Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006) Poster

Queen Latifah: Ellie



  • [last lines] 

    Sid : Manny, who do you like better, me or Diego?

    Manfred : Diego. It's not even close.

    Diego : Heh, told you.

    Ellie : Manny, you can't choose between your kids.

    Manfred : He's not my kid. He's not even my dog. If I had a dog, and that dog had a kid, and the dog's kid had a pet, that would be Sid.

    Sid : Can I have a dog, Manny?

    Manfred : No.

    Sid : Ellie, can I have a dog?

    Ellie : Of course, you can, sweetie.

    Manfred : Ellie, we have to be consistent with them.

  • Ellie : I thought fat guys were supposed to be jolly.

    Manfred : I'm not fat. It's this fur. It makes me look big. It's poofy.

    Ellie : Oh, okay.

    [to Crash and Eddie] 

    Ellie : He's fat.

  • Sid : Well, shave me down and call me a mole rat. You found another mammoth.

    Ellie : Where? Wait a minute. I thought mammoths were extinct.


    Ellie : What are you looking at me for?

    Manfred : I don't know. Maybe because you're a mammoth?

    Ellie : Me? Don't be ridiculous! I'm not a mammoth, I'm a possum.

    Manfred : Right, good one. I'm a newt.

    [Points at Diego] 

    Manfred : This is my friend, the badger,

    [Points at Sid] 

    Manfred : ... and my other friend, the platypus.

    Sid : Why do I gotta be the platypus? Make him the platypus.

  • Ellie : [to Manny]  You ain't savin' the species TONIGHT, or any OTHER night.

  • Ellie : What about me is attractive?

    Manfred : Your... butt?

    Ellie : What about it?

    Manfred : It's... big?

    Ellie : [flattered]  You're just saying that.

    Manfred : No, I mean it. It's huge. Biggest darned butt I've ever seen.

    Ellie : That is really sweet.

  • Manfred : I knew it! I knew I couldn't be the only one!

    Ellie : Me too! Everybody falls out of the tree sometimes. They just won't admit it!

  • Ellie : [annoyed with Manny suggesting they save their species]  OK. We followed you during the day, now you're coming with us at night.

    Manfred : But we can't see at night.

    Ellie : Then enjoy the flood.

    Eddie : I can't even look at him!

    Crash : [turns and looks at Manny]  Pervert!

  • Ellie : Hey, do we do any special tricks like roll over, or do we just throw our weight around?

  • Manfred : You are so stubborn and hard-headed!

    Ellie : Well, I guess that proves it - I am a mammoth!

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