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Total tearjerker... and I still fell for it...
sukapesta9 May 2006
Having watched so many Korean movies and dramas that end with someone having a terminal illness (Autumn in My Heart, I'm Sorry I Love You, remember those?) I thought I'd discovered all the tearjerker tricks... Nothing, however, could have prepared me for this one... Unlike the previous deals, the illness doesn't so much kill you physically as it does mentally, and trust me, that is much much worse... First of all I'd like to commend the screenwriter for hitting the right spot with the first half... I thought the history between the couple is presented really well... I don't know why some people think it's too fast-paced cos it is possible for people to fall in love and get married in that amount of time, and I thought the use of elliptical editing was just right, not so excessive that you feel like you're seeing a trailer... The second half is the one that I think felt a little bit rushed, but the story is so mesmerizing that honestly you don't really care... And Cheol-soo is one heck of a husband, I don't know if I'd ever be able to do what he did (and let me warn you girls, that guys like Cheol-soo exist only in movies)... And I didn't think the ending was ambiguous, more like open-ended... The last scene is guaranteed to make you shed buckets... The cinematography is beautiful, as others have mentioned... They did a lot of close-ups with both characters in the same frame, which I think is really endearing... And also panoramic shots of the land where they wanted to build their house which were beautiful... My favorite thing, however, is the soundtrack... The Spanish songs are right on target but my absolute favorite is when they played "Nessun Dorma!" from Turandot (my favorite aria of all time) during the wedding scene... I cried, and it wasn't even the sad part yet... All and all, fabulous, fabulous movie... 10/10
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Top par Romance
hasaangilani8513 March 2005
I'm not the kind of guy who likes a Romance movie very often. To be honest there have been only a few movies before this in the genre which I thought were great. Enter "A Moment to Remember" (unofficial English title) which swept me away with it's amazing characters, decent story and tear jerking tragedy romance. Though the film is definitely has a lot of commercial elements to it, it still has a certain charm that is lacking in today's Hollywood films. The story may be simple but its the direction that is well done and sets the pace nicely. I also loved the musical score in the movie which was very well done especially during the last scene when its about to end.

Simply an amazing movie though not perfect is right up there in my top movie list in this genre. A solid 9/10.
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A moment I'll never forget!
sylviamaye19 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I always find myself wondering why, during movies, people cry when no one has died or been hurt. I think it's idiotic and ridiculous that there is all this tear shed over a scene or scenes that are either just melodramatic or plain stupid. Well last night I became one of those idiots. There was nothing melodramatic or stupid about this movie. I can't ever remember crying so much while watching and after a movie. My mom thought that my boyfriend had broken up with me, I was blubbering so much.

I believe I shed a few (forced) tears after the Notebook, but I think that might have been because I didn't want to seem like a heartless jerk for not showing enough emotion during a movie everyone else had cried at. This story is nothing like the Notebook, albeit, the prescribed disease was the same. The acting was phenomenal! And the story...hang it up mister, you'll never find another story so simple and yet with so much emotion behind it. A simple cup of rice had me bawling in my bed because of the premise behind it. It represented a HUGE turning point for both of the characters.

