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Film review: A Moment to Remember (2004) by John H. Lee

“A Moment to Remember” is undoubtedly something that should be remembered. John H. Lee gave us with this film one of the best romantic stories translated to the big screen. A tremendously emotional movie as well directed as it is performed, with a fabulous script co-written by the director himself and by Yeong-ha Kim. The story gets the viewer excited to what is being narrated, until reaching a final act where it is impossible to back away the tears.

A Moment to Remember” is screening at Florence Korea Film Fest

Su-Jin (Son Ye-jin) is a young woman who has had a bad adventure with a married man and just left him. Spending time, she meets a salaried worker from her father, Chol-Su (Jung Woo-sung), with whom she will start a beautiful love story. Everything is beautiful, until something unexpected will put their lives and their relationship to the test

From the first moment,
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Florence Korea Film Fest (21 to 29 March) has unveiled the Programme.

The 17th edition of the Florence Korea Film Fest is opening its doors to the public. The festival dedicate to the South-Korean cinematography will be held from March 21st to to the 28th at Cinema La Compagnia in Firenze, Italy.

As explained by the Festival organisers: “The aim of the Florence Korea Film Fest, is to promote the seductive Korean cultural universe through the magnifying glass of the big screen, art exhibitions and conferences”.

Unique in its kind throughout Italy, the Festival, offers premieres and contemporary classics, documentaries, short films, and extensive retrospectives of the leading directors of Korean cinema, often with the participation of the authors themselves.

The 17th edition of the Festival will present 45 titles, between shorts and feature films, most of them in Italian and European premieres.

Jung Woo Sung, one of most beloved performers in his country (and also in Japan) will be honored by a
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Trailer for Upcoming Korean Movie “Witness” by Lee Han

Not to be confused with the thriller “The Witness” which released earlier this year starring the excellent Lee Sung-min, director Lee Han’s newest film takes a more dramatic approach to the story of a witness to a crime.


Soon-ho is a poor lawyer who takes on the case to defend a suspect in a murder case. While working on the case, Soon-Ho meets Ji-woo, who is the only witness in the murder case and she has autism.

After the lukewarm response to tentpole blockbuster “Illang: The Wolf Brigade”, Jung Woo-sung is back as Soon-ho. This will be his first drama since 2016’s “Remember You”. Fresh from the trials of hell in both the “Along With the Gods” films as well as a critically-appreciated turn in indie hit “Youngju”, Kim Hyang-gi joins Jung Woo-sung as Ji-woo, which might be her most artistically challenging role to date. This is the
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John Hurt Remembered by Mel Brooks, Guillermo del Toro, Edgar Wright and More

John Hurt Remembered by Mel Brooks, Guillermo del Toro, Edgar Wright and More
Beloved British actor Sir John Hurt passed away at the age of 77 after battling pancreatic cancer. The two-time Oscar nominee had over 200 acting credits to his name, including “Alien,” “V for Vendetta,” “The Elephant Man,” the “Harry Potter” franchise, and most recently Pablo Larraín’s “Jackie.”

Following the announcement of his death on Friday, his Hollywood peers and friends paid tribute to him on social media, sending their condolences and remembering the great times they’ve had together, as well as his incredible filmography.

Read More: John Hurt, ‘Alien’ and ‘The Elephant Man’ Star, Dies At 77

Mel Brooks, who worked with Hurt on “The Elephant Man” and “Spaceballs,” tweeted that he was “a truly magnificent talent” and that “he will sorely be missed.”

It was terribly sad today to learn of John Hurt's passing. He was a truly magnificent talent.

Mel Brooks (@MelBrooks) January 28, 2017

No one could have played The Elephant Man more memorably.
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Reign Of Assassins and The Lost Bladesman Debut on Digital and DVD November 1st

Two exciting, action-packed Martial Arts movie debut on DVD this week from Anchor Bay Entertainment and The Weinstein Company: Reign Of Assassins and The Lost Bladesman.

“‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ relocate to ancient China in the dazzling martial-arts epic “Reign Of Assassins

–The Hollywood Reporter

Reign Of Assassins is an epic Mma Battle Produced by John Woo & Directed by Su Chao-Pin and Starring Michelle Yeoh. It arrives on DVD, Digital HD & On Demand November 1

Michelle Yeoh (Babylon A.D., Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend), Jung Woo-Sung (The Good, The Bad, The Weird; A Moment to Remember, The Warrior) and Xueqi Wang (Iron Man 3, Bodyguards and Assassins, Warriors of Heaven and Earth) star in Reign of Assassins, the exciting martial arts thriller produced by the legendary John Woo (Mission Impossible: II, Face/Off, The Killer), arriving on Digital HD & On Demand and on DVD from
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“The Truth Beneath” Opens the 11th London Korean Film Festival 2016

The London Korean Film Festival (Lkff) 2016 celebrates it’s 11th year of bringing the best of Korean cinema to the UK. The festival will be in London from November 3 to 17 followed by a tour of UK cinemas.

Lkff will head out to Glasgow, Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham and Belfast. Fans can expect an excellent line up of films highlighting the best of South Korean cinema.

The Truth Beneath

For this year’s Opening Gala the festival is pleased to unveil the European Premiere of director Lee Kyoung-mi’s powerful thriller The Truth Beneath. Actress Son Ye-jin (The Pirates, A Moment to Remember) gives her finest performance to date in the role of Yeon-hong, wife of politician Jong-chan (Kim Ju-hyuk – Yourself and Yours) who’s about to embark on the biggest campaign of his career. Joined by their daughter, Min-jin, the trio appears to be a picture-perfect family until their world
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Josh Hartnett Closes In On ‘The Last Draw Of Jack Of Hearts’

Josh Hartnett Closes In On ‘The Last Draw Of Jack Of Hearts’
Josh Hartnett continues to book gigs post-Penny Dreadful. The actor is in advanced negotiations to star in The Last Draw of Jack of Hearts, an indie espionage thriller from writer-director Guy Moshe. If the deal makes, Hartnett would start filming on the pic in Italy in March, after he wraps A Moment to Remember. He would play Jack, the former top dog of an elite mercenary outfit, who is shot in the back and left for dead during a covert operation in Africa. He returns to…
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Watch The First Teaser For Korean War Blockbuster ‘Operation Chromite’

Director Lee Jae-Han (A Moment to Remember) brings Operation Chromite that MacArthur characterized as a 5,000-to-1 gamble — one of the most successful amphibious operations in military history — to the big screen.

Inspired by actual events during the Korean War, a story of heroic Korean troopers who, commanded by General MacArthur (played by Liam Neeson), carry out the code-named Operation Chromite and contribute to turn the tide of the Korean War and liberate South Korea from the North Korean invaders.

Star of Assassination and New World, Lee Jung-Jae features as a South Korean navy lieutenant and Lee Beom-Soo (The Divine Move) as an elite Soviet-trained North Korean officer.

Operation Chromite is set for a wide release this July through Korea’s leading distributor Cj E&M.

Check out the first teaser trailer below!
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Liam Neeson-Stars In Korean War Blockbuster ‘Operation Chromite’ Poised To Premiere

Directed by Lee Jae-Han of A Moment to Remember (2004), Korean war action film Operation Chromite rounds out its cast with Hollywood star Liam Neeson, who plays the role of U.S. Army General Douglas MacArthur.

Set during the 1950s Korean War, the plot concentrates on heroic Korean troopers who, commanded by General MacArthur, carry out a covert mission X-ray that leads the code-named Operation Chromite, and contribute to wrest control of the Korean War and liberate South Korea from the North Korean invaders.

The film also features Korean-Japanese Mma fighter Choo Sung-Hoon as a North Korean soldier, Korean heart-throb Lee Jung-Jae (Assassination, 2015 and New World, 2013) as a South Korean navy lieutenant and Lee Beom-Soo (The Divine Move, 2014) as an elite Soviet-trained North Korean officer.

Lee Jung-Jae and Lee Beom-Soo previously worked together on Oh! Brothers (2003) and City of the Rising Sun (1999).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film has notched
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Remember You aka Don’t Forget Me ( Jung Woo-sung ) – Trailer


Seok-Won (Jung Woo-Sung) lost 10 years of his memory after a car accident. He now has trouble identifying his family, friends or even himself. For some reason, he is afraid to know about his past. An afternoon visit to the hospital, leads him to sit directly in front of a woman in tears. The woman is Jin-Young (Kim Ha-Neul). Eventually, Seok-Won falls in love with Jin-Young. As the couple prepare for their future, Seok-Won’s past slowly begins to emerge. (AsianWiki)

Director : Lee Yoon-jung

Cast : Jung Woo-sung, Kim Ha-nel

The plot kinda sounds like ‘A Moment to Remember‘ but in reversed ….


