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Summerslam 2003
This was a very good PPV, but in my opinion the Elimination Chamber Match was a let down.

Match 1 sees fan favourites, The Dudley Boyz taking on La Resistance. This was a good match, because the heat on La Resistance was overwhelming and when they won with help from Robert Conway, the fans could not believe the outcome.

Next match saw The Undertaker taking on A-Train. I must be honest I really liked this match up, but Taker shouldn't have been feuding with him. The cat fight between Sable and Stephanie McMahon at the end was passable! Next up Eddie Guerrero puts his United States Title on the line in a fatal four way match against Chris Benoit, Rhyno and Tajiri in a fantastic battle.

Then Shane McMahon battles Eric Bischoff. This wasn't going to be a Chris Benoit style match, but it does prove to be entertaining enough ie Jonathon Coaches heel turn and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin helping Shane.

Then Kurt Angle puts his WWE Title on the line against big bully Brock Lesnar in a very good match. Angle wins via the ankle lock.

Next up RVD takes it to former partner and friend Kane in a very good no hold barred match. Particular highlights included RVD jumping from one end of the turnbuckle to the other on Kane with a chair, even though he missed, and Kane Tombstoning RVD on the steel steps. Kane wins.

Then Triple H puts his World Heavyweight Championship on the line in an elimination Chamber match which also consisted of Randy Orton, Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels. This was crap. Honestly this was bad, it was all Goldberg and Triple H didn't do enough. OK yeah, so the man had a groin injury but the fans pay to see him wrestling but they do not pay to see him hiding in the Chamber with help from HHH's ass kissing boy Ric Flair! Nash was lazy and Jericho bled for no apparent reason! Give me the ECM from Survivor Series 2002 PPV instead anyday!

Overall Grade - B
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Summerslam 2003
mishalwwechamp19 September 2009
This is and always will be one of my all time favorite WWE PPV's.

The opening contest featured 21 time World Tag Team Champions The Dudleyz going head to head with La Resistance this was a very good opening match to start off Summerslam 2003 The next match featured fan favorite The Undertaker going head to head with his rival A-Train i thought this was a great match up featuring 2 of WWE's biggest men.

One of the greatest battles of the PPV was this very match where United States Champion Eddie Guerrero took on Tajiri,Chris Benoit and Rhyno in what i still call one of the greatest United States title matches in WWE history.Incredible match Guerrero retains after a Frog Splash on Tajiri.

The next intense and personal match featured WWE Co-Owner Shane McMahon facing off against Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff. I thought this was a completely entertaining match up,especially when Steve Austin showed up.

The next match featured WWE Champion Kurt Angle defending his title against the master of the F-5. This was an outstanding contest until Kurt Angle retained his title when Lesnar tapped out to the ankle lock.

The next No Holds Barred match featured Rob Van Dam going head to head with former partner Kane who recently went crazy after unmasking in front of the entire WWE universe.This was a very good match,but sadly at the end Kane delivered a tombstone to RVD on the steel steps and picked up the win.

The main event was one of the greatest Elimination Chambers i have ever seen where current World Heavyweight Champion Triple H defending the god,against Shawn Michaels,Chris Jericho,Kevin Nash,Randy Orton and GOLDBERG!!!!But the major disappointment was Triple H retaining the gold after a sledgehammer shot on Goldberg.After the match Evolution ambushed Goldberg sending a message to Goldberg.
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Enjoyable event, but the main event leaves a sour taste in your mouth
jts040510 January 2009
Match 1: La Resistance (c) vs The Dudley Boyz for the World Tag Team Championship - The Dudleys are the fan favorites heading into this battle. The fans are in their corner, hoping they will take the straps from Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree. Just when we think they have another title reign added to their list we see the debut of Rob Conway, who is able to help Grenier and Dupree score the victory and retain their titles.

Match 2: Undertaker vs A-Train - A surprisingly very good match. Sadly this was booked a little too low in the opening of the card. The Undertaker is a guy that should have been competing later on in the show. Secondly he shouldn't have been feuding with a guy like the A-Train. Even though the A-Train feud was a little off balance, the match was very good. A-Train dominates the Undertaker for a little while. Then we see Taker fight back into a huge momentum shift. In the end he is able to defeat A-Train much to the delight of the fans.