The ending got me most. Three simple words never sounded so beautiful. A Moment to Remember will definitely be recommended to my friends and family.
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ardentay17 August 2005
This is another great production from Korea. Korea have really made a name for themselves producing love stories just like A Moment To Remember. Son Ye Jin absolutely suited the role which was to be played and so did Jung Sung Woo. At the beginning, he was seen as an arrogant man with little feelings, and yet the way Son Ye Jin taught him the way to love and treasure life was so touching. Until tragedy struck for her, it was a great movie. It was love at its highest level. I would recommend this movie to anyone in this world. Even to those who dislike draggy love movies, this movie teaches a lot about treasuring your loved ones before its too late. An absolutely great production. I Love this movie. Watch It!
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Life, death, happiness, grief, come together in a magnificent production.
jooyoonchung15 November 2007
"A Moment To Remember" is one of just a handful of movies that made tears come down my face. Life, death, happiness, grief, come together in a magnificent production, with brilliant acting, especially by Woo-sung Jung, splendid cinematography, and a wonderful soundtrack. Some criticism might be levied against the film for it taking some liberties with reality, but I'll leave those for the nit-pickers to gaggle over. As with any foreign film, there are small things that fill out the film for those familiar with the culture and language. This film was wonderful not only on its merits as a film, but also as a reflection of Korean culture. Excellent film - most-highly recommended.
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Best romantic movie ever!
Lysia19 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I stumbled upon this movie a few weeks ago and as i love Korean horror movies i said "what the hell let's see what they can make in a romantic movie"..and i was amazed...i can honestly say that this may be the best romantic movie i have ever seen in my life. Great plot great ending not to mention the acting..Woo-sung Jung is absolutely brilliant. I cry every time i see the movie and trust me i've seen it several times. Even my boyfriend was full of tears when the movie ended and he never cried to a movie before. All in all i recommend this movie wholeheartedly it makes u think about how short life is and for those who compare it with "A walk to Remember"..all i can say is shut up it's waaaay better then that stupid movie..
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love is a free for all or none at all
Reiko_953 June 2008
i always used to think that love is a stuck-up bitch that bites you in the ass when you least expect it. this movie made me go back on that belief and think about it twice before going out in a blaze of glory thinking the worst. this one is a real tear jerker by the gallon, goes to show that koreans are far better than indians in my opinion in the gender. i don't usually shed tears when watching a love story but this movie can lighten and bring down on its knees even the most ruthless, cold hearted, insensitive soul. i watched this movie last night and i was tremendously impressed with the story mainly because it is one of those rare stories where something like this can happen. i mean alzheimer, come on, it's pretty damn serious and it's one thing when you have no one to care about you and another when due to the illness lives of your loved ones are practically ruined. i watched the notebook prior to watching a moment to remember in the same day but the effect that the notebook had vs this movie, PALES. A moment to remember will make you cry big time no matter how much you try opposing it no matter how macho and insensitive you think you are, YOU WILL CRY guaranteed. if you don't believe a word i'm saying or if you think this is B.S, watch the movie and when you get to the middle and the beginning of the second half and throughout the end, you will see my point.the story is well developed, not too slow and not too fast, the perfect pace for such a dramatic film, no plot holes at all and excellent acting, which shows the actors took heartedly to the story. it's the kind of story that makes you feel sorry for one of the main character and the kind of fate that you would never wish upon anyone, because it is irreversible. instead of having alzheimer, we'd all be better off dead, no matter how much our loved ones suffer. it's you you have to think of first in such a given situation and not them, no matter how selfish it may or may not seem. peace all !! and

enjoy this wonderful piece of cinematography.
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A Moment to Remember Rocks
ghajiniblue10 September 2009
What can I say? it's one of my favorite movies. It has everything: love, romance, action, sorrow, and happiness. hero & heroine of this film have wonderful chemistry together, and it shows. It makes you feel like you want to become a better person, and not be so selfish, self-centered, and makes you realize that there more important things in life.

This movie is so indescribable and unique.I have seen it many times. I will admit that I am a hopeless romantic and I love to watch these types of movies.

I think that it is so romantic and so beautiful and i think that the movie was made very well
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The best movie!!!
monish394520 April 2012
The best movie i have ever seen....hands down!!! One can easily connect to the story for it is so natural and you are bound to cry at times. The main credit goes to the actors. Son Ye Jin was ecstatic as Su Jin. She has a very cute and innocent face that she perfectly fits into the character. The director has made a smart move by selecting her to portray the character that was cute at the initial stages and required some serious acting skills towards the end. Son Ye Jin has given more than her 100 per cent to get into the skin of the character. The scene where she asks Jung Woo Sung to reunite with his mother and he refuses, she did a fabulous job. The scene where she knows the truth about her disease and asks her Jung Woo Sung if he wants to have a baby, she was simply amazing. Both these scenes are completely contrasting. The former is an emotional scene and the latter is something which is really hard to describe as it consists of mixed emotions. She came out with flying colors in these both scenes. These are a testimony to her acting prowess.