Movie Discussion (English Subs)
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John Woo still planning on producing a remake of The Killer

  • JoBlo
Back in 2011, a 3D remake of The Killer was announced, and at the time A Moment To Remember's John H. Lee was set to direct it with Jung Woo-Sung (The Good, The Bad, The Weird) in the lead role, with original director John Woo serving as a producer. Obviously that version didn't happen, but during a recent conversation with Screen Daily at the Tokyo International Film Festival, Woo said it will... Read More...
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Busan: Mirovision launches sales on ‘Third Way Of Love’

  • ScreenDaily
South Korean sales agent Mirovision has launched sales on Korea-China co-production The Third Way Of Love, directed by Korean filmmaker John H. Lee (A Moment To Remember).

Korea’s Sm Contents Investment is financing the film and it is being produced by China’s Hs Media Investment Co., Ltd. and Pegasus Media.

The tragic love triangle story stars Song Seung-heon as the heir to a huge corporation and Crystal Liu as a woman who has just gotten through a painful divorce.

“We’re concentrating on this and our other Korea-China co-production My New Sassy Girl,” says Mirovision CEO Jason Chae.

Directed by Cho Keun-shik, the sequel to pan-Asian hit My Sassy Girl is currently in post-production and waiting to pass the censorship board in China. It’s aiming for a spring 2016 release.

Mirovision has in production the latest animation from Ahn Jae-hun and Han Hye-jin Han, the directing duo who were in Busan and the Annecy International
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Liam Neeson to play U.S. war hero in Korea's 'Operation Chromite'

  • ScreenDaily
Liam Neeson to play U.S. war hero in Korea's 'Operation Chromite'
Taken star Liam Neeson is set to play Us Army General Douglas MacArthur in John H. Lee’s upcoming Korean War film about the Incheon Landing Operation.

Operation Chromite will centre on eight Korean war heroes who carry out a covert operation preceding the Incheon landing which changed the tide of the Korean War, allowing South Korean and Un allied forces to retake the capital of Seoul from the invading North Korean army.

Taewon Entertainment head Jeong Tae-won told Yonhap news agency it plans to start production in late September with a budget of $12.7m (KW15bn). Neeson will travel to Korea for the shoot.

Lee is known for directing the hit tearjerker A Moment to Remember (2004) and 71 - Into the Fire (2010), a film about South Korean student soldiers during the same war, which Taewon Entertainment also produced.

The Seoul-based company has also produced films such as Return Of The Mafia, Three Kingdoms – Resurrection
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Liam Neeson To Play General MacArthur In Korean War Pic

A Moment to Remember (2004) and 71: Into the Fire (2010) director John H. Lee is set to helm Korean War pic Operation Chromite and the first cast member to join the project is none other than Liam Neeson, who will play General MacArthur.The film, which has been greenlit with a 15 billion won ($12.73 million) budget, will focus on the Battle of Incheon, a turning point in the war. On September 15th, 1950, Un forces launched a surprise attack, landing in Incheon and driving out the North Korean forces.Taewon Entertainment, which has produced modern Korean classics such as Lee Myung-se's Nowhere to Hide (1999), confirmed the casting earlier today and revealed that the film would go into production later this year with a planned...

[Read the whole post on twitchfilm.com...]
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Son Ye-jin to star in Huayi’s Bad Guys

  • ScreenDaily
Son Ye-jin to star in Huayi’s Bad Guys
Korean actress Son Ye-jin as been cast in Huayi Brothers’ Bad Guys Always Die (working title), which will be executive produced by Korean filmmaker Kang Je Gyu and China’s Feng Xiaogang.

Son will star opposite Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin in the story of a young Chinese man and his friends who visit Korea’s Jeju Island and get into trouble after meeting a mysterious Korean woman.

Produced by China’s New Power Film and backed by Huayi Brothers, the black comedy will be directed by long-time Feng Xiaogang collaborator Sun Hao. Shooting will take place entirely in Korea.

The film marks the latest in a string of recent China-Korea co-ventures – Huayi Brothers previously co-produced family adventure Mr Go with Korea’s Showbox. Korea’s Cj E&M is currently enjoying a huge hit with the Chinese-language remake of Korean comedy Miss Granny.