Match 3: Shane McMahon vs Eric Bischoff - A great battle between these two non-wrestler personalities. Shane takes the fight to Bischoff the entire time. We see some interference from Jonathan Coachman on Bischoff's behalf, but otherwise McMahon battles both and avenges what Bischoff did to his mother Linda. Great battle.

Match 4: Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Rhino vs Chris Benoit vs Tajiri for the United States Championship - Eddie Guerrero was a really great Champion with the newly activated United States title. Benoit was in hot pursuit after being screwed by Rhino in the tournament final at Vengeance. Tajiri was added into the mix as well to give the match that extra edge. Guerrero does a great job of defending. He capitalizes on everything he can. In the end it all works out when he retains his title.

Match 5: Kurt Angle (c) vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship - The match of the night. An incredible war for the WWE Championship, pitting two of SmackDown's greatest athletes. At Wrestlemania earlier in the year we see Lesnar as the face and Angle as the heel, but now the roles are reversed with everyone revving Angle to retain. They went back and forth for over twenty minutes doing everything from F5's to Ankles locks and Angle slams. In the end Angle is able to finally get Lesnar down to retain his title. Epic match.

Match 6: Kane vs Rob Van Dam - This match could have been a lot better. It was expected for Kane to win, because he had just recently removed the mask and turned heel once again. Rob Van Dam did a nice job of taking on Kane in this No Disqualification match, but to no surprise we see Kane pick up the win with his new, no mask, look. The only problem was the off the top rope botch by Kane when he went to jump off the top rope from the turnbuckle to the outside. Otherwise it was an agreeable time filler.

Match 7: Triple H (c) vs Shawn Michaels vs Goldberg vs Chris Jericho vs Kevin Nash vs Randy Orton in an Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship - An extremely wasteful main event. The match quickly starts off with the two most agile competitors, Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels. They are soon followed by Randy Orton and then the big man Kevin Nash. Shortly after arriving into the match Nash is pinned and eliminated first by Shawn Michaels. A waste of the largest man in the match. Goldberg then makes his entrance and the match quickly dies. Goldberg eliminates Orton with a spear, then Michaels after a spear and jackhammer, we then seal the deal with another spear and jackhammer eliminating Jericho. That basically killed the whole match, everyone got eliminated way too fast. Triple H then enters after Goldberg destroys his pod, but with help from Evolution and a sledgehammer he retains the gold. A wasted main event with Triple H still emerging as champion in the end.
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GOOD...NOT Excellent BUT GOOD oh and by the way it is suitable for kids from 13+ even though it says 18 and I'm an adult
liverpooldaly3 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I thought Summerslam was good. This is how it went down 1.World Tag Champs Sylvan Grenier & Rene Dupre beat Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley I thought that this was a decent match. It had a few twists and turns and the ending was very'd guess there would be an appearance by Conway but not as one of the camera men......worth watching................8/10 2.The Undertaker def. A-Train A well played match but too much of a predictable result.......7/10 3.shane McMahon def. Eric Bischoff Again, a good match and this was the match where The Coach turned heel and it was good to see Stone Cold get Coach and Bischoff......8/10 4.WWE U.S. Champ Eddie Guerrero beat Rhyno, Chris Benoit, and Tajiri A very good match and very much worth your while watching....9/10 5.WWE Champ Kurt Angle beat Brock Lesnar Great match with Vince McMahon out at ringside created tension and proved to be a very good match from these to mat-wrestlers....9/10 6.Kane pinned Ron Van Dam On the night it was turned into a No Disqualification match and it was a good one at blood and it wasn't as brutal as expected but it was was funny when Kane fell off the top rope....8/10 7. World Champ Triple H beat Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Bill Goldberg, Randy Orton, and Kevin Nash (19:15) in an "elimination chamber" match. Not as bloody as everyone wanted it to be but when Goldberg got 'busted' open at the end......O MY DAYZZZZZZZZZZZZZ how badly could you tell it was was meant to look bad it was terrible acting for the blood.And when Triple H uses that sledgehammer you can tell that he puts his hand over the top.Kevin Nash was lazy and it wasn't as good as Ney Year's Revolution 2005 or Survivor Series 2002.6/10
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Summerslam 2003 wasn't that bad
kliko40017 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I got Summerslam 2003 for free when I bought the Smackdown vs. Raw ps2 game & watching Summerslam 03, it wasn't really bad, & it didn't disappoint me.