Jung Woo Sung was good as well. He did a great job by portraying himself as a rough carpenter and he fits the bill. The most important thing that needs to be mentioned here is the chemistry between the two actors. It was out of the world. They seemed like real life pair and in each every scene it was like we are seeing a pair next door. The director also needs a special mention as he did an amazing job by working on the screenplay and the chemistry between the actors with a script that has nothing new in the store. Hats off to him!!! Even the background score was good. The camera work was mind blowing. Subtle and simple especially in close up shots,the guy has got some serious talent.

On the whole it is movie worth watching which is like an oasis in a desert of meaningless movies!!!
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A Moment to Remember!
WoofenMiaw6 November 2005
Beautiful Son Yae Jin (The Classic) and handsome Jung Woo Sung (Musa - The Warrior, Mutt Boy) share A Moment to Remember! Su-Jin (Son Yae Jin) and Chol-Su (Jung Woo Sung) meet under seemingly average, normal circumstances. Su-Jin is exiting an affair with a married man, and Chol-Su is working for Su-Jin's father as a carpenter, and when they finally meet it's as if it was meant to be. Their love is affectionate and their marriage as close to perfect as can be...but is fate truly that kind? Su-Jin surprisingly contracts Alzheimer's disease, and the tragic struggle they face both threatens and strengthens their love. But for how long? As Su-Jin's memory begins to leaves her, the disease they face may turn out to be too much for even a love as strong as theirs… A Moment to Remember is the latest representative of Korea's stunningly popular tragic drama genre, and features two of the region's brightest stars. Son Yae Jin shines as the tragically afflicted Su-Jin, and Jung Woo Sung brings photogenic cool to the role of the supportive and loving Chol-su. This 2-DVD set of A Moment to Remember comes with various extras, including filmmaker commentary, and a Director's Cut that restores nearly 30 minutes of extra footage!
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Pure sad love
user-786-53035111 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I love this movie so much.I don't know how many times I cried in the climax.

I think that the most sad scene is when Su-jin writes a letter to cheol-su and she apologizes about her mistakes.Poor cheol-su when su-jin forget his name and calls him in her ex-boyfriend's name.

I like cheol-su character because he is kind and not abandons but help su-jin about her Alzheimer's decease.

There are similar Korean movies or novels like this one (the main cast get Alzheimer or someone die of decease or die of traffic accident) but I like all of them.Pure love is best one.
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A very truthful portrayal of reality
aiki-nodle-soup26 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The reasons I've decided to write a review for this movie is not only because it is one of my favorite movies, but because I would like to point out the fact that it's not just a tearjerker.

The plot is quite simple: a man and a woman who are married, and the woman has a very rare case of the Alzheimer's disease. Hence, you know she will be dying, since there still isn't any cure for this disease, and the movie was shot in 2004.

The events which occur in the movie could be misleading in the sense that they could leave you with the feeling that it's just another very sad and emotional Korean dramatic movie, with beautiful moments and captures, and a heartbreaking ending. And while those events capture our hearts, we forget that the main issue that this movie is trying to display is the problems of the Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's disease is exactly the title of the film: "An eraser in my head". You can't do anything against it, you can just slow it down. Your memories will eventually all disappear, from the most recent memories to the oldest ones. You lose all knowledge, all identity, until you are nothing inside anymore. And the worst part of it is that you don't even know what's happening to you, so even if it awakens old wounds that hurt you, you'll be healed the next day since you would have already forgotten about what was left in your mind the previous day.

The movie focuses on a 28-year-old woman who bears a very rare case of the Alzheimer's disease, which runs in her family. It shows how much it is painful for the people who are close to her to accept the fact that she is gradually forgetting about them, about her life, about everything. Not only is she losing her own identity without even realizing it, but they are losing their identity towards her. The situation is cruel because she's so young, but it would've been the same with a cast of 60-year-old people.

