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Lucy Punch: Darla



  • Darla : [seductively]  I'm a naughty little schoolgirl...

    Barry : You look a little old to be a schoolgirl.

    Darla : I need to be punished. I cheated in class. Don't you want to be my school teacher?

    Barry : I'm really not qualified I work for the IRS.

    Darla : [winks]  Not tonight...

    Barry : No, all the time. I work...

    Darla : Ok, ok! You work for the IRS and I have been very, very bad. I haven't paid my taxes and I need to be spanked, NOW!

    Barry : Well, that's really not the way it works, you probably just have to pay the difference, plus interest...

  • Darla : I'm a naughty schoolgirl!

    Barry : You look a little old to be a schoolgirl.

  • Tim : Julie.

    Müeller : I thought this was Julie.

    Julie : Nope. I'm Julie.

    Barry : They are both Julie. Julie and Julie.

    Julie : Susana thought you were gonna lose your promotion if I didn't show up today. Look at your. You had a replacement all lined up.

    Darla : Yeah.

    Tim : No, no, no. This is a huge misunderstanding.

    Barry : Let me explain. This is Darla. She's a naughty schoolgirl who cheats on her taxes. I didn't know whether you were gonna come today, so I brought Darla to keep things running smoothly. Very important potential client.

    Julie : That clears that up. Yeah. Thank you.

    Darla : Darling, you're embarrassing yourself.

    [pulls up engagement ring] 

    Darla : It's over.

    Julie : She's really quite a catch, Tim. Congratulations.

    Tim : No! Julie...

    Julie : [shakes hands]  Nice to have met you. He's very crafty.

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