FIRST MATCH- DUDLEY BOYS VS. LA RESISTANCE FOR THE WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP The Dudley Boys were the fan favorites in this match. Great match for a opener, the camera man interferes during the match {While the referee is down} & smacks the Dudley Boys with the camera. Rene Dupree covers Bubba Ray Dudley for the 3 count to get the win as La Resistance has retained their World Tag Team Championship. After the match, the camera man turns out to be Rob Conway. 5/10

SECOND MATCH- UNDERTAKER VS. A-TRAIN W/ SABLE This was really a good match, honestly. Undertaker wins after a Chokeslam on A-Train for the cover, to get the 3 count for the win. After the match, Sable tries to act sexy against Undertaker, but Undertaker grabs her which leads to Spehanie McMahon coming to the ring as a brawl ensures between Stephanie & Sable here at Summerslam, the brawl continues only to be broken by A-Train. 5/10

THIRD MATCH- SHANE MCMAHON VS. ERIC BISCHOFF It's great to see Eric Bischoff getting bashed during one of his matches. During the match, Eric Bischoff & Jonathan Coachman {Who interfered during the match to help out Eric Bischoff} beat up Shane then slam him with a chair. Bischoff then announces that the match is going to be a no DQ match. Therefore leading Steve Austin to come in the ring & Stunner both Coach & Bischoff. Shane gets the cover on Eric Bischoff to get the win against the Raw GM. 4/10

FOURTH MATCH- EDDIE GUERRERO VS. RHYNO VS. TAJIRI VS. CHRIS BENOIT IN A FATAL 4 WAY MATCH FOR THE WWE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP This was really a great fatal 4 way match with the US title on the line. In the match all three men try to go for Eddie, but Eddie quickly goes out of the ring & watches the match from there. Later while the referee cannot see, Rhyno attempts a Gore on Eddie only to hit the US belt {Which Eddie was holding while Rhyno ran towards him}. Eddie then threw the US belt out of the ring & finished Rhyno off with a Frog Splash for the win to retain his US Championship. 5/10

FIFTH MATCH- KURT ANGLE VS. BROCK LESNAR FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP The long awaited Wrestlemania rematch between Angle & Lesnar is here. Very great match with no surprises here but their Wrestlemania match was even better. Vince McMahon comes during the match & starts willing Lesnar on to win. Lesnar goes for an F-5 but Angle counters & locks in the Ankle Lock on Lesnar who taps out as Angle has defeated Lesnar to retain his WWE Championship. After the match, Vince McMahon tries to attack Angle with a chair, but Angle gets Mr. McMahon & Angle Slams him on the chair much to the delight of the fans in attendance. 5/10

SIXTH MATCH- ROB VAN DAM VS. KANE {The match was announced as a No Holds Barred match} Not really a bad match but could of been a bit better as Kane dragged it down a lot, RVD kept the match at a very good pace with all his nice athletic moves. Kane gets RVD & Chokeslams him on the steel steps for the win here against his former tag team partner. 4/10

SEVENTH MATCH- TRIPLE H W/ RIC FLAIR VS. GOLDBERG VS. RANDY ORTON VS. CHRIS JERICHO VS. KEVIN NASH VS. SHAWN MICHAELS IN AN ELIMINATION CHAMBER MATCH FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP I like Elimination Chamber matches, they're really good, violent & very entertaining. This one was okay but only if more superstars were in the ring at once it would have been better. HHH & Goldberg are the last two as Goldberg sets HHH up for a Spear. While the referee cannot see, Flair slips a sledgehammer through the Chamber to HHH. Goldberg goes to nail a Spear on HHH but nails his head on the sledgehammer. HHH covers & gets the 3 count as he has won this brutal elimination chamber match to retain his World Heavyweight Championship. After the match, HHH, Flair & Orton beat down on Goldberg as Goldberg is busted wide open. 5/10

This was really a good PPV. It would of been better if the Elimination Chamber could of probably took a bit longer & if more superstars were fighting in the ring. But all in all this was a good PPV event.

Overall: I'll give it 7/10 & a C+
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