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It's insane, twisted, sick... IT'S FANTASTIC!!!
CountVladDracula15 April 2005
This is great! This is the best thing I've seen Cartoon Network do. Seth Green is a warped genius. This is madness in it's purest form.

Robot Chicken is a sketch show that uses action figures and various dolls to act out scenes in stop motion animation. It's only fifteen minutes long and only airs once a week but it's great fun. It's so completely random that you have no idea what's going to happen next. Nothing is sacred. Adult Swim has a real gem with this one.

This show is fun. It's like watching a mad man play with his old childhood toys. You can't help but look as you see Seth Green's sick imagination unfold bizarre and comedic situations for several famous characters with their action figure counter parts. Various celebrities lend their voices. I hope this show lasts a good long while.
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Some seriously funny stuff!
draktyr7 May 2005
Oh, man! What can I say about Robot Chicken? A lot! It is the freshest, funniest most original series I have seen in quite some time! I unfortunately know what happens to shows that are good and/or funny....

Robot Chicken takes the look and feel of a great "ToyFare" comic and puts it in animated form. They were definitely aiming at the age group of 25-30, as all of the source material I instantly recognized; Transformers, Charlie Brown, Voltron, Thundercats....and so on.

I mean can you go wrong with a show that has Optimus Prime dying of prostate cancer, or Cobra Commander, Skeletor, Lex Luthor and Mumm-Ra caught in traffic while carpooling to work? The humor involved is toilet humor for the most part....but seeing it instigated through these icons of my childhood, I found myself crying I was laughing so hard.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves great ideas and doesn't mind crude humor. It will instantly click with kids of the 70's and 80's (Speed Racer, Knight Rider, CHiPs, Batman, Fast and the Furious , Mario Kart, Dukes of Hazzard, MASK (ya know...working overtime, fighting crime..fighting crime!) and Wheeled Warriors duking it out Cannonball Run style...all complete with a cameo from Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise!), making the humor and originality of this series apparent from the get-go.

This is pure genius programming (albeit only 11 to 15 minutes an episode), but with cameos by Seth Green(One of the shows creators), Mark Hamill, Seth "Family Guy" Macfarlane, N*Sync, Pat Morita, Alex Borstein and even Ryan Seacrest as himself, it makes the package that much sweeter to digest! Highly Recommended!
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Oh yes, I have seen the Robot Chicken, and it is good.
Skeletors_Hood21 February 2005
If you are a die-hard toy collector....then maybe you shouldn't watch, as toys get mutilated and destroyed. Other than that, this show is hilarious. I urge you to watch, and enjoy the madness. Don't look for a plot, as this kind of show won't really have one, as it's sketch comedy, much like Monty Python, or SNL.

