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‘The Elephant Queen’ Review: Apple’s Kid-Friendly Nature Doc Offers a Necessary Corrective to ‘The Lion King’

Whereas Disney’s hollow digital cash grab offered a soulless simulacrum of the African continent’s animal kingdom — one that somehow felt anthropomorphized and utterly alien in equal measure — this kid-friendly nature doc takes the opposite approach, cutting four years of stunning vérité footage into a cute story about the circle of life.

Its best moments reveal a rich spectrum of natural expression that embarrasses the limits of photo-real animation, and make it seem as though Disney was insulting life itself by even trying to recreate it out of code. While horizon-expanding shows like “Planet Earth” have made this degree of access and precision feel somewhat de rigueur, Deeble and Stone’s documentary stands out for its narrow focus and incredible tenacity.

The movie sticks with the same herd for long enough that young viewers can appreciate their plight, grow connected to these “characters,” and even see their own families
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The Walking Dead Season 9 Recap: The Story So Far

Louisa Mellor Sep 30, 2019

With season 10 imminent, here's a recap of what happened last time on The Walking Dead. Spoilers ahead...

This Walking Dead article contains spoilers.

The Walking Dead season 9 was all about the battle to achieve Carl’s dream of rebuilding civilization and the many set-backs that threatened that ideal. It started with the symbol of an unfinished bridge and ended with a mysterious radio signal hinting at the wider world.

There was a mighty time-jump - first of eighteen months, then of six years. In that time, the community leaders fell out for reasons undisclosed, and Sanctuary and The Kingdom fell into disrepair, perhaps forever. Now only Hilltop and Alexandria remain.

With the threat from Negan neutralized, a new big bad arrived in the form of Samantha Morton’s Alpha and her group of Whisperers – living people wearing the skins of Walkers and travelling inside herds, steering them like cattle from within.
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Brazilian drama ‘Pacified’ wins top award in San Sebastián

Brazilian drama ‘Pacified’ wins top award in San Sebastián
The Endless Trench’ picked up four prizes.

Brazilian production Pacified (Pacificado) by Us director Paxton Winters won the top award at the San Sebastián International Film Festival, at the ceremony held on Saturday, September 28.

With Darren Aronofsky as a producer, the film is set in a favela in Rio de Janeiro.

The jury, led by Irish filmmaker Neil Jordan, also awarded Pacified the Silver Shell for best actor to Bukassa Kabengele and the Jury prize for best cinematography to Laura Merians.

Paxton Winters, a reporter and filmmaker, got to know life in the favelas he portrays living there before he tackled Pacified.
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Toronto Film Review: ‘Mosul’

  • Variety
In June 2014, the Iraqi city of Mosul fell to Isis (also known as Daesh or the Islamic State). A joint-forces campaign to reclaim it began two years later and ended with the re-establishment of Iraqi control of the devastated, decimated city in July 2017. Matthew Michael Carnahan (brother of Joe and screenwriter of “The Kingdom” and “Deepwater Horizon”) picks through the debris of that campaign of barely two years ago for his directorial debut, “Mosul,” a well-made but troublingly generic war-is-hell pulse-pounder that inevitably prompts the question: How recent is too recent when it comes to turning a theater of war into pure theater, pure Hollywood spectacle?

The past is supposed to be another country, but 2017 feels barely an exploding city block behind us. And most of us can probably still recall that part of the horror of the Mosul campaign, which was described in vivid detail in a 2017 New Yorker article by Luke Mogelson,
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The Russo Brothers on ‘Mosul’ and the Sony, Marvel Spider-Man Breakup

  • Variety
The Russo Brothers on ‘Mosul’ and the Sony, Marvel Spider-Man Breakup
The Russo Brothers are using the clout they earned from directing “Avengers: Endgame” and several other Marvel movies to get some interesting projects off the ground. Take “Mosul,” a jittery, intense thriller about an elite group of Iraqi soldiers facing off against Isis in a bombed-out city. There’s little about the film, which relies on a cast of unknown actors, all of whom speak only Arabic, that screams blockbuster.

“We know it’s unconventional,” said Anthony Russo, who, along with his brother Joe Russo, produced “Mosul” through their company Agbo. “But we hope that the global cinema market is open to new ideas and excited by new ideas.

“Joe and I want to use the capital we’ve built up to help films like this find an audience and get made,” he added.

