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Season 1

5 Feb. 2005
Beginnings: Part 1
Sky, Syd and Bridge, all B Squad cadets, are about to be promoted to B Squad Power Rangers, which means they'll get morphers. First they have to deal with some street thieves, Jack and Z. Meanwhile, Emperor Gruumm plots his attack on Earth.
5 Feb. 2005
Beginnings: Part 2
Cruger's decision to recruit the street thieves as 'B' Squad Power Rangers doesn't fly well with Jack or Sky, and Sky bristles at discovering he's not the Red Ranger.
12 Feb. 2005
Jack isn't used to being in charge and starts to misuse his authority, creating some concern. When Cruger asks if anyone has misgiving about his leadership, Jack's surprised by the squad's response and finds himself, thereafter, relieved of command. Watching as 'B' Squad fends off Gruumm's latest attack, Jack realizes what it really takes to be a leader.
19 Feb. 2005
The Rangers foil Grumm's attempt to steal some diamonds. Jack orders Sky to stay and guard the diamonds, until another unit can come out to collect them all. Broodwing launches an attack on the city, Sky leaves his post to help the rangers, leaving the diamonds unprotected.
26 Feb. 2005
Syd regards RIC as an annoying pest for following her around everywhere until he takes a hit for her in battle. Slated for deactivation since his technology is outdated, Sydney entreats techo-geeks Bridge and Boom to perform an emergency upgrade and save this formerly christened "glorified appliance." Meanwhile, Gruumm endorses Rhinix's plan to transform humans into energy fluid.
5 Mar. 2005
'A' Squad is officially declared missing in action. Not allowed to leave Earth and learn their fate, 'B' Squad is assigned the lesser task of tracking down an alien bank robber who cuts into banks. T-Top, an aggressive monster with phenomenal slicing abilities, seems the obvious culprit but clues point Bridge elsewhere.
12 Mar. 2005
Sam: Part 1
Mora, speaking through her Cindy Sunshine doll, recruits Sam, a lonely Earth boy with teleportation power, into unwittingly helping Emperor Gruumm. Together they enable the monster Bugglesworth to steal an entire building and start turning people into small figurines. Meanwhile, Bridge finds it more than interesting that all five of the Rangers have specials powers - as well as this boy Sam - and begins to wonder if there's a connection of which they're unaware.
19 Mar. 2005
Sam: Part 2
Commander Cruger reveals the connection that Bridge suspected, tying all the 'B' Squad Rangers to one another, himself to Z, and the Rangers to Sam. Sam, meanwhile, is finding the cruel behavior of Mora, Orange Head and Bugglesworth making it difficult for him to remain their friend - but how can he leave the only friends he's ever known?
2 Apr. 2005
Dru, Sky's old friend from the Academy, returns after being M.I.A. for a year. He was top of the class and set all the records at the Academy but, unknown to SPD, he has changed. He's now a mercenary. When they find out, the Rangers have to bring him in, but Sky, as a betrayed friend, asks for a head start to bring him in alone.
9 Apr. 2005
It's Syd's birthday, but duty calls (per Jack's orders ) as she and Jack stakeout an engineer who may be visited by an old colleague who's recently escaped from an intergalactic prison. While on assignment, Jack explains why he chose Syd, reveals a touchy detail of his own personal history.
16 Apr. 2005
Shadow: Part 1
Disturbed by nightmarish daydreams of a battle he once fought against Gruumm, Commander Cruger has become exceedingly cranky and difficult to live with. Emperor Gruumm decides to target Doggie as a way of defeating the Power Rangers and takes on human form for an Earth visit. Piggy becomes rich after finding a discarded winning lottery ticket and opens a restaurant for fellow carrion/garbage-eaters.
23 Apr. 2005
Shadow: Part 2
With Kat's capture, the team insists on knowing what's behind Commander Cruger's recent bad attitude. Meanwhile, General Benaag's giant robot finishes planting proton spikes in the ground, relatively harmless if left alone unless influenced by a centralized meganeutron spike. General Benaag himself calls Doggie out, forcing the issue by threatening to demolecularize Kat in an hour if he doesn't show up. With the Rangers battling Benaag's robot, the Shadow Ranger comes forth to add fighting power to S.P.D.
30 Apr. 2005
Now that Cruger is the Shadow Ranger, 'B' Squad starts to relax, thinking Cruger will be able to defend the city by himself, but Cruger teaches them a hard lesson.
