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Season 1

4 Jan. 1976
Episode #1.1
King Henry VIII of England is dying. The heir to the throne, the boy Prince Edward, meets by chance a pauper's son, Tom Canty. The two boys look exactly alike, and Edward decides they will change places for one hour. But unfortunately, things go wrong.
11 Jan. 1976
Episode #1.2
Prince Edward, dressed in Tom's rags, has lost his way in the city and fallen into the hands of Tom's brutal father. At the palace, Tom, wearing Edward's robes, is faced with the daunting prospect of a meeting with the king.
18 Jan. 1976
Episode #1.3
To avoid being arrested for murder, Canty has left London and taken Edward with him. With King Henry on his deathbed, Tom has become a tool in the hands of the scheming, power-hungry nobles.
25 Jan. 1976
Episode #1.4
After being rescued by Miles, Edward has again fallen into the hands of Canty. News comes to him that the King, his father, is dead. In London, arrangements are going ahead for Tom's coronation.
1 Feb. 1976
Episode #1.5
Sudbroke and Rushden are on the verge of discovering Tom's true identity. Canty has been murdered by Darbon. Edward, forced to take part in a robbery, has been caught and thrown into prison.
8 Feb. 1976
Episode #1.6
Prince Edward, desperately riding to London with Miles Hendon, is convinced that Tom is a traitor.

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