There were other risks involved. Matthew Michael Carnahan had written the scripts to hits and notable
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‘Mosul’ Review: Anthony and Joe Russo Present an Intense but Impersonal Actioner About Fighting Isis

  • Indiewire
‘Mosul’ Review: Anthony and Joe Russo Present an Intense but Impersonal Actioner About Fighting Isis
It’s often said that specificity is the key to making something feel universal. It’s much less often said that universality is the key to making something feel specific. Matthew Michael Carnahan’s intense, relentless, and undeniably visceral “Mosul” — which takes both of these approaches at the same time as if trying to flank the truth from each side — provides all the evidence you’d ever need as to why that might be the case.

A true enough story inspired by Luke Mogelson’s 2017 New Yorker article “The Desperate Battle to Destroy Isis,” “Mosul” is essentially about a renegade Iraqi police unit who disobey orders and push towards the heart of darkness in order to save what’s left of their beloved home city. It is, so far as this critic can tell, the most accurate dramatization of an anti-Isis street fight that has ever been committed to the screen.
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‘Mosul’ Film Review: Russo Brothers Produce an Action-Packed Tale of Fighting Isis

  • The Wrap
There may be few directors with more one-for-them, one-for-me chips to cash in than Marvel’s in-house brothers, Joe and Anthony Russo. Which makes sense, of course. When your last two movies cleared nearly $5 billion at the global box office, you begin to develop a thing called clout.

Now with both “Avengers” films in the rearview mirror, they’re making good on some hard-won sway — in this case, producing screenwriter Matthew Michael Carnahan’s directorial debut, the ripped-from-the-headlines war drama “Mosul.”

On paper, “Mosul” does indeed sound like the kind of project that could use a few patrons willing to take risks. Adapted from a 2017 New Yorker article about an elite Iraqi Swat team taking the fight to Isis, this is an Arabic-language film without a single recognizable performer, set entirely in the concrete remnants of a bombed-out city. The major studios aren’t exactly rushing to make those.

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Endgame Directors Tease Arabic-Language Follow-Up Mosul

  • MovieWeb
Endgame Directors Tease Arabic-Language Follow-Up Mosul
The minds behind Avengers: Endgame are preparing for the release of their first film post-Marvel, Mosul, which premieres in Venice this week. The documentary-style movie is based on a New Yorker article titled, "The Avengers of Mosul," and the Russo's are striving for authenticity in all things: location, cast, even language.

Mosul is a true story about an elite Iraqi Swat team made up of Iraqi citizens who faced loss or injury at the hands of Isis. The emotional story follows the team as they fight back against the terrorist group in order to put an end to the attack and oppression of their homes. It strives to give a visceral look into their relentless pursuit and the terrible struggles they go through and the loved ones they've lost.

The film is produced by Joe and Anthony Russo through their Agbo production company. The brothers are self-proclaimed "news
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The Avengers Of ‘Mosul’: Anthony & Joe Russo’s ‘Endgame’ Follow-Up Is An Arabic-Language Producing Passion Project – Venice

  • Deadline
The Avengers Of ‘Mosul’: Anthony & Joe Russo’s ‘Endgame’ Follow-Up Is An Arabic-Language Producing Passion Project – Venice
Joe and Anthony Russo might have chosen to rest on their laurels for the rest of this year, having turned Avengers: Endgame into the highest grossing movie in cinema history. Instead, they continue to develop projects at their new studio, Agbo, which is financed to tell the kind of stories they have always been attracted to: disparate narratives of many different sizes and scales, but all of them connected to the human experience.

The first such project to release since the madness of Endgame’s launch will be Mosul, which makes its world premiere in Venice this week. Directed by Matthew Michael Carnahan, the film is based on a New Yorker article—aptly called “The Avengers of Mosul” when it appeared in print—about an elite Iraqi Swat team who fought back against the rise of Isis, with each of their number having faced loss or injury at the hands of the terrorist group.
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World War Z Writer Shares His Original Idea for Canceled Sequel [Exclusive]

Alas, we're probably never going to see World War Z 2. Paramount scrapped the long-in-development sequel back in February and there is no indication that the project will be rescued at any time, at least not in the near future. With that, it's hard not to wonder what could have been. Thanks to screenwriter Mathew Michael Carnahan, we at least have an idea of where things may have gone, in a slightly alternate universe.

For those who may not know, World War Z is based on a best-selling book by Max Brooks. As a movie, it went through a lengthy development process. Mathew Michael Carnahan, who has written movies such as The Kingdom and Deepwater Horizon, was brought on to do a major rewrite at one point. He helped shape the movie into what we ultimately saw in theaters.