The movie is so realistic because it shows how much the people around her are hurting, and they can't even blame it on her since it isn't her fault. And that's the underlying problem of Alzheimer's disease.

So yes, it's a sweet, beautiful and heartbreaking movie, but for the people who are actually in the same situation, it points out that you should keep faith in the person who is sick, that if they forget about you, it's not because they didn't care about you, but because they can't help it. And it can get really hard for the people who are close to the person who bears the disease.

I believe that's the most important message we can get out of this movie. It is truly a must-see.
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I am blown away, literally
dexelex3 June 2012
First of all, I would like to mention that I'm a 19 years old medium-tough boy and I last cried like this when I released our grown up domestic rabbits in the forest with my mum a decade ago.

If you are already reading this and you haven't seen this movie yet, watch it as soon as possible because if you're a human being, it is worth it, what is more, a REAL must watch. Although, make sure you have at least one roll of toilet paper or a lot of tissues. Plus, some water in case of dehydration.

Now let's be serious, this movie is not just about love, how beautiful or sad it can be. The movie itself is a highway to heaven, and hell, at the same time. True love with true agony. However you will not cry as much as I did if you don't understand the deeper meanings. You may notice some kind of existential nihilism in it, the very very sad possibility that the life we know is pointless to us, which can actually be true if we dare to change our point of view to a more uncomfortable one.

The actors and actresses, the scenery, the music, the story, the direction, the ending are beyond perfect. Every minute of this movie is well-spent. That's it.

In the first part you will laugh many times. Then... Don't worry, whatever your ideas about the movie were before, the story will absorb you and you won't be able to control your feelings, you are gonna find yourself howling and giggling in the same time.

So all in all, this movie is among the best.(It may have actually taken place in the top 5 in my Top List. I have to fight down the stress first to decide objectively.)
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This movie is great.
le132127 June 2008
Cheol-Sue (Woo-sung Jung) is a carpenter. Su-jinn(Ye-jinn Son) is Cheol-Sue's boss's daughter. They got married and lived happily. But Su-jinn became Alzheimer's. Since then, their life became breaking...

This is a Korean movie. I like Korean movie, because It's expression is straight and easy to understand. I cried to see this movie. If I were Cheol-Sue, I could't help going mad. I think the pain of forgetting dearest is so strong. And I do not want to lose memories that I spent with dearest,family,friends... I came to think of happiness of health. This movie make people think about Alzheimer's. Please see this movie and think about Alzheimer's.
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Fabulous heat touching movie, MUST WATCH ! I wish I could talk to someone about this...
storesmyfile8 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie, 1.made me create the an account here for speaking out my mind which I couldn't resist. 2.made my eyes water so much and I've not still recovered the hang from this movie even after 1 week of watching it as I write this review. The only other movie which had such an effect on me was 'Schindler's List'.

First, I'd love to say that the casting couldn't be more perfect. The chemistry between the actors are so perfect. Ye-jin Son, you just can't get enough of the aura she lets out with her smile. A 'childlike innocence'(not to be confused with 'childishness') is a quality anyone will notice in her which makes this movie more closer to your heart.

The movie really makes you think how devastating it would have been for people who had to undergo such situations in life. The point to be noted is that its not the patient, but the loved ones who are affected more.

I loved every moment of the movie to the core. Still I have 3 moments which still keeps hitting back on me: 1. The scenes in 2nd half where the Ye-jin Son suddenly gets back her memory and feels so sorry for forgetting her husband and writing a note to him explaining how much she loves him. The dialogue script in that scenes is so perfect and it really made my heart race! 2. To the end, Woo-sung finds Ye-jin Son in a care-home. When he comes close to her, the camera focuses onto a few sheets of paper on which she is 'trying' to draw a picture of her husband's face from her fading memory, sadly not recognizing that the person standing in front of her is the person she is trying to draw! 3. To the end, Woo-sung re-creates the situation by which they met trying to help Ye-jin Son recall her memory!

