo is the gold standard, then Ice Age is the silver. The animation is beautiful, the characters are funny and engaging, the story is fast paced and moving, and most of all it deserves another follow up. The story centers around Manny the Mammoth, Syd the Sloth, and Diego the Sabretooth Tiger, making their way out of the great valley before the quickly thawing landscape floods the land. Along the way they meet two possums, and a female Mammoth named Ellie that thinks she is a possum. (Don't'll find out) They join several other species as they make their way to "the boat" that will carry them to safety when the great flood comes. They are also trying to stay ahead of two fierce sea monsters that have already been thawed from their icy prison. Also back is Scrat the Squirrel who continues in his hunt for his beloved acorn. Will our heroes reach their destination? Will Manny and Ellie find love? Will Scrat ever been reunited with his prize acorn? Will Diego conquer his fear of water? Will Syd ever find respect? Most importantly...will you and your family enjoy this movie? Of course you will! This is an excellent family film that mixes humor for both kids and adults. Some of the very young children my be a little frightened during the sea monster attacks, but it will by no means induce nightmares. The characters are still incredibly lovable, and the movie is very good at teaching the strength of family and togetherness. It's better than the first movie on all counts. My personal favorite scene has to do with Scrat vs. a school of hungry piranhas. When Scrat falls in the water, the piranhas snatch his acorn. Let's just say he does not take it well. This ranks high above other recent CG animated movies like Madagascar and Doogle. Personally I like the Ice Age films better than the two Shrek movies which I find HIGHLY overrated. Both my kids and I hope there will be an Ice Age 3. Is there any higher praise?
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Still cool but less solid the second time around
Jay_Exiomo29 March 2006
Manny the woolly mammoth (voiced by Ray Romano), Sid the sloth (John Leguizamo), and Diego (Dennis Leary) the saber-toothed tiger embark on yet another journey in "Ice Age: Meltdown, "the sequel from the 2002 blockbuster by Blue Sky Studios and released by 20th Century Fox. This time, ice is melting and a great flood is threatening to drown all animals in the valley in three days, much to the delight of vultures who are keen on having a buffet with the bodies of those who will be unfortunate enough not to outlive it. The only way to survive is to get to an "ark" at the other end of the valley. Along the way, they meet Ellie (Queen Latifah), perhaps the only other mammoth left aside from Manny, but unfortunately, thinks of herself as a possum, with her "brothers" Crash and Eddie (Sean William Scott and Josh Peck... who's who, I don't know because I never got to track their names).

"Ice Age: Meltdown" is, first and foremost, the inevitable sequel. And while it is still an enjoyable movie, it's very clearly more, or less (depending on how you would look at it), of the same. It still follows up from the first one, but all in all it feels that there wasn't enough material to hold a full-length movie that the character of Scrat has been given more screen time even if what he does trying to get his acorn doesn't advance the plot at all, albeit helping the film reach barely an hour and a half. While this movie still does manage to amuse from time to time, on the whole the plot feels more obligatory and jokes seem to be a little bit more blunt.

That's not to say "Ice Age: Meltdown" is a total waste because it does still have a few aces up its sleeve. Latifah brings a brilliant performance on her character Ellie, as are Scott and Peck on Ellie's two "brothers." And while much of the first two parts of the film lags, it builds up during the climax and from there never lets go. The animation looks quite excellent as well.

It still has enough wit and laughs to support it most of the time but it's really much more of a standard film than the first one, and the animation genre in general doesn't reach new levels with this. Still, it's one of the better sequels there is, and it's a cool way to start the summer (in this side of the world, that is).
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Ice Age: The Meltdown
jon200522 May 2006
The sequel to 2002's Ice Age has managed to recapture the magic of the first film, whilst beating off most recent efforts into CGI films that didn't come from Pixar. This time around the three friends Manny, Sid, and Diego must join their newly formed herd to escape the valley they are living in, as the ice is beginning to melt, and threatens to flood the valley.

Like last time, there is no grand plot here (the first being based on another journey, this time to return a child to its family), and it merely serves to introduce new characters and create laugh-out-loud situations for the trio to overcome. Of the new characters, all are competent (Queen Latifah's Mammoth-Possum-wannabe is good) but never take the lime-light away from our original heroes, which is as it should be; although I did particularly like Will Arnett's Lone Gunslinger Vulture, a rather apocalyptic vulture. All the personalities are back, as is the bickering between them – slightly more playful than last time.