7 May 2005
Wired: Part 1
Gruumm is getting increasingly frustrated and gives Mora an ultimatum. Meanwhile, some cadets are being evaluated for promotion. One cadet, Sophie, stands out from the rest, but she has a secret which could get her expelled from S.P.D. As Kat works to get the Command Megazord on line, a criminal named Valko searches for a Series-One Processor/Hyper-Intelligent Encryptor that will bring under his control an otherwise untamable gigantic cyborg called Goradon.
14 May 2005
Wired: Part 2
Sophie's secret has been revealed. Fearing she's a security threat, she's expelled from SPD by the Rangers. Then they find out someone is searching for her, so the Rangers try to find Sophie, and learn some valuable lessons along the way. Sophie is captured and forced to bring a robot on line. She manages to escape, and calls Shadow Ranger for help. With Sophie's help the Ranger are able to bring the Command Megazord on line. Gruumm makes good on his threat to Mora, and punishes her for her failures.
21 May 2005
Boom's parents, who believe (thanks to Boom) that he's the Orange Ranger, come to visit their son. As Bridge, Syd and Z help him out, Jack and Sky literally disappear while investigating an anomaly. Boom, in keeping up his pretense, costs S.P.D. their only lead on Jack and Sky, so Boom resigns, but he comes back when he may be the only one who can bring them home.
4 Jun. 2005
Wootox watches the Rangers defeat his robot using the Delta Command Megazord. Determined to take it over, Wootox allows himself to be captured. As Sky escorts him to his holding cell, Wootox attacks, switches bodies, and locks Sky in the cell instead. Wootox, free to roam S.P.D. in Sky's body, seeks control of the Delta Command Megazord while Sky, trapped in Wootox and unable to communicate without an alien translator, escapes his cell to stop him. With the other Rangers now hunting him as an escaped criminal, how can Sky warn them of the danger they're in without ...
11 Jun. 2005
Gruumm opens a time portal in Kyoto, Japan, to bring the city's legendary protector, Samurai Katana, to present day Earth and have Broodwing trick him into thinking the Power Rangers are evil invaders. It doesn't help S.P.D. when the Rangers arrive, confronting the samurai with a display of muscle over diplomacy. Meanwhile, Jack, believing the sword makes the fighter, covets Crugar's Shadow Sabor.
18 Jun. 2005
Supreme Commander Fowler Birdy arrives and starts making changes at S.P.D. He breaks the Rangers into smaller teams to handle assignments. Doggie protests and gets suspended. Gruumm arrives on Earth for a personal challenge with Doggie, which Birdy decides to accept, but he's no match for Gruumm.
25 Jun. 2005
Krybots attack a depository and the Rangers foil the robbery. With the surveillance system down, Cruger asks them what happened, and each Ranger tells his/her own version of the events, which don't quite match up.
10 Jul. 2005
Messenger: Part 1
Boom's radio can receive broadcasts on free radical wavelengths, which makes it possible to hear a future broadcast from Earth freedom fighters in the year 2040. Their announcement: They've been fighting since S.P.D. fell on July 11, 2025, which just happens to be today's date.
16 Jul. 2005
Messenger: Part 2
The floating ball of light that's haunted S.P.D. since Katana's departure reveals itself to be the Omega Ranger from the future. Though he saves S.P.D. from their certain defeat, his disdainful view of their technology puts the Rangers off, leaving them quite content to grant his request to handle Morgana and Devastation alone.
25 Jul. 2005
Morgana recruits Mysticon and Al by helping the lousy street magician and his bumbling assistant improve their show with a real magic wand which makes Al invisible. Subsequently, there are thefts in broad daylight where no one sees a thing, and a threat of abduction befalls a leading microbiologist. The Rangers, meanwhile, become jealous of Doggie's attentions to Omega Ranger and set out to prove their worth.
30 Jul. 2005
Reflection: Part 1
The Rangers are encountering past enemies, all of whom are still in custody. Cruger sends Sky to a prison where an inmate may know who's really behind the attacks. Sky barters for the information. After the Rangers capture the culprit, Sky fulfills his end of the bargain, and is tricked into helping the prisoner escape.
12 Aug. 2005
Reflection: Part 2
After Mirloc's escape, the Rangers try to capture him, but end up getting captured. Omega Ranger manages to free them. Mirloc taunts Sky about Sky's father, and his own personal failure. Jack gives Sky the chance to bring in Mirloc.
