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Season 1

19 Jan. 2005
The peaceful existence of the small New Jersey town of Point Pleasant dramatically changes forever when 17-year-old Christina Nickson is rescued from the ocean by local lifeguard Jesse Parker during a sudden and violent summer storm. Christina is brought to the home of the Kramers. Ben Kramer is a local doctor while his wife, Meg, and their teenage daughter, Judy, take an instant liking to Christina and invite her stay with them as she searches for clues to her past and attempts to find her mother, a Point Pleasant native whom Christina never knew. Meg Kramer is an ...
20 Jan. 2005
Human Nature
Lucas tells Kingston Nickson, the businessman Christina believes to be her father, his part is finished now she's in the town prophesied to be the starting point of unseen evil, her real father shall see to it and her, regardless of her mother's good genes. Christina doesn't believe charming young priest Father Tomas tells her everything about her grandfather Frank who worked in the church till he disappeared in the year of her birth, and gets popular hunk Jesse, who already has the hots for her and knows the way as his mother does the parish administration, to help ...
27 Jan. 2005
Who's Your Daddy?
Boyd keeps working on Amber to make her his accomplice in 'buying the town' and uses his mind-power to make the traffic lights cause Judi having a non-fatal accident, hit by rich prick Preston Hodges who intends to sue Dr. Ben Kramer for his own minor injury, planting enough hatred in Ben's soul to attack him, the light-tower and Christina stop him just before he hits badly. Mother Kramer has irresistible urges to tell her guide tour audience the gruesome historical truth, even about syphilis, and asks her husband sheriff Logan finally to forget her infidelity twenty ...
3 Feb. 2005
The Lonely Hunter
A meteor shower unexpectedly approaching by Independence Day seems to cause strange events, such as a long line for confessions, including a rude infidel telling father Thomas he must commit an unspeakable act, a girl-murder, as God's instrument, before running off. Socialite Amber helps Lucas Boyd buy up Point Pleasant properties and inviting for meteor watching at Lucas's the Parkers and the Kramers, whose marriage she promised to break up. When Jesse refuses to blame Christina for their relationship going sour, let alone to avoid her, jealous Paula dumps him after ...
10 Feb. 2005
Last Dance
Boyd offers to help Amber coordinate a church fund-raising dance marathon in the hopes of sweeping Sarah off her feet and putting some of his past demons to rest. Frequent flashbacks show Boyd, un-aged back in 1934 at a similar dance marathon with his girlfriend, Holly, whom he murdered after finding she was cheating on him. Meanwhile, Meg and Amber's friendship puts Ben on edge as he tries to keep them apart knowing Amber is using Meg to get closer to him. Back at the dance, Boyd and his sinister assistant, Wes, cause more turmoil as they set up the participants ...
17 Feb. 2005
Secrets and Lies
Amber tries to break up Ben and Meg by suggestion. Sheriff Logan Parker knocks a man down just for offering to settle a minor car collision without even exchanging insurance papers as legally required; when Sarah finds out, she tells Lucas, worrying her husband still doubts her fidelity, next the commissioner suspends sheriff Logan after a tip, which he soon finds out to be Sarah's while rudely refusing father Thomas's marriage counseling on her request, yet they make up. When Christina confesses her evil tendencies to father Thomas, he insists they must find her ...
10 Mar. 2005
After a frightened Judy kicks her out of the Kramer household, Christina hops a bus out of Point Pleasant to try to escape her demons only to find a distraught Jesse on the same bus whom is running away after learning that Logan is not his biological father. But they learn that they can't run away from their problems as the hand of fate is behind the wheel when a sudden rainstorm brings an accident. Back in Point Pleasant, Meg's hallucinations grow stronger and she fears that Boyd may be the man of her nightmares. Amber uncovers an unsettling truth about Ben when she ...
17 Mar. 2005
Swimming with Boyd
Christina and Judy take drastic steps to get the goods on Boyd by drugging him and holding him hostage in the Kramer household to roughly interrogate him about why he's in Point Pleasant and what he knows about Christina. But Boyd's wicked ways leave a Point Pleasant local in dire straits, leading to the death of Father Tomas. Meanwhile, Jesse gets a glimpse of his miraculous past of which he survived being mangled by a savage dog. Also, Terry and Paula grow closer, while Meg's grip on reality continues to fade, making her land in a psychiatric ward at the local ...
19 Jun. 2005
Waking the Dead
Father Tomas's funeral allows ma Parker to get back in touch with Jesse, who is the only one capable of stopping Christina from making the celebrating father Matthew work up a rage against 'cruel God' and wonders who Boyd is, who smugly addressed her after the service. Ben discovers Amber has intruded his surgery, makes her confess she took and watched his secret tape and explains it keeps reappearing, however often he destroyed it since Isabelle's death. Terry asks amused Boyd if he may 'do more', hinting at his pa's criminal past and wanting to learn from a master, ...
26 Jun. 2005
Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Choked
Jesse experiences he's invulnerable to fire, but only in Christina's presence, and turns to father Matthew, who convinces him he may be born for a miraculous purpose but shouldn't confide in anyone else. Terry learns Wes isn't quite happy in Boyd's service. Holly, the woman Boyd strangled 70 years ago, is his Achilles-heal, and tries anything to make him suffer; she even convinces Wes to jump over his head in the boss's eyes by taking care of Jesse, the key to controlling Christina, himself: the boy is kidnapped and buried alive. Judi accepts a date with the ...
3 Jul. 2005
Jesse finds himself in the hands of the seven Christian zealots lead by father Matthew and 'captain' Graham, including Nick, who claim only Jesse can help their covenant prevent the Apocalypse starting in Point Pleasant by killing the Antichrist, Christina. Gentle Jesse seems to agree, but runs and knocks them all down without killing anyone, then gets Terry to give him the keys of his dad's car and promise to tell nobody he's going to hide in the Burkes hunting cabin. However Christina was hiding in the backseat, takes control over the car supernaturally but obeys ...
9 Sep. 2006
Mother's Day
Now Jesse has abandoned her, Christina turns to Boyd, who claims to be the last one who wants to save her life. Shattered now his father is gone, and fearing he's dead by now, Terry tells Boyd their deal is off, but is ordered to stay and do his part. Amber's intervention isn't Lucas's fault and who else can the kid turn to? Meanwhile, Jesse has turned to the Believers, promising to do their work that night, after seeing some people, he goes to stepfather Logan, who can't get any answers about the epidemic of disappearances, now including Jesse's. Father Matthews who ...
9 Sep. 2006
Let the War Commence
Feeling betrayed by everyone, Christina finally embraces her dark side as the Antichrist and angrily confronts the Kramers at their home and holds them hostage, torturing them with physical and mental mind games, and to await Jesse's arrival while Boyd also arrives to make an impression. Meanwhile, Logan gets a lead on the missing townspeople whom are being held by Graham, Father Matthew, Anne and the Believers covenant at St. Martin's church where they are to be part of a ritual sacrifice, Sarah included, to give Jesse the power of invulnerability to kill Christina. ...

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