Some standout scenes include Sid's initiation into a tribe of fellow Sloth's, and the origins of whack-a-mole with the possums – all the episodes are loosely connected by a plot which is there to serve for convenience, but this doesn't matter as the film is inventive enough to look past structural failings and just enjoy it. It has increased the fear factor somewhat – the group have to evade two nasty looking sea creatures that have been thawed out by the melting ice, and these scenes, although thrilling, can be scary for younger viewers.

Ice Age: The Meltdown keeps its individual style of animation; at times crossing between its general cartoon-look and then throwing in some genuinely brilliant effects – the underwater shots in particular, and also the effect of the animal's fur after they leave the water are very nice. But it's through the cartoonish style that Ice Age: The Meltdown manages to keep its charm, and there is plenty to go around.

Finally, Scrat is back trying to get his acorns. Used in the first film as more of an advertising ploy, Scrat gets much more screen time in the sequel, as his quest to retrieve his precious acorn against insurmountable odds creates situations that get progressively more hilarious as the film goes on, and provides many of the films true laugh-out-loud moments. At 90 minutes the film is trim and so doesn't outstay its welcome, knowing when enough is enough to keep it all fresh. It's a wonderful sequel that all ages should enjoy.

Rated: 8/10

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It didn't melt me.
lostcheerio24 April 2006
The children liked it but they weren't riveted. That's the short of it. It wasn't a shocking disaster, but it was just a bit muddled. A little scattered. Fragmented. It failed to engage me.

But let's be positive. The writers wisely decided to vastly expand the role of Scrat the Squirrel in this version. Periodically we get to take a break from watching the mammoth, sloth, tiger, possums, and other mammoth walk very slowly along toward the vague "other end" of a vague "valley" to avoid a flood that is being caused by global warming. We get to step back from the grindingly uninspired mammoth love story and the other many subplots that go with the many characters. We get to watch a squirrel chase an acorn. And those sequences present some of the funniest bits in the film.

The rest of it is just kind of there. One problem is that there's really no reason for a sloth, a tiger, and a mammoth to be casting their lots together, except that they did in the first movie. That movie, I felt, had a storyline that involved actual characterization, growth, change, a real tension, etc. When the tiger almost fell off the cliff in Ice Age #1, I gasped. This time, I fidgeted. It just didn't seem real. And that's what I want from an animated movie about talking prehistoric animals -- REALNESS. No, but seriously, without some degree of actual jeopardy, of actual question of what will happen from scene to scene, without someone to root for and embrace -- it's just pointless.

The only character I was getting that for was the saber tooth squirrel. They could have saved a lot of money in celebrity voices.

Everyone had a subplot because they had to have something to do, so that was tidily arranged for them. But nobody's subplot had anything to do with the others'. And the global storyline about the flood was just a reason to walk... slowly. Slowly walk. And pester each other half-heartedly about how they were all going to die. Or not.

Like I said, the children didn't complain. I did laugh, many times, at the places I was supposed to. But it wasn't great.
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Best movie in a long time!
jlc719710 April 2006
The graphics even surpassed the original and the story was hilarious. Crash and Eddie are great new characters and the Skrat has been expanded to almost a Wiley Coyote role, less the ACME apparatus. He is wonderful. Queen Latifah is adorable and perfectly cast. I have grown to love the original characters Manny, Diego and Sid, who are kept faithful to their original characters by the writers. And the writing is pure genius! One liners and slapstick abound. The ending is too cute for words and must be seen anyway, not given away. I personally find this to be the best animation I have ever witnessed and a fine example of the best today's technology has to offer.
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Wow! A sequel that's better than the original!!
walker20004 April 2006
My family and I absolutely LOVED this movie!! We thought it achieved the rare accomplishment of being better than its original. As my husband says, "They stole from everyone." Without spoiling the movie, let me just say there were bits from Broadway musicals, from other movies (some new, some classics), and from everything in between. The vultures' musical number is the one that has gotten stuck in my head. That's as far as I'll go with that one.

Ice Age 2 really racked up the talent. Numerous times we would lean over and whisper "I know that voice! Who IS that?" I was truly surprised to find out that one of them was Jay Leno.

Although the underlying message of both Ice Age movies is death, doom, and destruction, I thought overall it was a very light-hearted movie with lots of hope, love, and friendship. The photo-quality animation of the rushing water, Scrat's fur blowing in the breeze, and many other tiny details was no less than breathtakingly impressive.