Watching Transformers deal with the problems of prostate cancer is pure madness, and proof that this show will have it's place as a regular in the Cartoon Network Adult Swim pantheon for many months, even years to come. If Toyfare magazine makes it work so good, Seth Green should have just as much luck.
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Robot Chicken is crazy funny beyond all others.
StevePatterson20 March 2005
I'm not going to spend a very long time giving all sorts of opinions about this and that, but the bottom line is that Robot Chicken is some of the funniest, simplistic, and crazy humor that I have seen in a very long time... perhaps ever. If you're offended easily, or have something against simple, ridiculous comedy then this show probably isn't for you. But if you're a fan of any of Cartoon Networks "Adult Swim" cartoons in general, I can guarantee that you're going to love this one. In fact, if you're anything like me I've only seen the first few episodes that have aired, but I'm already very anxiously awaiting to see more. I'm already hoping that after season 1 is over, they'll release it on DVD so I can show this crazy stuff to everyone I know.
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Too funny!
ssc76 March 2005
All pop culture references, and for those that don't get it or don't watch it, screw you! It's like one big inside joke! I have family members from all ages that watch this and we all laugh our butts off. Seth is so talented and it's great to watch all those toys we played with or characters we religiously watched do something totally out of character. Obviously if you are watching Adult Swim you have a certain sense of humor and Robot Chicken fits right in with Family Guy, Futurama, Sealab and ATHF. Hey how many of you have ever wished Kit from Knight Riderwould explode into a fiery flame or the Duke Boys would give each other that "special look"? Wish granted! Go Seth and make us laugh.
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Chicken Robot rocks!
merrybeth1116 June 2005
I discovered Chicken Robot when mistakenly awaiting for ATHF to come on Thursday night. After chiefin hardcore with some people, I was soooo confused yet found the show very amusing( ha imagine that ;) !) --crazy characters were all in the show and the animation was just as crazy. However, I watched it completely sober, and I truly appreciated its humor. Seth Green and Matthew Senreich (I don't think Senreich gets the acclaim he deserves considering they co-created it!) really did an excellent job with this stop-motion animation, so major props to them. People that say it "sucks" fail to recognize the simple, intentional idiocracy of the show. much love to robot chicken lovers. I hope that you all will at least consider watching Robot Chicken, and I assure you, you won't be disappointed!
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One of the funniest shows on TV
hobojos3 April 2005
I first saw this show in the corner of a Glory Days Bar&Grill while I was watching the NCAA tournament. Even without the volume I could tell that it would be a show worth watching. The first thing that I saw was Mr. Rogers standing in front of the train set going through his house. He called one of the stage hand boys to come to him because something was off on the train and then he took the kids head and stuffed it into a little lake by the train track and said in his calm voice, I TOLD YOU TO FIX THIS. If that isn't great TV I don't know what is. I just watched a new episode tonight called a piece of action, and it was just as good as the rest. I can't wait for this show to come to DVD.
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"Say your lines, or you'll get the gas!"
stargunner7 April 2005
Completely random and fast-paced stop-motion animation is all what Robot Chicken is about. With every episode being the Adult Swim traditional 11 minutes, each is packed full of hilarious parodies and shorts. And the best thing is you never know who you'll see the next episode.

Robot Chicken takes the media and entertainment business and flips it upside down. If you've got your know on pop culture, Robot Chicken will be all the more hilarious for you. And if you don't understand all the references, Robot Chicken is also packaged with the crude, witty humor that most of Adult Swim features. I'm not bashing on that kind of humor, I love it too.

Basically it's got something for everyone. And there are no main characters or storyline, it's a new parody every episode. And the animation is pretty darn good for stop-motion. But alas, it is not perfect. The problem I have with Robot Chicken is the relentless fart/bathroom jokes. I swear, in every episode there is a short cut-scene of someone farting or something of the like. I really can't stand that, and I bet you anything that's simply Seth Green shining through. But oh well, the rest is good! 9/10
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Not funny, no plot, annoying animation. What else is there?
pyroseraphin20005 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I don't see how anyone not under the age of 10 could find this funny. Some examples of the "humor" in this show are Mr. Rogers being mean and a doll that looks like Napolean Dynamite quoting the movie Napolean Dynamite. Hilarious! I would have enjoyed this when I was in 3rd grade, but I also thought the parody of the Barney theme song was clever and funny (I hate you, you hate me, so lets go out and kill Barney...) Why do you think references to other TV shows and movies are so funny? Does it make you feel special to think you are in on the inside joke? "Wow, it's just like in that movie, only dolls are doing it instead! How clever!"
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I gave this a chance...
mel_b512 January 2007
and I hated it.

My friend had raved to me about this show. I guess I liked the idea, and thought the few sketches she described to me sounded very funny. So I gave it a chance. I watched a few episodes on YouTube. I tried to like it. I made myself think I liked the show. However, I couldn't keep up this charade. And when I found out it was on EVERY night on my favourite channel, as a replacement to some of my most-liked shows - I couldn't help but be very annoyed. I thought, "They replaced the Boondocks and Bromwell High with THIS?!" Really...I found it pretty odd that people could like this show. I don't have anything against crude comedy - in fact, I love it when it's well done. Take the first, second, and third seasons of Family Guy, which are well-scripted and still very funny. I just can't take this, though. Most of the time, it's 80s references that go over the heads of their target audience, or bodily function jokes. There were only a few gags that I found truly funny...

I think my dislike of this show might be because of the lack of consistent, well-formed characters. I tend to be drawn towards character-based animated comedies. The lack of that element, combined with the "humour", contribute to a very bad show.

I think Seth Green's marvelous on Family Guy as Chris Griffin. And I can imagine how much fun this show must be to make - whenever the writers think up another "brilliant" gag, they can just insert it into their next episode.

