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Season 16

22 Jul. 2019
Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel find out his Jewish ancestor was accused of fraud at a time when being Jewish, was seen as an outsider though out Europe hate speech was on the rise. He's grandfather on his mothers side owned a jewelry shop in London and after fire his grandfather was main suspect making him feel like there was not was out he wrote a note and took his own life. He also follows up on Irish ancestry.
29 Jul. 2019
Naomie Harris
On a journey from Trinidad to Grenada to Jamaica, Naomie learns of an ancestor's involvement in the exploitation of so-called 'liberated Africans' shortly after the abolition of slavery, discovers the identity of her African five-times-great grandmother and uncovers a tale of poverty in Kingston, Jamaica.
5 Aug. 2019
Jack and Michael Whitehall
The origins of his familial wealth resulted in the discovery of a rich businessman who had adopted his great-grandfather after his father died in an Trap (carriage) accident and his mother died of syphilis and was classed a lunatic. Their great grandfather not a Whitehalls but Thomas Jones Phillips was an anti-democratic Conservative Party members determined to squash working-class rights of the welsh. His ancestor was part of a Conservative movement that prevent the working classes leader John Frost (Chartist) from earning the right to vote and helped bring down the ...
12 Aug. 2019
Kate Winslet
Kate finds out her she has Scandinavian heritage and they come from Sweden and her great great great grandfather Andrew johns son was found guilty of stealing potatoes for food and had previous of stealing beehive. He was sentenced to being whipped for his crime by the whipping never took place due to his death. His son however did not follow his path but trained to become a tailor and moved to London for work. On her mother Irish side a grenadier guards drummer called William colquhounin worked at Buckingham palace and he become major and gave out punishment whipping...
19 Aug. 2019
Katherine Ryan
Ryan discovery she is more Canadian than she thought and that she has three generation in Canada and says she looks nothing like the male ancestor as that boat has sailed. They then show her paintings of two of her relatives in Nova Scotia, cod traders in Newfoundland and links direct to Dorset and a pub called the ship which has since been renamed.
28 Aug. 2019
Paul Merton
Paul's grandfather's death shocked his gran goes in to early labor, she lost the baby and her life - leaving Paul's mum an orphan but Paul discovered his grandfather fell in to a canal with suspected heat attack. Paul looks in to his English father Albert's side and finds out they were singers and played banjo buskers on the streets of London in Victorian times and a street disagreement was accused of assault involving a banjo and was imprisoned. on his mothers side, his grandfather quit the British Army and joined the IRA even sending back his army medal, he was part...
4 Sep. 2019
Sharon Osbourne
Sharon follows the story of her grandparents discovering what they got up to during wartime and she traces the steps of her great grandparents as they settled in America and how tragedy brought her grandmother to England.
11 Sep. 2019
Mark Wright
mark finds out his grandfathers family come from Spain and quotes marbs got carbs or something from only way is Chelsea. the historian then tells him he was related to a sword fighter and he gets a sword lesson. The story then tell us how his relation was tortured during Spanish inquisition because of his Jewish faith.

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