While it may be just a bit much for the smallest of children, I whole-heartedly recommend this movie to everyone else, young and old alike. You don't have to have kids or be a kid to love this one, just enjoy laughing.
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An unexpected pleasure
wnterstar7 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
OK...I usually avoid sequels....especially animated sequels. They tend to be derivative, almost plot less wastes of time.

I cringed when I heard they were making a sequel to Ice Age. After all, the first was so good, any sequels were bound to be bad, right? WRONG! Ice Age 2 is a fully recognized movie in and of itself. It makes references to the first movie, but doesn't depend on it for the plot to work. The jokes are original and genuinely funny. the rational side of my brain is telling me that a mammoth couldn't hang by it's tail from a tree or stay under water that long, but the side that can quote all the old bugs bunny cartoons is telling me to stop being so dang literal about things and enjoy it.

This movie is what animation should be! Oh, and I'm STILL waiting for poor Scrat to get that acorn!!!
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Fun but lacks the Heart of the first one
michael-colan10 November 2012
After the very successful animated film Ice Age we get treated too a sequel. 4 years since the release of the first film and in that time frame you would expect that the filmmakers would come up with a good sequel. I will say that the film is creative and fun but the film is missing something that the first one had makes the sequel decent but not great.

In this film we have our three heroes returning for another adventure. When it seems like the entire world is melting, Manny, Diego, Sid all set out to find a "boat" at the other end of the valley when Manny begins to think that he might be the last Mammoth on Earth he finds another one with a very unusual problem.

The story I find in this one to be much more creative than the first one. Enough though to some existent it a "Noah's Ark" story but the first one was really a hybrid between Shrek and Monster's Inc but the film had enough charming characters and laughs to let us look away from that problem. So I give this film a lot more credit for trying to come up with something different than the rest. The film does get pretty creative in the environment that it is set in. There is a lot more personification in this film than the last one making the animals more human than the last one. I think this takes away from one of the aspects that made the original so charming and funny was the characters were pretty much just like the animals they were portraying and didn't involve too much human like behavior. In this film they have schools and pools and swimming and granted this is an animated kid's film but I think sticking to the first one's style of play would have been better.

The Humor in the film is also for the most part very good. Just like in the first one we get a little bit of everything. There is some smart humor that might blow over the heads of the young children however not that much. We get some great slapstick humor which will have the children and adults laughing and some dirty inside jokes that is kept very low key and very much implied but as quagmire once said in family guy (paraphrasing slightly), "You know where this is going, it's all implied. The kids don't know but we do."

However with that being said the humor just doesn't match the humor of the first one. Although this film is funny and does have some great laugh out loud moments it just doesn't have the same charm and comedic timing and trimmings that the first one had. This one lowers itself down to mostly potty and slapstick humor. It feels a bit lazy and the younger ones won't mind and it will entertain all but for most of us we were hoping for a bit more. That's not at all to say this movie isn't funny.

There is something else that is missing in this movie that the last one had. That little something is a very basic element of the human spirit. That basic element is the heart and soul of this movie. The first one we had Manny's dark past and Diego's change of heart and Sid's lovable, want everybody to be a family type character and all that wrapped into one big quest to big a lost child home. That was the heart and soul of that film and it succeeded because that emotional heart and center. Also all those themes and stories were all interconnected and played in and out throughout the film. In this we don't get much of that and this is the main reason why I think this film is not nearly as good as the first one. This one we get mostly a comedy with not much of anything else. In this we get a silly romance that doesn't hold much weight. Manny has insecurity issues with the possibility of being the last Mammoth. Diego has a fear of the water and Sid thinks he deserves more respect (and nearly kills himself in the process of trying getting some). All in all there isn't much here. That's not to say the film isn't entertaining because it certainly is and you will have fun watching it but don't expect any more of it.

The stars have returned from the original first film to the sequel and deliver some good voice work. Ray Romano returns as Manny and is funny as he always is in whatever he does. Denis Leary also returns as Diego and his role is dumbed down to a funny sidekick but Denis does great voice work. John Leguizamo is back as the funny; stupid but lovable Sid the Sloth and we get the same funny character we got last time and always provide us with a great laugh.

Scrat is back! The little dopey Wild Coyote of this generation. He has absolutely nothing to do with the main storyline and you know what? I could not care less he is a welcome distraction as his quest for the nuts continues and gets himself involved in more wacky situations.