I recently had the chance to speak with Mathew Michael Carnahan on
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‘Ring of Honor: Mass Hysteria’ Review (July 21st 2019)

  • Nerdly
Welcome to this review of Ring Of Honor: Mass Hysteria, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have the second card of the weekend from Roh. Manhattan Mayhem was quite good, so my hope is that Mass Hysteria is just as good, if not better. Okay, let’s see if this all came together or not.

Match #1: The Briscoes defeated The Bouncers – Ring Of Honor World Tag Team Title Match

My Opinion: 1.5 out of 5 – The Briscoes did fine here, but this just wasn’t much of a match. Going around ten minutes, this felt like a bowling ball landing on your foot and only hurting half as much as you thought it would. The Bouncers leave a lot to be desired, but they do have ability, so seeing them falter is unfortunate. I bet if this had happened in a bar this would have been a fun one,
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‘Ring of Honor’ Wrestling Review (July 14th 2019)

  • Nerdly
Welcome to this week’s Ring Of Honor review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have a big six-man tag team match for our main event, so don’t touch that $#@!&%? dial.

Match #1: Roh World Television Champion Shane Taylor defeated Rhett Titus – Proving Ground Match The following is courtesy of

If Titus defeats Taylor or lasts the 15-minute time limit, he will receive a future shot at Taylor’s title. Titus’ unorthodox behavior frustrated Taylor in the early going, but Taylor soon began to brutalize him. Titus rallied, and he had Taylor reeling after nailing him with three successive running kicks in the corner. Titus hit a Samoan Drop for a two count. Taylor shook it off and hit a knee to the face and a devastating headbutt for the win.

My Opinion: 3 out of 5 – This was a nice match that had a
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Mariano Barroso Shoots Basque Conflict Origins Story ‘La Linea Invisible’

  • Variety
Mariano Barroso Shoots Basque Conflict Origins Story ‘La Linea Invisible’
Irun, Spain — When- and why – do people begin to kill for a cause?

Having created “What the Future Holds,” maybe the best reviewed to date of any Movistar + Original Series, Spain’s Mariano Barroso (“The Wolves of Washington”) tackles this question head on in “La Línea Invisible,” a six-part series, again from Movistar +, focusing on the first assassination perpetrated by Basque terrorist org Eta – of José Antonio Pardines, a humble civil guard, on June 7 1968. 828 further Eta murders were to follow.

“La línea Invisible” marks the second Movistar + Original Series to shoot this year, after “On Death Row,” based on true events, as Movistar +, the pay TV arm of Telefonica, Europe’ second biggest telecom, focuses ever more in its Original Sries on the recent – or contemporary – history of Spain, enrolling some of the greatest Spanish actors. The stars of “La Línea Invisible” are examples: Antonio de la Torre, a recent Spanish
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‘Ring of Honor’ Wrestling Review (July 7th 2019)

  • Nerdly
Welcome to this week’s Ring Of Honor review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have a big Roh World Title Match. Also, have you ever seen that movie “Stay”, directed by Marc Forster? That thing freaked me out. It was cool. Oh, this show is cool too! Okay, I’ll stop before I fall off a cliff. Let’s get right into the action, here on Roh TV.

Match #1: The Kingdom (Tk O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia) defeated The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brawler Milonas) The following is courtesy of

Bruiser hit a cannonball off the apron that took out both Kingdom members. Later, The Kingdom isolated Bruiser. Marseglia planted Bruiser with a tornado Ddt for a near fall. Bruiser answered with a double reverse sidewalk slam on Marseglia and O’Ryan. Milonas went for a superplex on O’Ryan, but
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‘Ring Of Honor’ Wrestling Review (June 30th 2019)

  • Nerdly
Welcome to this week’s Ring Of Honor review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have a wild match or two from a league that is having a hard time making this year into a success. Let’s see if this show comes together all right.

Match #1: Pco defeated Jay Briscoe by disqualification The following is courtesy of

Not surprisingly, the fight spilled to the floor, where Briscoe backdropped Pco onto the edge of the apron. Back inside the ring, Pco hit Kryptonite Krunch for a near fall, and a cannonball off the top rope for another near fall. Pco connected on a cannonball through the ropes to the outside. Briscoe halted Pco’s momentum by dropping him ribs-first on the guardrail. Briscoe then sat Pco in a chair outside the ring and delivered a running crossbody. Later, Pco set up for a moonsault,
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The Walking Dead Comic: Best Moments

Alec Bojalad Jul 3, 2019

The Walking Dead comic has come to an untimely end. Here are some of the best moments from the book's 193 issue run.

