Long Way Round (TV Mini-Series 2004– ) Poster

(2004– )

Charley Boorman: Himself



  • Ewan McGregor : [doing a video diary]  Where in this place called White Horse... maybe it's not called White Horse.

    Ewan McGregor : [takes video to motel room, Charley answers door]  Charley.

    Charley Boorman : Yeah?

    Ewan McGregor : Where are we?

    Charley Boorman : In a motel.

    Ewan McGregor : No, what's the name of the town?

    Charley Boorman : Uh... something donkey. Isn't it? Slim's Donkey or Knuckle Donkey? Starving Donkey! Ur... I donno.

    Ewan McGregor : [now inside the motel room]  Ok, the upshot is we have no idea where we are. Can't remember the name of the town that we're in. Oh! It might be on the receipt.

    [checks receipt] 

    Ewan McGregor : Hungry Horse!

  • Charley Boorman : It was balls, cow balls, sheep balls, and goat balls, and there were 200 of them. Ewan went first. He's very good at eating that kind of stuff, he can do it.

  • Ewan McGregor : Claudio, there is no problem between Charley and me, Charley tell him.

    Charley Boorman : There's a terrible problem with us - we hate each other.

  • Charley Boorman : What have we let ourselves in for? I mean this is, really is the back and beyond of absolutely nowhere. I mean It's just extraordinary.

  • [KTM, Charley's first choice for their motorcycle supplier, turns them down] 

    Ewan McGregor : They think that we might fail.

    Charley Boorman : Then we'll do it on the BMW's and show them what a


    Charley Boorman : great big mistake they made.

  • [on the last day, before the riders head into Manhattan, Ewan and Charley are told they need to have a short interview with a sales rep from BMW, who appears on a motorcycle, helmeted] 

    Russ Malkin : This is Laurence from BMW.

    Charley Boorman : Hello, Laurence.

    Russ Malkin : Laurence, this is Ewan...

    ["Laurence" takes off his helmet and turns around] 

    Ewan McGregor : DAD!

  • Charley Boorman : I'm in awe of it, and I'm completely terrified at the the same time.

  • Charley Boorman : I like my mate, Ewan. He looks after me.

  • [as they cross the bridge] 

    Charley Boorman : We did it! New York!

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