I tried to like it, I did. But I guess I'm not a fan of someone vomiting in every episode. I wonder if it's just me?
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Predictable, awful. need I go on?
brownjenkin81426 March 2008
This show is the epitome of what I avoid by watching adult swim original shows rather than more mainstream comedy; predictable pop culture laden crap. The skits often follow a dull formula, a parody of some TV show movie or toy with some kind of violent sexual or poop related joke carelessly thrown in, that plays out like a claymation family guy joke. The bits are generally a a poorly executed carbon copy of the source material, but with the aforementioned stupidly obvious joke thrown in. And when the creators are brave enough to stop suckling on pop cultures nurturing teat for a few seconds, we often are left a 5 (or less) second clip of something so creatively dull and brain dead the only plausible reaction is that of total silence. I say often because there are sparse moments of amusement, but these are too rare to make the show worth watching. The show is and exercise in poor writing and voice acting, and mediocre animation. The visual style of the show is unique, but not really smooth in any sense of the word, often seeming crude and rough. I do like claymation when its done right, and there's none of that here. What irks me above all is the show's immense popularity and the fact that it is constantly on adult swim's weekday lineup while worthy, innovative, dynamic and unique shows are forced aside. Are people really that dumb that they can only appreciate the most dull and obvious humor? Well that's to be expected, looking at the awful Family Guy's popularity.
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Hit and miss
J-bot627 March 2015
When this show's skits are good, they're generally really good.

However, there's an unfortunate tendency for shows like this to eventually degrade into unfunny territory. You can generally tell when the gross-out jokes start to outnumber the legitimately funny ones. This same issue plagued Aqua Teen Hunger Force as well. Likely it's a result of writers getting too used to each other in an insular environment with few trusted people to check or critique their work.

Having said that, Robot Chicken is a fantastic show for people who know and love their pop culture references. Stop-motion is the ideal format and the patience of the animators is very much appreciated.

Well worth a look.
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A rebuff from hell - this show is very funny
mrcrumples12 April 2005
"Sucks beyond belief." Wow. This mouth breather signaled his own egress from the cave long enough to mash out that lovely missive on his large key keyboard. I mean, why would I even bother watching a show chosen by a TV programming block with a proved track record for outstanding humor, when I have Captain Troglodyte to save my precious time? I mean, he's writing reviews for free, of a show made by people who are paid for having talent and creativity. And he manages to do this in between flipping orders of fries, for OUR BENEFIT, PEOPLE! Woo, anyway. That steamed my beans. Robot Chicken is worth the whole 11 minutes it consumes of your life once a week. I proudly defend this intelligent distraction from the misery of a world populated by people like my man who wrote the previous review. And it had a Barbie with big knockers. N Skeletor farted and stuff.
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Bad writing makes it disappointing
FlorisV22 August 2007
What seemed like a new and fresh comedy quickly wore out as a one-joke show. It's just cheaply animated puppets or toys representing characters from past TV shows that beat the crap out of each other or talk dirty. Toilet humor was mentioned, it seemed like it was all written by a 10-year old kid. Everything is also extremely referential so if you have never seen the show that they're ridiculing there is no joke left. The only thing really funny are apparently the silly references to movies and TV shows.

The show is extremely anarchistic and chaotic with sketches that are sometimes no longer than half a second. It seems they didn't want to leave a lot of the poor jokes out. Quantity over quality.

The show is reminiscent of Celebrity Deathmatch which was far superior. Not only was the animation much better, the humor was also a lot funnier even though the basic concept was not that different.

I thought this would be a really cool show to tell friends about but it's really not worthy of mentioning. Too bad, it could have been great!
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Played out comedy under the guise of stop-motion novelty.
Biohazed9 May 2006
"Robot Chicken" is basically a string of unrelated "skits," featuring children's action figures being manipulated into zany and irreverent situations. The concept, in theory, is hilarious. Anyone who has stolen their sister's Barbies and produced a girl-on-girl porno/suspense/horror flick will clamor to get a peek at this program; however, the end product just doesn't pay off.

