Untold Stories of the ER Poster

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Season 10

1 Jan. 2016
A pianist's finger is accidentally sawed off and missing until his wife and dog come to the ER; a man's pacemaker is killing him, yet keeping him alive; and after his bachelor party, a nurse's fiancé is behaving bizarrely and needs urgent medical care
22 Jan. 2016
Beyond Recognition
A man's face and body suddenly double in size; an ER physician races to determine why a young woman is burning up from the inside out after a day at the beach; a grumpy old man nearly dies before revealing an emotional secret
Who's the Carjacker?
Two unidentifiable victims of a car accident are brought into the ER. One of them is a carjacker but which one?
29 Jan. 2016
Who Shot Who?
A doctor treats three gunshot victims who claim be innocent bystanders but the police want to know who shot who; on his first day on the job, a doctor must perform emergency brain surgery in the ER; a young bride-to-be suddenly slips into a diabetic coma.
5 Feb. 2016
I'm So Dead
A woman stops eating because she believes she is dead; a runner goes blind in one eye during a marathon and takes a detour to the ER; doctors are baffled by an ER tech's stroke-like symptoms, until someone he loves also becomes ill
3 Jan. 2015
Couch Creature
A woman believes her neighbors want to kill her; a man is near death after an arrow pierces his chest; two women with swollen abdomens refuse to explain the cause of their pain.

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