Fabulous movie, I have no words! Sorry for letting out such a verbose note.
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Seeing it for the first time, 6 years after it's initial release
freshmatrix22 January 2010
A Japanese friend told me one of her favorite Korean movie's title was eraser something... in the head...

Later she emails me with the English title, 'A Moment to Remember'. Just finished seeing the movie.

Although it was made 6 years ago, many aspects of this movie feels fresh and beautiful.

I will confess that I indeed cried.

(for the first time in a long long time...)

This movie is now two of my favorite Korean movie. Other one is My Sassy Girl.
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Totally Enchanting Romance
sain1129 June 2005
This review is based on the Directors Cut of A Moment to Remember so I am not sure how different this may be from the theatrical release. However, this is by far the best drama/romance I have seen in recent years. The concept, story, and script are original, subtle and very thought provoking.

The cast is superb, lead by a devastating performance by leads SOHN Je-jin and JUNG Woo-sung, who capture the extreme emotional ranges of their characters amazingly.

Director John H Lee has certainly got a lot of talent. Every shot in this film is beautiful and rich, the cinematography is great. This visual flair (which is unusual for a romance film) enables the viewer to easily get absorbed into the film.

It takes a lot to get an emotional response from me, but this film sure did. If you are looking for a great romantic drama that is uplifting and heartbreaking in equal measures then this is the film for you.
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Love In Tough Situations
Desertman8428 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A Moment To Remember provides the mature viewer a perspective of how sad a relationship can become especially in trying times and how love can become stronger between couples in times of illness and suffering.

It is a story a young 27-year-old young woman named Su-jin,who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease after marrying a carpenter who works for her father's company. Familial Alzheimer's is extremely rare and may occur among those aged 30-60 years. But, as the name implies, it is hereditary. And although the youngest documented case was 28 years old, in "A Moment to Remember" to have come down with this form of dementia at the tender age of 27 is about as likely as her CEO father allowing her to marry a carpenter.

While both late-onset and familial AD are progressive illnesses that may last for up to 20 years or so, slowly developing from simple forgetfulness and mild depression, to full-blown loss of recognition and almost complete dependence on others for all daily tasks, familial AD, may also progress very quickly, with sufferers dying within a year. So it looks like Su-jin may just be one of the unluckiest people in the world.

This movie features two of the region's brightest young stars led by the popular and attractive Korean actress superstar,Son Ye-jin as the young woman and the equally popular Jeong Woo-sung as the carpenter, the film is built on the premise that it is possible for someone so young to become stricken with an "old person's disease". Both share great chemistry in this film.

Overall,I consider A Moment To Remember,The Classic and My Sassy Girl as the best Korean movies out of the more than a hundred that I have ever seen so far.This is definitely the best.No doubt about it.
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Bittersweet Ending
evan-buntoro15 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
My grandpa suffered from Alzheimer's before his passing and the symptom shown in the movie is similar to his. The letter scene absolutely broke my heart. The girl loved her man so much however she decided to leave because of her guilt. The ending is bittersweet because it was the first time the man said "I love you" but he realised it is possibly the last time the girl would remember (hence probably the reason he did not look too excited when she hugged him). A must watch indeed!
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Mesmerizing...MUST WATCH...like NOW... This movie is powerful, convincing, endearing, heartbreaking and amazing!
rlamboycaraballo31 August 2018
I first saw this movie almost 10 years ago...today was a rainy kinda lazy day so I decided to watch it again (honestly, I've re-watched this movie more than 5 times). As always 'An Eraser in My Head' makes me bawl like a baby and grab my chest just like one of the scences with the husband (Jung Woo-Sung. THAT is how PERFECT his performance is. You feel what he feels....the anguish, the fear, the hopelessness, the anger, the denial, the despair...but mostly you feel the pure, genuine, all-giving love.

