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Sex & Nudity

  • Female dancers in skimpy bikinis are objectified with multiple closeup shots on their breasts, crotch and ass as they gyrate seductively. When the same female dancers are changing costumes backstage, they are objectified repeatedly again with multiple closeup shots of each of their bare breasts.
  • There are multiple sex scenes. One shows a close up of Nicole Kidman's naked body, including buttocks and her breasts for an extended period of time and also Clive Owen thrusting on top of her.
  • In another scene it is implied that they are having sex standing up while mostly clothed behind clothing racks in the performers dressing room of a club. I say "implied" because they are mostly clothed and the the fact they are both standing almost straight up with him behind her would make it a very interesting way to have intercourse. They stop when a number of dancers come running down a flight of stairs into the dressing room. A number of the dancers are shown topless throughout the scene as they change costumes and return to the stage. At one point Hemingway covers her mouth to keep her from moaning (even though they really aren't doing much).
  • The other scene shows a close up of Ms. Kidman's face and a glimpse of her breasts as she climaxes while lying on the bed, the sheets pretty much covering her. it is implied that Clive Owen is performing oral sex under the sheets.
  • There is a scene towards the end of the movie where naked bodies are shown in a liberated concentration camp. There is nothing sexual about it and it is quite gruesome - there is full frontal nudity though.

Violence & Gore

  • There are a few scenes of fighting between characters. In one Hemingway of boxing/fighting another man in his house. In another scene Hemingway strikes Gellhorn.
  • Since they are war correspondents, there are several scenes of fighting. Most of the war scenes are not particularly gruesome - basically real film from the wars shown behind the characters. Occasionally someone is shot in these films, but no blood is seen.
  • Towards the end there is one particularly gruesome scene where Gellhorn is in a liberated Nazi concentration camp. The scene involves showing piles of naked dead bodies of people that had been starved before they died. Several different shots of the bodies are shown. There are full body shots showing genitalia and closer shots of faces. This is probably the most difficult and disturbing scene in the movie.


  • There is a fair amount of profanity in the movie. Numerous F's are used as well as other words and phrases.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Hemingway's drinking is well known and well represented in this movie - he is shown drinking and/or drunk in many scenes.
  • There are numerous scenes where drinking and smoking are involved. In several of the drinking scenes the characters are drunk.
  • There are several portions of dialog that refer to the amount of drinking and the resulting hangovers.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A few tense scenes of of arguing - Hemingway was a pretty rough and vocal person.
  • Several scenes of war - not particularly detailed though.
  • The most intense/frightening scene is probably the previously mentioned scene int he concentration camp with the piles of dead bodies. It is pretty graphic.

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