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Season 4

7 Jan. 2008
And Then
Visions of a kidnapped boy plague Allison, who turns to a private investigator for help.
14 Jan. 2008
But for the Grace of God
Allison has trouble getting a "read" from a victim's possessions, but that might be because of conflict with Ariel who believes she's caught her mother in a lie.
21 Jan. 2008
To Have and to Hold
Joe's job interview takes a strange turn when he and Allison are asked to meet the boss' wife, but then Allison's dreams cause her to get involved in the disappearance of the couple's daughter and Joe's future is once again at risk.
18 Feb. 2008
Do You Hear What I Hear?
Allison completely loses her hearing after a wealthy young deaf girl is kidnapped, so Joe steps in to assist her and investigator Cynthia Keener.
25 Feb. 2008
Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble
Putting aside past clashes, defense attorney Larry Watt hires Allison as a consultant on a case. But his gamble does not turn out as expected when Allison's dreams indicate his client, a murder suspect, is guilty.
3 Mar. 2008
As Manuel Devalos makes a run to reclaim his District Attorney seat, Allison has disturbing visions about his old friend and political ally Senator Jed Garrity's past.
10 Mar. 2008
Burn Baby Burn: Part 1
Joe's mother Marjorie comes to visit, and a murder case reunites Allison, Devalos, and Detective Lee Scanlon.
17 Mar. 2008
Burn, Baby, Burn: Part 2
Allison attempts to find the link between her dreams, a case she's working on for Cynthia Keener, Devalos' arson-related murder case, and Ariel's prediction of the death of an acquaintance's mother.
24 Mar. 2008
Wicked Game: Part One
Allison's dreams involve Cynthia Keener in a very personal way, and Joe's inspiration for solar power causes conflict with Allison.
31 Mar. 2008
Wicked Game: Part Two
Cynthia and Allison investigate further into the kidnapping, while Allison still sees into Cynthia's past. After helping Bridgette with her science project, Joe gets a prediction from his middle daughter about his future finances.
7 Apr. 2008
Lady Killer
Allison teams up with Scanlon to locate a dangerous "cougar" who is believed to be responsible for the savage murders of two young men.
14 Apr. 2008
Partners in Crime
FBI profiler Agent Edward Cooper tries to convince Allison he's back in Phoenix to track down, not murder, another serial killer, but her dreams tell her a different story.
21 Apr. 2008
A Cure for What Ails You
Allison's dream about a friend of Lynn DiNovi's puts her in the middle of an investigation that escalates to five murders and unrelated suspects. At home, Joe must find some way to convince an optometrist Marie can't read his chart.
28 Apr. 2008
Car Trouble
Allison's new used car turns out to have been central to a murder, and her visions get a little interactive; a patent threat stresses Joe and Meghan.
5 May 2008
Being Joey Carmichael
Allison's dreams may solve the murder of a drug dealer, but a deal with a relative takes a surprising twist. Meanwhile, Joe's relationship with Meghan is strained by her behavior.
12 May 2008
Drowned World
Tom Van Dyke gives Devalos some surprising news that affects his candidacy, and Allison tries to unravel the mystery of why a woman she consulted for on a haunting later committed suicide.

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