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MPAA Rated PG for some mild language and innuendo

Sex & Nudity

  • When Manny implies that he and Ellie can save their species (by mating -- although those words are not used), she complains that she's a mammoth for five minutes (having just accepted that) and "You're hitting on me." He then says it's their responsibility, prompting her to reply, "You're not saving the species tonight or any night." Another character then calls Manny a "pervert."
  • Manny describes that Ellie is considered attractive to the mammoth species because of the size of her butt.

Violence & Gore

  • We see Scrat trying to scale a glacier but ends up hanging from his tongue where the tip is frozen to the ice. After freeing himself from that, his body then fills up with a water leak, prompting him to fall a long distance where he crashes through some ice, bumps his head on more and then lands hard on some ice. Played for comical effect.
  • There are a few other minor scrapes, including a short battle between Manny and some sea monsters, but none of it is very aggressive or gory.


  • 1 incomplete use of Son of a Bitch
  • 3 uses of "ass" (2 use used to describe a burro, and 1 uses used appropriately to describe a burro's 'donkey' mother).
  • 2 uses of "crap".
  • At one point, a possum calls Manny a "pervert".
  • Single use of the word, "dam", by a beaver.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Death is a major theme in the film. Encroaching water is the theme throughout, since the movie is set in a large valley surrounded by a high dam of melting ice.
  • The water contains what, a quick web search suggests, look like a Kronosaurus, a Liopleurodon and a whole load of Megapiranhas - all toothy, and hungry. There are a few scenes where the main characters are threatened by these underwater monsters.
  • Two notable deaths occur. The first is quite subtle, where a swimming glyptodont disappears and his empty shell resurfaces. The second is Scrat who, after a long fall into some gushing water, finds himself in Nut Heaven, only then to be revived by Sid.

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