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Cast delivers the goods in 'Fronterz'
x97cowin6 August 2004
What happens when three out of work actors decide to take on the ultimate acting challenge by posing as gangster rap artists? Two hours of sidesplitting laughs leaving you wanting more. It's 'Malibu's Most Wanted' meets 'Hollywood Shuffle'. Tonight, the Urbanworld Film Festival in NYC premiered, "Fronterz", and I, for one, can't thank them enough for the gesture. Garth Belcon helps weave a story filled with wit, charisma, and vibrancy. Although the dialogue takes some time to get into, (due to the improvisational tone) once the action starts to move and the characters are defined, the audience can't help but follow along for the ride.

The actors are really what makes this movie so charming and a breath of fresh air. Reno Wilson is hilarious as the honest tough guy of the trio. His comic timing is noteworthy. Dennis Pressey is captivating as the 'sensitive one'. He is unlike any young black actor I have ever seen on screen. Even his smallest gestures radiate emotional responds from the audience. I pray this role will help place him in the mainstream. And of course, Garth Belcon is a comedic genius. Not only is he a fantastic actor in the movie, serving as the 'intellectual one', but also a gifted writer, co-writing "Whiteboyz" in 1999. I look forward to seeing more of his work in the near future. Ted Danson and Henry Winkler are a non-stop barrel of laughs and Blair Underwood makes a true Hollywood cameo as 'The Handsome Chick Magnet', reminding me of the days when Billy Dee Williams did Colt Forty-Five commercials.

Despite a sloppy sound and editing job, director Courtney Jones brings together a unique cast for a journey through the world of working black actors. Filled with great laughs and poignant realism, this movie is worth every buck they spent…and then some! A must see!
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It's a SMART movie!
tonycartier20 August 2007
If you don't understand the state of hip hop today as it pertains to Blacks in Hollywood, then you simply NEED to watch this movie with an open mind. It's satire that pokes fun with a serious face! You've got a typical west coast rapper, southern rapper, and east coast rapper - all very typical of hip hop today. I was amazed at the accuracy of their impersonations. It actually did sound good. And, that's the problem with hip hop - a lot of it is an act anyway. So, who better to "perform" as a typical rap group than a group of actors?! Aside from the shoddy production values, it's a pretty good movie at it's base that makes a lot of sense.
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I wanted to like this, but...
Fanky Malloon23 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has a great plot idea, some great actors (the main three), and a few scenes that made me laugh out loud (the scene before a show, when the three friends are doing acting exercises in their dressing room, Ted Danson practicing the phrase "Fa Shizzy"). But, overall, I was disappointed.

The writing seemed in need of a good, firm, editing. Perhaps I am too spoiled by Hollywood movies, but the raw quality to sound and cinematography. Equally, many of the sets really seemed amateurish. But, maybe you are better than I am and can overlook these details to enjoy the good stuff that is here.

I want to see this guy do more, I want to see these actors do more, but next time, use a socket wrench or two, and tighten the film up!
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Okay, They Get Kudos For Trying, But This Is Pathetic.
Elswet23 May 2007
This is supposed to be a comedy, but it rolls more like a mock-umentary of ineptitude, insanity, and idiocy. Three men attempt to put together a piece of crap they think will be beautiful. It would be better if they had made a piece of crap that was just a piece of crap, but this is folded crap, which basically means this is a piece of crap ABOUT a piece of crap.

It starts off pretty badly, but I hoped that by giving it a chance, I would be rewarded. Sadly, I was not. This was pretty sad, generally speaking. Even fans of Rap culture were not there to support this work. This is so bad, that it is nigh unwatchable.

All in all? I found no entertainment value here, whatsoever. This was just plain bad, and offers no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

It rates a 0.3/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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