15 Aug. 2005
S.W.A.T.: Part 1
As Kat works on S.W.A.T. mode for the Rangers, their internal bickering escalates to the point where a pair of criminals manage to get away before the Rangers can capture them. Realizing the Rangers need work on being a team, Doggie sends them away for special training. Meanwhile, alien criminals Stench and Thresher slip into S.P.D. and start stealing Ranger technology.
22 Aug. 2005
S.W.A.T.: Part 2
Due to their abysmal display of disunity, Silverback demotes the Rangers to D-class cadets. With morphers confiscated, the now ex-Rangers are set on an obstacle run where they quickly give up on one another, each going their own way, but tricked back together they finally manage to work as a unit. With training complete, they return to Earth where the Omega and Shadow Rangers have been captured. Time to break out S.W.A.T. mode to rescue their comrades.
29 Aug. 2005
Broodwing threatens three former clients into helping him attack the Power Rangers, but first he waits while Gruumm has Morgana attack the Rangers with three new monsters of her own. Bridge, attuned to psychic energy, starts having premonition dreams where he's battling the three giant robots of Broodwing's associates. His teammates, of course, think he's just dreaming.
23 Sep. 2005
In a race against Gruumm to conquer Earth, Broodwing allows Prof. Cerebros to redirect a meteor toward Newtech City while also releasing Dragoul #2. Whichever one the Rangers deal with, the other will destroy the city. Meanwhile, as the Rangers face a potential suicide mission, Gruumm releases an assassination squad against Broodwing.
26 Sep. 2005
Commander Birdy offers Kat the position of Chief of Technology at S.P.D. Headquarters. It's a plumb offer that Boom and the Rangers decide to help her take by making it seem they can manage without her. Meanwhile, Mooney, working for Broodwing, creates Gigabot, a giant robot composed of the best parts of previous robots. Programmed with complete knowledge of the Megazord, Gigabot can thwart and counter its every attack. Seeing Kat's desire to help, Birdy gives her a special gift.
2 Oct. 2005
Up against Bork, a wanted felon and self-proclaimed master fighter, Bridge is taken captive and put into an all-stone enclosure. It's not all that bad (broken morpher notwithstanding) till the walls start closing in. Meanwhile, Piggy plays to all sides, exclusively loyal to none.
11 Oct. 2005
At their one-year class reunion, former DinoThunder Rangers Conner, Kira and Ethan are pulled through time by Broodwing, utilizing the Dino Gems. Broodwing's apparent plan to pit old Power Rangers against new quickly falls through. Now he has two sets of Rangers to fight, but Gruumm, unwilling to be upstaged by the increasingly independent Broodwing, comes to Earth with Morgana, leading a huge contingent of Krybots, Orange Heads and Blueheads to wipe out the Rangers - present, past AND future.
17 Oct. 2005
An old rival of Cruger's appears. He attacks Sky and takes his badge. Soon Syd and Bridge are assaulted. Omega and Cruger fall, leaving only Jack and Z. Jack and Z go after him.
28 Oct. 2005
In this recap episode, none of B Squad can sleep after overhearing a bit of a conversation between Doggie and Kat. The Rangers review their time with S.P.D. and with each other and wonder if S.P.D. would've defeated Gruumm by now without them.
4 Nov. 2005
A new outside interest keeps Jack from performing his Ranger duties in a timely manner, precipitating a confrontation with Doggie. As Gruumm prepares to play his ace against S.P.D., Broodwing has Delex transform humans into green-slime-batteries for a project he's soon to release. And an emergency signal from Gamma Orion reunites 'B' Squad with some long lost comrades, but Bridge is disturbed by aura colors that are off.
7 Nov. 2005
Endings: Part 1
With Commander Cruger delivered up to Gruumm, the 'A' Squad Rangers take on the 'B' Squad Rangers. Sensing the time is right, Broodwing and his forces overrun the S.P.D. Command Base. While Omega Ranger and the rest of S.P.D. personnel engage the invaders, Kat, with Boom nearby, does what she can to secure the command center and S.P.D.'s future.
14 Nov. 2005
Endings: Part 2
With Cruger and the S.P.D. Rangers imprisoned aboard Gruumm's ship, it's up to Omega Ranger, Kat and Boom to rally the remaining S.P.D. forces in a last ditch but possibly futile effort to defend Earth. Piggy seeks to be at peace with his earlier actions while Cruger, with his execution immanent, resolves his recent conflict with Jack. Gruumm completes his primary task, and Omni claims Earth for his own.
30 Jul. 2005
Gruumm finds a wormhole into Earth's past; S.P.D. follows him. They encounter the DinoThunder Power Rangers, who are busy battling Mesagog.

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