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Jake Weber: Joe Dubois, Dale Cosgrove, Joe DuBois, Joseph Dubois



  • Allison Dubois : It's 9:00. How am I supposed to know you're OK? How do I know you're not lying dead somewhere?

    Joe Dubois : If something had happened, somebody would've called. If I were dead, who are we kidding, you'd be the first to know.

  • Allison Dubois : Ow!

    [pulls a portable phone out of couch cushions] 

    Joe Dubois : Wow. You one of those people who can talk out of their ass?

    Allison Dubois : It's not funny.

    Joe Dubois : It's kind of funny.

  • Allison Dubois : I just had a weird dream...

    Joe Dubois : Of course you did. It's a day ending in "Y".

  • Allison Dubois : Psychic with a bad sense of time.

    Joe Dubois : Do you remember where you live?

    Allison Dubois : Hmm, I'm seeing a house. I'm seeing a guy in his underwear. I'm seeing lots of dishes in the sink.

    Joe Dubois : It's amazing how you do that.

  • Allison Dubois : How can you say that?

    Joe Dubois : I move my lips, I push out air. There's nothing to it.

  • [Allison is annoyed about having to clean the house before her birthday party] 

    Joe Dubois : Aren't you going to get that?

    Allison Dubois : Why? It's one of the wicked stepsisters calling to say she's coming to the ball, but she wants me to stop and clean her fireplace.

  • Joe Dubois : Ever since you made the decision not to go to law school, to go to work for the D.A. as a consultant, I don't know, you seem kinda...

    Allison Dubois : Bitchy? Cranky? Pissed off?

    Joe Dubois : You can read minds.

  • Allison Dubois : [they're in bed]  Here's the weird thing

    Joe Dubois : You can't possibly say that with a straight face

  • Bridgette Dubois : Don't let her chop my head off!

    Joe Dubois : Chop your head off?

    [to Allison] 

    Joe Dubois : You bringing your work home with you again?

  • [Allison is hunting for her keys] 

    Joe Dubois : Keys? I would think even to get a psychic learner's permit you'd have to be able to find a lost set of...

    Allison Dubois : [holding them]  Keys?

  • Allison Dubois : He looks pretty good, don't you think?

    Joe Dubois : For a functional alcoholic - absolutely. You know he's still out there drinking by himself?

    Allison Dubois : Wow, who died and appointed you the mayor of Funville?

  • Joe Dubois : Call Maury Povich - tell him I'm ready for my close-up.

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