Have you ever heard someone tell a story that seems funny enough, but you just can't get into it all the way? The person just keeps on talking, snickering at himself from time to time, and after a while, you just start to think, "it's funny, but who really cares?" "Robot Chicken," much like the film "Team America," is a prime example of novelty comedy; but again, much like "Team America," "Robot Chicken's" novelty wears off quickly, and sooner or later, you realize that if it weren't a bunch of action figures, it would be utterly unwatchable.
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The parts are there, it's just that no one bothered to piece them together properly...
j-swain11 December 2010
In theory, i should love this show. I love crazy drawn out jokes, a la Family Guy, parody and random, nonsensical humor, a la Tim and Eric's awesome show (great job!), and ridiculous slapstick, a la jackass, but this show just doesn't do it for me.

My friends rave about the hilariousness of this show, but i found all the jokes to be stupid, in a BAD way. sometimes the jokes are drawn out far too long like in family guy, but what makes it funny in family guy is that the drawn-out-ness IS the joke; while in Robot Chicken the drawn outedness is always just a long setup to a weak punchline. As someone said, it seems like seth green took the family guy formula and broke it down to its simplest form possible, so all the jokes are "enhanced" by either obnoxiously sexual innuendo or the F-word (both of which can be funny, but not when its the default way to get a laugh out of your audience...) Half the jokes in the show are based upon the gimmick of taking innocent children's cartoons like care bears and making them swear non-stop, which is funny for an episode or two, but gets old fast.

Ill give them a few stars because the claymation is very good and sometimes fun to watch, and occasionally itll get a chuckle out of me, but overall I've always found myself underwhelmed by this show, and its especially frustrating that it seems to take up 95% of adult swim's time slots. I suppose if you like "happy tree friends" maybe this is for you, but if you're expecting something as funny as family guy, look elsewhere.
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A show of few.
iamnessie2 December 2008
There are only a few shows that i absolutely hate. One is Mind Of Mencia. This show is another.

The jokes (if you can call them that) are uncreative and could easily make people stupid. That isn't a joke. The only thing they seem to think is funny are crotch hitting jokes, terrible puns, and fart jokes. How is any of that funny?

The only plot to this show is a newly cyborg chicken is forced to watch random and crudely written sketches.

This show is so absolutely horrendous that i would rather play ET for the Atari or watch Manos: Hands of Fate than watch this show. At least their creators admit to not putting any time or effort into those. The 60 titles they came up with for this show seems like the only effort they put in. Even those potential titles sucked.

It's astonishing that people love this show. It has almost the same amount of viewers as Family Guy. At least that show has a plot and is funny. With shows expertly written like Boondocks on Adult Swim there is no excuse as to why this show is so popular. Maybe if you're a casual TV watcher and don't know good writing or story lines, then you will love this show and think all of the pop culture references are funny. The only other excuse to liking this show is that you must be high or have lost a lot of brain cells from constant drug use.

Coming from someone who has no life and watches over 6 hours of TV a night. The show is so bad that i leave the house to walk 2 miles both ways to the gas station at 1 am (my time). Do not waste your time. You could be doing something much more productive like cleaning or watching Ernest movies. His movies are Citizen Kane compared to this garbage. This is one of the worst and unfunny shows ever in the history of TV and is a good reason this site needs scores under zero. If you have any intelligence, do not waste your time on this crap.
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Smug inside jokes, 80s retreads and random nonsense for the sake of it. "Robot" has a lot of great ideas, but falls on its face way too often
liquidcelluloid-121 October 2006
Network: The Cartoon Network; Genre: Animated Sketch Comedy; Content Rating: TV-14, TV-MA (strong language, sexual content and animated violence and gore); Available: Uncensored DVD; Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

Seasons Reviewed: 2+ seasons

Fans of random, nonsensical comedy will rejoice over "Robot Chicken". Professional smart-ass Seth Green's stop motion twist on the sketch comedy series is certainly random and certainly nonsensical. Enlisting many of his "Family Guy" co-stars (Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane) as well as anyone he has ever worked with (Jessica Alba, Breken Myer, Sarah Michelle Geller – the show's credit list reads like 6 Degrees of Seth Green) to voice many of the non-descript characters, "Robot" is made of a lot of private jokes and inside baseball that is surely busting up Green and all his buddies, but will leave many others dumbfounded.

