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  • A Korean love story about a young couple's enduring love, which is tested when 27 year old Sun-jin is diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer's disease.


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  • A heart broken girl probably would like get the bitter past erased, but what if it happened on a 27 years old woman. In A Moment to Remember, the young couple Sui Jin and Cheol-soo struggled in combat with the fatal Alzheimer which was ruining their marriage step by step. Cheol-soo could save Sin Jin from a bitter past, but who could be their savior in flight with losing the memories, love and life? Betrayed by the married man, Sui Jin left the tickets at the train station. When she came across a build laborer Cheol-soo at the gate of a shop, she had his cola, without knowing his name and the future that he was her real soul mate.

    The relationship between memory and love has been deeply explored and examined in this love story which makes it a bitter one. However, if you have already bored with Korean tear jerker, you will be surprised and moved by the depicting of touching moments in the couples daily life. The movie is brilliant in building a perfect marriage life between two young Korean couples that any Asian girl would have dreamed of. The story touches your heart by the little sweet and exciting details of how they fall in love and the happy marriage.

    On a summer night, at an outdoor stand of a vendor, when Sin Jin took off a cup of strong hot Korean wine, Chelo-soo sealed her mouth by kiss. Their relationship started. Although born in a low class family, Chelo-soo was a charming guy to well educated Sui Jin. He palyed a tricky poker game and won her sweet kiss.Having finished the examination of architect, he in her handmade suits walked out of the building, she, waiting for him for a whole day, smilied sweetly at him "Did I asked you not waiting for me?" Even waiting seemed wonderful to a woman in love. After they get married, one time she hadn't remebered the boiling water until she walked out of the bathroom after showering and ran to turn off it. But Cheol-soo didn't blame it on her. He smiled and unsnapped her bathrobe to check if she had finished bathing cleanly. Sui Jin was as shy as a little girl. He loves her tenderly. Soon he purchased a set of new furnitures to her in order to prevent her from hurting by cooking. Moreover the virtue of self sacrifice driven by the unconditional love is fully showed in the figures. When Sui Jin was informed of the disease, she kept it a sceret and only released her pressure and suffering in the cry at the toilet. One day he hugs her in arms having a nap. She finally asked him that, what about if she quited the job, had a baby and became a housewife. He was a little bit surprised, but he happily agreed. When he was forced to play the joker game again, she cried out and left the couch. The game had not changed, neither did he. But she was going to forget all of these. "Why did you tell her the turth!"Question at the doctor, Cheol-soo finally found out the cruel fact of his adorable wife.Their marriage was tested by the disease which is eating her memories. When he was leaving for work, she called her ex-boyfriend's name Seo Yeong-min and said, I love you. He replied, me too. Closed the door, he cried out. Who does she really love? When the memories were erased, would love also disappear? He was ashamed of his doubt when he read the confession letter left by Sui Jin on the table. In a short time of gaining back sane memory, she wrote the letter and left the family.

    In the end, he visited her in a hospital and brought her back to the Familymart shop where all her families and friends loving her showed up. She asked him, Is it the paradise? Chelo-soo drove her on the way heading to the sun.

    After watching this, probably even peaple who are torturing by being disappointed in love, would not erase the memories. Although the memories are past, they were our life and love. (By AmyLoa)

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