Kang Je Gyu’s credits include Korean blockbuster Taegukgi and more recently My Way (2011), while
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Casting: 'Zombieland' TV Replaces Eisenberg and Breslin; Katherine Heigl Finds 'A Moment to Remember'

— There's plenty to like about The Sessions: iron lung sex, John Hawkes, William H. Macy, "a reminder that we must be kind to one another." Director Ben Lewin is already set on his next project, as reported by the Playlist. He'll be remaking the 2004 South Korean film A Moment to Remember about a couple struggling through the effects of Alzheimer's disease. The movie was actually based on Japanese television drama Pure Soul, and last we heard about the remake was 2008 when Erin Brockovich writer Susannah Grant was attached to the project. THR doesn't indicate if that's still the case, but Lewin did tackle his own screenplay for The Sessions, so things may have changed. The biggest news, however, is that rom-com darling Katherine Heigl has...

Read More
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Katherine Heigl To Star In A Moment To Remember (Yep, Another Romantic Drama!)

Surprise, surprise, Katherine Heigl is set to star in another romantic drama titled A Moment To Remember, which comes from director Ben Lewin (The Sessions). And here’s an interesting description of the whole thing – the movie will be based on a Korean film inspired by a Japanese TV show! What the hell…? Here’s an explanation from THR: the project is based on a Japanese TV series called Pure Soul broadcast on Yomiuri TV. In 2004, it was turned into a successful Korean film produced by Cj Entertainment and Sidus Fnh Corporation. What a relief! Anyway, Katherine Heigl comes on board to play a fasion...
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Page and McCarthy Plan Directorial Debuts and Tom Hardy Set for Real Time Thriller, 'Locke'

1.) Ellen Page plans to make Miss Stevens her directorial debut and has Anna Farris attached to star as a teacher who chaperones a group of high schoolers to a state drama competition. Julia Hart, who also wrote the upcoming Hailee Steinfeld/Olivia Wilde Civil War drama The Keeping Room, is penning the script. Variety 2.) Melissa McCarthy will co-direct the New Line comedy Tammy with her husband Ben Falcone (Air Marshall Jon from Bridesmaids). The couple also co-wrote and will produce the pic. McCarthy was already attached to star in the pic when original director Beth McCarthy-Miller backed out of the job. The studio reached out to Rob Reiner, but the two parties couldn't reach a deal, so they turned to their star because they'd hate to miss their window to work with such a hot commodity. The film follows a woman who hits the road with her hard-drinking grandmother after
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Katherine Heigl Shares ‘A Moment To Remember’ With The Sessions Director Ben Lewin

As Katherine Heigl becomes less and less relevant in the film industry with each passing year, the perpetually rom-com actress looks finally ready to ditch that scene for a more cerebral fare, one that might finally start the tide turning in her favour.

The Hollywood Reporter says Heigl has smartly pitched herself to the romantic drama A Moment To Remember, Ben Lewin’s next project, the director who led Helen Hunt to a Best Supporting Actress nod in the highly-regarded The Sessions. No doubt with Awards recognition of her own on her mind, Heigl will play a fashion designer (no seriously, it’s not one of those movies again) who is stricken with a rare disease that is eroding her memory, forcing her husband to try and give her one last memory of the love they have shared.

The film would be a remake of a 2004 South Korean film of

Katherine Heigl To Star In 'A Moment To Remember' A Remake Of A Movie Based On A TV Show For 'The Sessions' Director Ben Lewin

Though “The Sessions” didn’t turn out to be the awards contender many predicted -- Helen Hunt’s nod for Best Supporting Actress notwithstanding -- when it premiered last year at Sundance, it still impressed a hell of a lot of people and now its director has already set-up his follow-up film. THR is reporting that “The Sessions” helmer, Ben Lewin will remake the 2004 South Korean film “A Moment To Remember,” itself based on the Japanese TV series “Pure Soul.” Described as a romantic drama, Lewin has nabbed none other than rom-com-queen Katherine Heigl to star as the “fashion designer who is stricken with a disease that wipes away her memory, forcing her husband to desperately try to give her one last memory of their love.” So yeah, get a box hankies ready. Now, while the combination of Heigl and this kind of treacly premise turns us off, we’re
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