Those random flashbacks, once so fresh and original on Seth MacFarlane's "Family Guy", get milked of all their initial charm by "Robot". The show stacks one random bit after another ontop of each other, several are visual jokes only lasting a few seconds before moving onto the next, until the last half of the show where a particularly elaborate bit of nonsense takes us to the end. Green isn't commenting on the ADD generation, he's playing to it. Nothing wrong with that structure, in fact the show's short attention span and a mercifully short 10-minute running time afforded by The Cartoon Network go a long way to make the show work as well as it possibly can. Green has apparently learned well from McFarlane and his mimic ability to know how short to cut a bit as well as a bleeped-out obscenity from an unlikely character lend the show its best laughs. That MTV-fast style may first appear to be the cure for the common sketch comedy skit that overstays its welcome.

It is where Green chooses to focus the show that doesn't work for me. As if he watched MacFarlane strike gold with late 80s sitcom parody and said "I don't know we could do that". Some of the one-joke gags are not bad, but the majority of "Robot's" targets are limited to sitcoms, cartoon characters, and commercials from the late 70s and 80s. In Green's creative regurgitation, all the childhood generation-X targets get a retread here. Optimus Prime and the Transformers? Yep, they are here. Endless Star Trek, Star Wars, Superman and Ghostbuster jokes? You know it. An idea that simply making a reference to William Shatner is funny? Lots of mileage out of that. "Dragonball Z"? Check. Corky from "Thirtysomething"? Hey, what lame Gen-X show would be complete without making fun of Corky… again. It's all here. We have seen this stuff before and if it can be done better - it has been.

The show gets a big kick out of referencing things that will go over the head of an older generation. But I'm part of the generation it is aiming at and it strains to make me laugh on its good days. And that is the stuff Green does the best. When the show delves back into something before its time the jokes reek of a 3rd hand "I'm told I should make fun of this" feeling. On the brief occasions when it tries to take on something in this century (the occasional George W. Bush joke), it falls even farther onto its face.

"Robot's" animation style, part clamation and part plastic doll stop motion, is visually fun to sit and stare at. There is a giddy little thrill to watching cereal box characters blowing each other's brains out in a screaming bloody gun battle. But that's all you get. Icons associated with innocence given a violent or raunchy twist. Rinse and repeat until the novelty wears off. That single-joke stretched to series length would be derivative enough, but mix it with Seth Green's own insufferable brand of smug, smart-ass, call-me-clever, style and it mutes all of the many possibilities for really clever laughs.

* * / 4
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How much preaching to the choir do we need?
sonny_chiba_lives23 April 2006
I'm 23. I've read my share of comics, absorbed my childhood's worth of cartoons and PBS. I've seen the movies everyone else has seen. And yet 'Robot Chicken' is still consistently awful. Like, 'Mad TV' awful.

The appeal of 'Robot Chicken' is it indiscriminately rips from the movies, TV shows, and toy aisles of the last 30 years. It takes set-ups that would have no inherent humor apart from the references, and expects that the references are enough. They aren't.

'Family Guy' has been trying the same thing for years. It isn't that the sketches are seemingly Mad-Libbed into existence - 'Mr. Show', 'Monty Python', and 'Kids in the Hall' took their share of left-field potshots. But those shows brought more to the dialogue than the same catchphrases and traits we already remember. On 'Robot Chicken', Mr. T pities the fool for the millionth time and we're supposed to laugh. Don't be fooled - these aren't 'inside jokes'. If you've kept your eyes and ears open for the last ten years of self-referential popular culture, you'll get 90% of the references. Minimum. Reading the comments, it seems that a lot of people watch this show to catch the references and congratulate themselves. Is that all we expect from a comedy now? Why not just watch your average VH1 special? At least its comedians are funny one out of five times.

Is it edgy? Not by a long shot. Not anymore. 'Wonder Showzen', which could have been a decent couple episodes of 'Mr. Show', is still dragging on with its tired shtick of puppets and children saying calculatedly offensive things. 'Family Guy' is aimed at the kind of audience for whom MY HAIRY AUNT isn't bothersome at all. Who's offended when the Duke boys share a longing gaze? Who thinks the Coreys are sacrosanct? Marvel not at the celebrities fearlessly taking on their public personae... people were jabbing them when they were firsthand famous, and 'Robot Chicken' doesn't even require them to show their faces. It's a chance to grab a bit of attention and an easy paycheck. Almost as easy as tossing a bunch of toys in front of a stop-motion camera and having them fart.

