Untold Stories of the ER Poster

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26 Jan. 2018
A fishing lure embedded in a man's face turns out to be the least of his problems; a pair of unconscious teenagers are brought to the ER where dramatic family secrets are revealed; an ER Tech collapses and then refuses traditional medical treatment
2 Feb. 2018
Blackout, Bleedout
Police officers bring in a criminal that is comatose, is he faking or is he in serious trouble? A man found passed out in the snow with no jacket or shoes arrives in the ER and a doctor is faced with a family emergency on her day-off.
16 Feb. 2018
Temperature Rising
An urgent care physician must quickly think outside the box to care for two emergencies at once, a woman with abdominal pains receives an unexpected diagnosis and a yoga instructor has a dangerously high temperature for no obvious reason.
19 Jan. 2018
Can't Stop Itching
A man's itchy rash turns out to be more than just poison oak; a young woman is bleeding profusely from the inside of her lip, but there is no obvious cause; a family of three is admitted as car accident victims, but the doctor makes a shocking discovery.

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