A newcomer to the cast includes Queen Latifah as the Mammoth that is having an identity crisis and is funny but nothing special as Ellie. Josh Peck and Seann William Scott play a possum gang of brothers who loves causing trouble and is the best new addition to this film. Both brilliant with great chemistry and remain funny throughout.

The film with everything together is a very entertaining film and remains funny throughout however lacks the good heart that made the first so great and the humor is up to par with the original however it is a decent sequel.

Final Score

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rather funny
sangeetha13200113 May 2006
The movie was good on the whole. It's as good as the last one. Funny, too! I couldn't help laughing. The movie was hilarious, but that's good anyway! The story was good had a fairy tale ending, sort of you know, a kiddie story with happy endings... The song in the middle bored me a bit. It was good, whatever... The sound effects were okay. I liked the story which was nice... The visual and special effects were good. Kids and youngsters are gonna like the movie. It's worth watching once. The movie keeps you glued to the screen, whatever... There's a lot of adventure in the middle... The character of Diego, Sid, etc. were funny and good. The movie doesn't bore you... If you wanted a movie with a lot of funny dialogues, and stuff... then, this movie is a must for you!!!
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A pleasant surprise !
Merklin29 April 2006
I was getting ready to trash ice age : the melt down. Since the first film was so self contained, there was no real need for a sequel (besides the need for more money ) and this review seemed like a perfect opportunity to chastise the greed of big film studios.

Well after watching the film i can report that they'll be no ranting here- Ice age 2 is a pleasantly entertaining and funny film with with some stunning character animation.Much like the original , ice age 2 meanders along a series of set pieces and visual gags and doesn't out stay its welcome. Fan favourite scrat the squirrel returns for more hilarious, futile attempts to get his elusive nut and there are some clever innuendos for grown ups.

However while its entertaining, it has the same problems of the original (a: its a bit too safe b: Its very predictable ) with the addition of some new ones- namely the new characters .Not only are the new characters not interesting but the possum brothers both reach a scrappy doo level of annoyance.

Ice age : the melt down is a cash in for sure, but its a funny and entertaining one .
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Head for higher ground!
almnjoy16 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie really lives up to the first one, it is very funny, I was a little mad at the "d" word, but that did not deter me to give this movie a 9. This movie is awesome, I just saw it today Apr. 15 2006, and thought it was great! This movie has a little sexual material, but it plays out to where even my 10 yr. old brother didn't notice it, so I'm pretty sure it's safe for most kids! They will love the movie unless they didn't like the first one. Some kids might be just a little scared by the newly introduced characters, but should recover quickly. Be sure to listen for the voices of Josh Peck as Eddie and Jay Leno as Fast Tony!
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The Quest for Safety and Acorns
nycritic3 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Scrat, the little squirrel, is the bookend of ICE AGE and ICE AGE 2: THE MELTDOWN which opened this past Friday in American theatres. His isolated storyline is the one thing that I enjoyed because it has the unpredictability of a hairpin plot and the visual craziness of a Rube Goldberg sequence and is right at the center of the real action.

This time lapse is one of the few complaints that I can have in this latest movie, but again, being a film aimed at children and young adults, no one is up for the count. No humans cross the path of the story. All ICE AGE is, is the story of just that: the warming of the Earth, the end of the idyllic valley where all these different animals co-exist in happy harmony, and the search for a boat that rests at the other end of the valley and will offer a place for them to weather the flood about to ensue. (It's an irony that Scrat is the one who first encounters the melting of the ice in his hilarious opening sequence.) Manny is still pining for his family and feels lonely despite his friends. This doesn't last long: soon he meets a female mammoth named Ellie (voiced by Queen Latifah)... but there's a "mild" problem. She thinks she's a possum. Her two possum "brothers" don't deny it. Diego and Sid think she's not all there but encourage their acquaintance, while Manny wonders if this eccentric mammoth might be for him. In Sid's words, "She's two tons of fun and you're no fun at all." ICE AGE 2 makes its point to include the outsider who is really an insider in its plot. It's made the news dozens of times -- an animal of one breed adopting one of a totally different breed -- and here, Ellie eventually learns the reason she behaves like a possum in a very moving sequence not unlike Manny's in the first and I would like to see anyone who won't shed a tear watching her as a young mammoth finding her surrogate family and her own adopted identity. Even then, she's okay with that -- she is happy about herself. Manny, however, is not; he is a conformist who can't see that this bright thing stomping around the woods and being as carefree as you like it is more herself than he himself might be. No wonder he looks into his own reflection: there is the notion that when finding love, one looks into what reflects you. Ellie definitely complements him... but he cannot see it. Yet.