Wit is scarce on this show. The great line delivery of Adult Swim's 'Tom Goes to the Mayor' or 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' is absent, which kills even the most promising of premises. Even 'Sealab 2021', despite its absurdist tendency to stretch silence into laughter, managed a crop of 'what the-?' plots. 'Jonny Quest' was masterfully inverted into 'Venture Brothers', with plots and characters that stand on their own, apart from their sources; 'Robot Chicken' would have effected a homosexual glance between Race and Dr. Quest. Perhaps it already has. I'm not watching anymore.

'Robot Chicken' is a show for people who own the toys and have a fetish for watching them get snuffed, or people who like watching massively popular culture thrown at them for the same jokes again and again. If Seth Green really wanted to entertain us, he should've shown off his precious toys on 'Cribs'.
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Like a strange, action-figure version of Amazon Women on the Moon
unearthlyspectre29 April 2005
I heard about robot Chicken from a classmate of mine, and decided to watch it. There really isn't any way to describe the show to someone who hasn't seen it. Except maybe if they're familiar with Amazon Women on the Moon.

Amazon Women on the Moon is a movie in which you are introduced to a movie, and sometime through the person watching it on TV decides to watch something else, and starts channel surfing. The TV comes back to the movie after some more of the plot has come about. This repeats a few times.

Robot Chicken, I think, based on the opening sequence, is about a chicken who is forced to watch TV, and the channel is changing throughout.

Utterly hilarious. Watch it Sundays on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network), at (I think) 11:15.
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Was this show written by 12 year olds?!
Grey_Waddle_Doo2 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Robot Chicken is one of THE MOST obnoxious shows I have ever had the displeasure of watching. It embarrasses me to say that I actually used to think it was cool. Seriously, this whole show looks like something my little brother would create.

The crap makes use of super-cheap gags (eg: randomly killing people, using the F-bomb), retarded voices that are supposed to be HILARIOUZZ, and jokes that are just so flipping LAME, like lame as in they tried to be so funny but failed miserably (eg: The whole "TERRORISM!!" skit, that retarded green dinosaur going on about playing your PSP or whatever, THE WHOLE SHOW). This show also thinks it's hilarious just because it features popular icons such as Mario, Sonic, ALF, Thunder Cats, and Star Wars (kinda like another retarded show called Family Guy).

I gave the show 3 stars instead of 1 since there were some skits I found pretty funny (The Joker in the Shankshaw Redemption parody, and the bit with Mario and Luigi going to Vice City and then watching that loser character Yoshi get eaten by zombies LOL). So there you guys go, if you want to give any 12 year olds a complete heart attack from laughing so hard, show them this atrocity that the fellow 12 year olds at "Stupid Monkey Productions" (or whatever it was called) have named...RO-BUTT CHICKEN*poop*!!! ... Hey look! I just made a joke similar to those used in Robot Chicken! Yay me! I have what it takes to be a writer for that show!
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Brilliant social commentary and plenty of laughs!
ryan-vangorder26 July 2006
Creators Seth Green (Austin Powers, Family Guy, Idle Hands) and Matt Senreich bring you priceless comedy and social commentary in the form of stop-motion animation. Green uses his extensive knowledge of all things pop culture to create spoofs of everything from Star Wars to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. The majority of characters are shown as familiar action figures (everything from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Transformers, and even Voltron). Fans of classic 80's shows such as G.I. Joe or He-Man will find their favourite characters once again return to life with new demented and funny attitudes. Those providing voices include: Seth MacFarline, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matthew Lillard, Linda Cardellini, Breckin Meyer and more!
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If he can talk, he can party!
geoff-17225 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Robot Chicken is hands down, undisputed, the most entertaining late night stop motion animation sketch comedy show on Cartoon Networks adult swim block of programming between 11:30pm and 11:45pm on Sunday nights.

Without a doubt the most entertaining aspect of the show for me thus far simply has to be the Biography for the shows writer Douglas Goldstein found right here on IMDb.

He'd rather forget about the Beanie Babies and I'm sure that many of us can identify with that.