This Walking Dead article contains spoilers for the comic series.

The Walking Dead is over. It seems strange to type that but it's true all the same.

Though the franchise lives on in multiple TV shows, movies, games, and books, Robert Kirkman's comic book series that started it all has called it quits with Issue 193. You can read us process the ending over here. But for now perhaps its best to remember all the good times rather than just the end.

Gathered here are some of (though not nearly all) of the best and most impactful issue from The Walking Dead's 193-issue run. From Rick's awakening to Rick's...sleepening, here are our picks for The Walking Dead's best and most memorable moments
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Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Paz Vega, Emile Hirsch, Jeremy Piven & More Star In Neo-noir Thriller ‘American Night’

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Paz Vega, Emile Hirsch, Jeremy Piven & More Star In Neo-noir Thriller ‘American Night’
Golden Globe-winner Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Emile Hirsch, Paz Vega, and Golden Globe and Emmy-winner Jeremy Piven will star in American Night, a neo-noir thriller helmed by first-time film director Alessio Jim Della Valle.

Written by Della Valle, the plot follows Michael Rubino (Hirsch) who has just become the Don of the New York Mafia, but his greatest dream is to devote his life to painting and become a great artist. John Kaplan (Meyers), an art dealer, may feel like his life is in shambles, but he still has the best eye for spotting fakes in the world. Their paths, apparently distant, cross when Andy Warhol’s Pink Marilyn is stolen, setting off a series of unexpected events that upend their lives.

Vega will play Sarah,
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Avengers: Endgame Directors Will Oversee, Possibly Direct Upcoming MGM Remakes

MGM is in the process of remaking its iconic catalogue of movies. And now, in an inventive new deal, Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo have been brought into godfather the whole enterprise. The two brothers are being described as 'spiritual creative architects' as MGM sets out to rebuild its cinematic empire with titles that are familiar to most movie fans and film buffs.

MGM has made a multi-movie deal with the Russo's Agbo Films, one that is non-exclusive. The two partners will co-develop, co-produce and co-finance a slate of upcoming projects that currently includes a remake of The Thomas Crown Affair and Rats of Nimh, both of which have long been in development.

The Thomas Crown Affair will be the first movie going forward in this deal, which has had Black Panther and Creed star Michael B. Jordan attached for quite some time. He will be producing
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‘Avengers: Endgame’ Helmers Joe & Anthony Russo’s Agbo To Godfather Remakes Of MGM Library Title IP

  • Deadline
Exclusive: MGM has made an inventive deal with Agbo Films partners Joe & Anthony Russo that will see the Avengers: Endgame helmers essentially become the spiritual creative architects of some of the iconic properties in the MGM library. They’ve made a multi-film non-exclusive creative partnership to co-develop, co-produce and co-finance a slate of projects.

The deal can extend to projects originated by Agbo, but the driving force behind this is that they will creatively steer the refurbishment of the classic library titles. The first film projects to be produced through the partnership includes a re-imagining of The Thomas Crown Affair, which long has had Michael B. Jordan attached to star and produce through his Outlier Society banner. That one could end up directed by the brothers, who love the Steve McQueen-Faye Dunaway original. The next crack at the script will be taken by Matthew Michael Carnahan, the writer whose credits include Deepwater Horizon,
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Thornton, Edgerton, Perkins, Maras and Hyde among nominees for Adg Awards

Sophie Hyde, Rachel Perkins.

Warwick Thornton, Garth Davis, Joel Edgerton and Anthony Maras have been nominated for best direction in a feature film budgeted at $1 million or more in the 2019 Australian Directors’ Guild Awards.

So Sweet Country, Mary Magdalene, Boy Erased and Hotel Mumbai will compete in the awards to be announced on Monday May 6 at the City Recital Hall in Sydney.

In the new category of best direction in a feature budgeted below $1 million, the nominees are Christopher Kay (Just Between Us), Donna McRae (Lost Gully Road), Dustin Feneley (Stray) and Jason Perini (Chasing Comets).

The nominees for best direction in a TV or SVoD drama series episode are Rachel Perkins (Mystery Road series 1), Nash Edgerton (Mr Inbetween series 1), Tony Krawitz and Emma Freeman.

Jeffrey Walker (Riot), Daina Reid and Shannon Murphy (On The Ropes) have been nominated for best direction in a TV or SVoD miniseries and telefeature.
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