Global warming is now the omnipresent villain. A reality today, ICE AGE remains contemporary despite its setting and brings forth the moral of what may happen if the Earth's poles melt. Everywhere they go there are signs of warming: geysers explode from the inside of the Earth, water rises dramatically, the dam retaining the ocean of water just behind it is about to give way. Water, water, everywhere, and nasty fishes await their moment.

ICE AGE 2 is a good sequel. Visually it's beautiful and almost life-like and the great care of constructing the universe in which Manny and his friends live shows. One minor complaint is one which has them on their exodus, crossing what seems to be hills, only to then shift inexplicably to ice again, which to me seems to be only to add tension to these shark-like fishes who are looking for meat and to put Diego the saber-toothed tiger into his own worst fears. Then again, this is a animated movie and in following with traditions, the main characters have to travel through danger and be in danger before being in safety and in this it is effective.

Overall I enjoyed it (or let's say, the kid in me did), but any adults looking for an adult story should go elsewhere because despite the material, it's not here. A dance sequence was the high point (children in the theater cheered it and laughed at its surprising denouement), and the vulture's quest for raw meat, complete with a Broadway-esquire musical, is a riot. And of course, it ends appropriately with Scrat in acorn heaven, being pulled back to Earth, and incorporated into the main story.
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newmusicalexprez10 April 2006
I took my 8 year old daughter to see this, having seen the first film on on the television recently. I don't know which one of us enjoyed it more, it was definitely a case of the sequel exceeding the quality of the original. The characters were much better defined, Sid the Sloth was the films hero,in my eyes, he stole the show with some excellent one liners. The relationships between the three main characters was excellent & the effects were superb. I find it impossible to say how much I enjoyed this film, but I found myself engaged throughout, the scenes with Scrats fight for his acorn were inspired.

A real 10 out of 10 film.
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One of the worst movies I've ever seen.
robertac-39 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Ice Age 2 has got to rate as one of the worst movies that I have ever seen. It has no plot, no believable story line, no particularly likable characters, no original ideas. True, it does have some great animation and effects (the fur on Scrat is magnificent), but then I do wonder about what appear to be painted 2D backgrounds, and the colouring, which at times is reminiscent of a 1950s kids' story book.

The premise for the whole movie is unbelievably flimsy: the 'Herd' decide that they need to get to higher ground because their valley is going to flood. Not even the kids in the movie house seemed to buy that one. In fact they only seemed to buy some of the opening scenes with Scrat - if their lack of laughter elsewhere was anything to go by.

The remainder of the movie features the 'Herd' moving through ice, then land, then ice, then land to apparently get to higher ground (the fact that they move over land that has to be higher than the area from which the flood is coming does not seem a concern to the movie makers). Add to this movement through spurious landscape the bad guys that are there for no other reason than for being bad guys (apparently the impending flood is too abstract a concept for three-year-olds), the appallingly placed 'musical interludes' ('Food Glorious Food' just had to take the cake on that one!)and Manny's love interest pretending to be a possum (the most desperate attempt to squeeze a laugh out of an audience that I have seen in a long time), and you have two hours of my life that I desperately want back!

When will Hollywood be brave enough to break the formula? The annoying and not really so cute comic side kicks are just that: annoying! The hero rushing in to save the kind-of-heroic-but-not-quite heroine is hackneyed and unbelievable! And the fart jokes (miles away from the snappy, witty energy of the first movie) that weren't even funny for the three-year-old demographic - please serve me up some other form of crap!
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A sequel that begs the question, "Why?"
rbsjrx31 December 2006
The original "Ice Age" was a very good show - funny and clever. I therefore had high hopes for the sequel which turned out to be neither funny nor clever.

In the original, all the characters were believable within the bounds of cartoon reality. In this, one of the main characters, Ellie, is a one note joke that no one can take seriously. The voice performances are OK, given the dialog they had to work with. Queen Latifah's voice performance as Ellie almost overcomes the essential silliness of the character, but not quite. The other voice performances lack the spark of the original, as if the actors realized they were only doing it for the paycheck. The one exception is John Leguizamo who tackles the Sid character with the same manic gusto as the original. But it's simply not enough.

The bottom line is that the original made me laugh and care about the characters. The sequel made me smile intermittently, but mostly made me look at the clock waiting for it to end. A major disappointment...
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