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Well thought out story with action component
lamoviefan15 April 2008
Really enjoyed this film.

The characters and dialogue helped to bring this story to life. I thought it was a love story with an action twist. It was refreshing to watch a protagonist whose journey was fully thought out by the writer. Being able to watch Ray transform from his down and out beginning without getting heavy handed was nice. It helped that Norman Reedus was good in the role. The movie does not fall apart at the end like most films seem to.

I wasn't surprised to see that the writer also directed the film. Beautifully crafted with nice cinematography. I recommend this film.
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Sometimes funny, sometimes brutal, but always sincere...
envydesign9 April 2008
This movie is a fresh and wild look into Russia. It has quirky humor and offbeat characters, is engrossing in its visual style, and Norman Reedus is terrific as an American fish out of water. The Russian ensemble cast - especially Slava Schoot as the violent but lovable character Dolphin - is exceptional. It exposed me to locations and people I have never seen before on screen and its subtle plot twists held my interest throughout. There is a love story amidst the violence with the beautiful character Maya (Xusha Buravsky) which brings sensitivity to the movie. And, the soundtrack of Russian musicians is tight.
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A Complete Mess
claudio_carvalho11 April 2014
The American computer hacker Ray Perso (Norman Reedus) is arrested after releasing money from the ATMs to the people just for fun. He is sent to a hospital to be treated of computer addiction but the Russian mobsters Vasya (Konstantin Yushkevich) and Dolphin (Slava Schoot) rescue him from the hospital and bring him to Russia. Soon he learns that the former accountant of his mother is a lord of the Russian Mafia and asks him to commit a fraud in bank accounts and embezzle the money to his bank account. Meanwhile Ray meets the single mother Maya (Xusha Buravsky) in a brothel and they fall in love with each other.

"Moroz po kozhe" is a complete mess with an unbelievable story. I saw this movie because of Norman Reedus, who performs the archer Daryl Dixon that is my favorite character of the series "The Walking Dead". Unfortunately the story is awful and corny. His character Ray is a computer hacker that is arrested and sent to a six-month period in a hospital to be treated as a computer addicted in a ridiculous premise. Then two dangerous Russian strangers rescue him from the hospital and take him to Russia. If Ray had been sentenced to a long sentence and could speak Russian, the premise might be acceptable but that is not the case. Then there is a corny romance with a woman that works in a brothel and they fall in love with each other. The conclusion with Ray without any money in a foreigner country with Maya and chased by two governments is a complete nonsense. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Operação Moscou" ("Moscow Operation")
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Saw a screener of Moscow Chill
producermanbob26 November 2007
A sexy, edgy, action filled package. Bad ass Russian gangsters meet street smart, American computer hacker (Norman Reedus - Boondock Saints), throw in a hot Russian brothel and a bear... what more could you want? A great ride. Excellent casting choices in Norman Reedus (Ray) and Slava Schoot (Dolphin), both talented, intense actors, as well as beautiful Russian newcomer Xusha Buravsky (Maya). A writer/director worth keeping your eye on.

Written by Chris Solimine (The Odyssey) and Andrei Konchalovsky (Runaway Train, Tango & Cash). Moscow Chill is Solimine's directorial debut.

Solimine and Konchalovsky also teamed for the highly anticipated, 2008 holiday film "Nutcracker- The Untold Story", starring Elle Fanning, John Turturro and Nathan Lane.
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kayuga19 April 2008
It was very intriguing watching a new movie produced by the famous Konchalovsky (Runaway Train, Tango and Cash)

The first 15 minutes are interesting, then trouble begins: ridiculous dialogs, unreal situations etc... Inconsistent, unrealistic plot made in superficial picture of post-Soviet Russia. It looks like tabloid-quality scenario with same ridiculous "bad" and "good" guys...

The main character appears being bored, just trying to fight his sleep throughout most of his appearances. The soundtrack is OK.

Movies like Moskva, Gruz 200, Bumer seem to be infinitely more subtle in giving a portrait of the Russian past and of the reality without being naive or politically engaged. Really very disappointing.
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Worth The Hype
KissesBeckiSue10 August 2008
A great find, this movie was. I saw the enticing trailer via sites like you tube and my space and was more than excited to see it.

The plot was well developed and certainly believable, the cast was superb, and the setting was beautiful.

The images of Russia, from the Hotels, to the skylines, to the prison, to the country-side, were all breath taking and served to invite the viewer into Russia to experience its darkness and beauty.

A wonderful performance by the entire cast. Norman Reedus brings a charm to a convict role that is very much endearing. Slava Schoot, although begins the film as pseudo villain, ends up winning over the audience as a lovable character. Xusha Buravsky not only holds her own on a nearly all male cast, but is beautiful and engaging the entire time. And let's not forget the very entertaining role of Maya's father, a role that brought a much needed comedic craziness to the film.

I'm excited for the release in hopes of deleted scenes and bloopers and recommend this film to all who come across it. It's definitely worth the watch.
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goes from average to irrelevant to having nothing to say
CarsonTrent27 March 2008
Totally in grade-able judging by any standard, both action flick-wise and cinematic industry cooperation-wise.

Reedus goes to Moscow to join the full Russian cast, well chosen, by the way, to hack into whatever, as it turns out, because at the end all narrative goes berserk in a frenzy attempt to be both entertaining and locally flavored with a political undertone, with a twist of dramatic thrill shoved in the mix.

First half watchable...second half both laughable and boring, but still I just had to watch it to the end to be certain it has an ending.

I was glad to discover that it does.
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A Good Film that Compensates for Its Flaws
doug_park200119 December 2013
The first 30 minutes or so are very engrossing, but the plot of MOSCOW CHILL often comes near derailment in the next two-thirds. All the same, it ties up very nicely in the end. Some violence, of course, but it wastes no time on prolonged shoot-'em-ups and punch-'em-outs. Great soundtrack and use of scenery. Norman Reedus is quite convincing as genius Robin Hood computer hacker Ray Perso--his whole demeanor is kind of Zuckerbergish, which is fitting. Kseniya Buravskaya gives a particularly splendid performance as Maya, with whom Ray finds true love. Much of the supporting cast--particularly the actor who plays Maya's father--are also worthy-of-mention and do a great deal to carry this unusual film.

MOSCOW CHILL may not have the kick that thriller fans want. It also lacks the layers of intrigue that many others expect. However, it has a flavor that's just all its own. This film has real heart with steady, believable humor, which make its lesser qualities forgivable. Though it has neither the scope nor the plot development of KILLER ELITE, the conflict of how Perso wants out but finds it hard to simply walk out of the game reminded me a bit of that film.
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Despite a good cast and great scenery the story never comes together
dbborroughs5 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Norman Reedus plays a computer hacker who is brought from New York to Moscow by a Russian gangster in a plot involving 40 million dollars. Stand out performances and great location photography almost make up for a poorly written script. There is something about the plot that never rings true, which is a shame since the cast seems to go the extra mile to try sell the silliness of it all. I'm of two or three minds about the film in that I really liked bits of it but other bits left me cold, so cold that it over shadows the good stuff. Some how I with that whom ever wrote this had some idea of reality. That said I did like the end, and in a weird way would say give the film a go if you run across it on cable. (But what is Andrei Konchalovsky doing as a writer and producer of this film? Clearly his Tango and Cash are showing)
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