I'm not sure if this is how these IMDb comments are supposed to go, but I would like to give a shot out to all the guys in the "library", loitering just wouldn't be the same without you guys.

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Somehow, "this suuuuucks" doesn't seem emphatic enough.
murky30326 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the series back when it was funny; which is to say, when they weren't calling the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee for plot ideas. Political satire can be absolutely devastating, but when it's as one-sided as it was in Robot Chicken it gets nauseating - intelligent members of the audience realize they're being played and change channels.

EXAMPLE: Another reviewer said "The only thing that would make me offended by the show is if they made a parody of Hurricane Katrina, but I still wouldn't stop watching the show."

The fact is, Robot Chicken DID do a Hurricane Katrina sketch, when Gargamel dammed the river north of Smurfville, there were dead Smurfs floating all over, and one of the survivors whined "We asked for help, but the King doesn't care!"

Obviously a repetition of the lie that the Federal Government did nothing and offered nothing before, after or during Katrina to the people affected. And if Seth Green or Mr. Senreich had an ounce of objectivity, intelligence or independence of thought, they'd have had Papa Smurf way up in the New Orleans Hyatt Regency Tree refusing all the help the King offered and basically letting 2-3000 Smurfs die so he'd have something to gripe to the press about.

Just one in-depth example of why Robot Chicken began to really SUCK in its second season... all the raunchy satire about Bush and his daughters, and NO sketches about Obama and his very troubling church life, his early friendship with two SDS bomb-throwers... if they really WANTED to push the envelope of political satire, they could have.

Instead, it's pretty clear that beginning in the second season, Green and Senreich decided to gut Robot Chicken and turn it into a propaganda vehicle to help Barack Obama get elected and rape the American middle class. What a damn shame... it started off as a great show,
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Self-indulgent, self-referential crap
vfrickey10 June 2013
This is a clay-mation sketch alleged comedy series whose only virtue is irreverence. Yeah, their irreverence is way cool - for eighth graders.

Eighth graders would have done a better job than "Robot Chicken." It's politically preachy in a way that might have helped American voters make the biggest mistake they've ever made in a Presidential election TWICE.

I didn't mind the wicked sketches about Bush. What was ridiculous was the lack of ANY sort of balance - any recognition that John Kerry and Barack Obama are just as ridiculous in different ways, and just as unqualified to be President of the United States.

Robot Chicken would have done this country a real service if they'd been every bit as caustic and biting about Bush's predecessor, his opponent in the 2004 election, and his successor. Millions of people who lost insurance coverage as the "Affordable Care Act" (THERE'S a joke for you) went into effect would have thanked Seth Green and Matt Senreich if they'd just treated Obama the way they did Bush.

There's plenty of material for wicked, absolutely tasteless humor in Benghazi, Obama's spiritual "God Damn America" adviser (and the press' "nothing to see here, folks" reaction to a Presidential candidate who sat in the pews and lapped up racist vomit spewed from the pulpit of his church FOR 20 YEARS); the sketch about "Operation Fast and Furious" just about writes itself, as does the one about Attorney General Eric Holder getting his cues on how to be the nation's chief law-enforcement officer from the Nixon Administration playbook.

The ultimate Obama sketch would have showed him in Wicked Witch of the West drag giving the Flying Monkeys of the IRS union their marching orders to drag in every Tea Party and conservative organization in the country - and their little dogs, too. But maybe that's over the heads of Seth Green and Matt Senreich.

So... apart from Robot Chicken being a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party, the sketches themselves are the very worst sort of sophomoric humor - actually, I've coined the term "freshmanic" for humor that doesn't even come up to the standard of "sophomoric" Robot Chicken is freshmanic humor, gleaned from the drawings on the covers of the algebra notebooks of every dumb football jock who ever lived.

You can DO irreverent humor that's smart humor. Monty Python showed us how it's done, and they are no fonder of George W. Bush than the makers of Robot Chicken. I like Monty Python, even though their smartassery about American politics has that rotten, left-over from the 1970s smell. They still manage to be funny. And Robot Chicken sort of slouched into a dumb, patting themselves on the back sort of smarminess that just makes you want to puke. They stopped being funny toward the end of Season 1 (and I've watched them through the end of Season 2, when they were just boring, preachy, and insulted the intelligence of anyone who watched).
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