Also, Son Ye-Jin.... WOW WOW WOW. How se manages to portray the transition and development of her character is truly perfection. She even makes you feel that she is someone close to you. THAT is why I've seen this movie so many times...because no matter how many times I see the same heartbreaking or endearing scene, it still makes me feel the same way.

Anyway, the story is so touching and the chemistry between them feels so real you can't help but cry for them and because of them.

It's true that the movie can feel lengthy, but there are so many beautiful shots of the scenery plus THE SOUNDTRACK (exquisite) makes you wanna capture every scene.

Finally, the essence of this movie lies in all of the small details. There are scenes in which something very subtle (like a gesture, a quote, a conversation), either teaches you something about life, or makes you realize the true power of a deep genuine love (yep, went there, cheesy af I know).

PS: I guarantee this...even if you are a cold-hearted human with no empathy or ability to feel emotions, this movie will touch your black heart so hard that it will make you cry.
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Movie with a different argument, directed and acted with the soul.
pincel31 December 2005
I am Korean and admit that I do not like the movies that do in my native country. But this time takes me a surprise. Everything points to be one of the deepest movies that I have seen, and I am not a critic without essentials. The direction is very well, the script is excellent, and the performance is outstanding. I cannot believe that there being so simple romantic, coarse and awkward movies as " Lost in translation ", this movie so notable does not find gained awards. Regrettably here we have a clear example of the weight of the massive mass media, I believe that this tells that although the time should happen the movies do not improve. Only I can say to them that they should look to believe...
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so special
lacheephyo4 August 2006
all i want to say is that this is the very first movie, as far as i can recall, that makes my eyes full of tear! i mean that.

both main actors did a really good job in carrying through the film. one criticism to son ye jin is that even though in the last part of the movie she's suffering from Alzheimer's disease, she still wears lady shoes and has nice clothings rather than decent hospital ones. if this Asian film could have changed some minor imperfections, it could have won more awards than it has. so sad that people likes cheap drama like full house and Rain(Bi) and Song Hye Gyo won many awards for that, while son ye jin and the actor in this movie ( i don't remember his name though) doesn't seem to be recognized by any award.
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A movie to remember..!!!
kasshyappatnaik-ek10 June 2013
A Master piece

Most Romantic Film Ever made, Cried like a baby.

Plus Points:-

* Screen Play * Lead Actors Performances * Background Music * Cinematography * Romantic Scenes


* Some Drawback scenes in Between..

The main plot of the movie is a love story between a couple...the story starts with the flash back episode of Cheol-su and Su-jin describing how they fall in love besides the previous affair of su-jin and a bad childhood to cheol-su...and the story continues with some good performances and script...i can't reveal the rest of the story....

Well, I think no one should miss this movie... MUST WATCH
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One of the best Korean movies I have ever seen
adigelunar5 June 2013
Do we lose our souls when we lose our memories ? This saying was what effected me. And I thought about it till the end of the movie. As it is told in the wedding ceremonies 'in the good and bad days ' This movie shows that. Jung Woo Sung loves So Ye-Jin so much that he tries everything to help her when she got ill. And she lefts him one day for fear of forgetting him... What made me cry while watching is that So Ye-Jin says ' Am I in heaven ? ' when she went to the place that they first met and remembered some things.

This movies shows that one should never give up and should do his/her best for the special one.
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sirc_zurc01422 January 2011
I can't say anything in this movie except one thing, AMAZING! Amazing acting, (specially woo-sung Jung) Amazing cinematography, amazing script (most of the line are unforgettable), amazing casts in short Amazing STORY!, super heavy drama. You should watch it; it is one of a kind movie. I can't help myself from crying. I can't imagine how cruel this story in real life. I hate myself for watching it just now. I will surely recommend this movie to my friends. I really love woo-sung Jung. A brilliant actor! I will not forget the day I watched it, because it is the day i realized how to love someone in all his/her complications. And the day i realized how to be happy in a cruel life.
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