V for Vendetta (2005) Poster

John Hurt: Adam Sutler



  • Sutler : I want this country to realize that we stand on the edge of oblivion. I want every man, woman and child to understand how close we are to chaos. I want everyone to remember why they need us!

  • Sutler : [actor on Deitrich's show]  Ah! Warm milk, there's nothing better.

    Gordon Deitrich : I understand you enjoy a glass every night, chancellor.

    Sutler : [the real chancellor watches, holding a glass of milk]  Since I was a boy.

  • Sutler : What we need right now is a clear message to the people of this country. This message must be read in every newspaper, heard on every radio, seen on every television... I want *everyone* to *remember*, why they *need* us!

  • Little Glasses Girl : [camera follows many BFC trucks delivering packages to front doors all over London]  I'll get it.

    BFC courier : [at Finch's door]  Eric Finch?

    Finch : Yeah.

    Finch : [opens box: One of V's Guy Fawkes masks is inside, along with a spare costume]  Bloody hell...

    Finch : [at police HQ]  How many went out?

    Dominic : So far we count eight box cars: several hundred *thousand* at least.

    Finch : Christ.

    Sutler : [cut to shot of little girl playing in street wearing V's costume]  I want anyone caught with one of those masks arrested!

    Convenience Store V : [man wearing a V mask is robbing a convenience store]  Give me the money! Give me the fucking money!

    Dominic : [police HQ: all phones are ringing off the hook]  We're under siege here, the whole city's gone mad!

    Finch : [dawning realization]  This is exactly what he wants.

    Dominic : What?

    Convenience Store V : Anarchy in the UK!

    [fires gun into air] 

    Finch : Chaos.

  • Sutler : Gentlemen, I want this terrorist found... and I want him to understand what *terror* really means.

  • Sutler : My fellow Englishmen: tonight our country, that which we stand for, and all we hold dear, faces a grave and terrible threat. This violent and unparalleled assault on our security will not go undefended... or unpunished. Our enemy is an insidious one, seeking to divide us and destroy the very foundation of our great nation. Tonight, we must remain steadfast. We must remain determined. But most of all, we must remain united. Those caught tonight in violation of curfew will be considered in league with our enemy and prosecuted as a terrorist without leniency or exception. Tonight, I give you my most solemn vow: that justice will be swift, it will be righteous, and it will be without mercy.

  • Sutler : Tonight, I will speak directly to these people and make the situation perfectly clear to them. The security of this nation depends on complete and total compliance. Tonight, any protester, any instigator or agitator, will be made example of!

    Dascomb : [clearing his throat]  Chancellor, there is a contingency that has not been addressed.

    Sutler : And what is that, Mr. Dascomb?

    Dascomb : Should the terrorist succeed...?

    Sutler : He won't.

    Dascomb : I understand that it is highly unlikely, but if he does...?

    Sutler : If he does, and something happens to that building, the only thing that will change, the only difference that it will make, is that tomorrow morning, instead of a newspaper, I will be reading Mr. Creedy's resignation!

  • Sutler : Every day, gentlemen. Every day that brings us closer to November. Every day that man remains free is one more failure. 347 days, gentlemen. 347 failures!

    Creedy : Chancellor, we do not have the adequate force...

    Sutler : [shouts]  We are being buried beneath the avalanche of your inadequacies, Mr. Creedy!

  • Sutler : Spare us your professional annotations, Mr. Finch. They are irrelevant.

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