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Randy Orton’s 5 Disastrously Painful Foreign Object Fails

Randy Orton has done it all. As a Triple Crown Champion, Royal Rumble winner and the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history—not to mention his 11 subsequent world title reigns—few can boast a similar list of accolades. Still only 34 years of age, the third-generation Superstar has established himself as one of the very top stars in the business and is a sure-fire candidate for future Hall of Fame honours.

But despite this long list of notable accolades, there’s one facet of the pro wrestling with which Orton hasn’t had much success at all; the foreign object.

Tables, Ladders, TV monitors—you name it and Randy’s probably been on the wrong end of one of the myriad apparatus that so often find their way into a WWE match. These object hits aren’t part of the script, they’re genuine accidents that have left their painful mark on Randy.
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10 Reasons Sheamus Is Genuinely Hated By WWE Fans

At the Payback PPV last week, Sheamus and Cesaro had a barn-burner of a match, beating the holy hell out of each other for 10-plust minutes straight. It served as a great reminder that Sheamus is a fantastic brawler, capable of putting together hard-hitting matches that make you cringe – in a good way – every time he hits someone or gets hit. There aren’t a ton of guys in WWE today like that, who will just stand there and exchange forearm smashes and ask for more. In that respect, Sheamus should be a key player in WWE, one of its top performers.

However, Sheamus is a wrestler seemingly perpetually stuck in neutral. A three-time world champion and former Royal Rumble winner, he hasn’t the kind of memorable feuds and matches (at least not for the right reasons) that other top-level superstars have had. Daniel Bryan probably has
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WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 Results And Analysis

The morning after the night before has usually been a hangover for WWE in recent pay per view efforts, with last month in particular leading to mainstream criticism of the Royal Rumble. It was interesting to see then how the company would handle February’s Elimination Chamber event, particularly the awkward placements of its characters ahead of the last stop before Wrestlemania 30.

The promoting of this event was pretty decent. It made for enjoyable television to see Randy Orton having to face off against his opponents for the Chamber on Raw and Smackdown, and the teases for the Wyatt Family versus The Shield were brilliant. The excitement of the go home Raw in particular was strong, so there is a good chance WWE will do some fair buys for its last ever traditional Pay per view.

The problem with the company lays in delivery. The last six months have been
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WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Official Video Promo

“I used to have a moustache,” Cody Rhodes flirts, “it was a nice one.”

The video promo spot for the 2014 Royal Rumble has surfaced, and features WWE superstars trying out speed dating. It’s a fun look at the bizarre aspects of WWE personalities, a quick comedic run through some of the roster as they fail to impress their date.

Randy Orton’s chat up line being his arms stretched pose was a particular laugh out loud moment. I imagine he really would try that. Cm Punk chatting the date up by stating “I’m the best in the world” is another good moment – perhaps that’s how he won fangirl turned diva Aj Lee over.

It’s a pretty cool video and a fun way to start garnering interest for the Royal Rumble pay per view. On the 26th of January it won’t be the affections of a
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8 ‘Forgotten’ WWE Royal Rumble Moments

The Royal Rumble comes but once a year, and every year WWE does a great job promoting of heightening meaning to the event with past Royal Rumble moments. But every year it’s the same moments that get all the spotlight.

We’ve decided to put together a list of some of the Rumble moments that aren’t talked about as much as they should be. Some that are the very essence of what makes it unique, some that are memorable for all the wrong reasons. Either way, moments that WWE doesn’t really mention that often when recapping the Royal Rumble matches of previous years.

Ernest Miller dances to the Rumble – WWE Royal Rumble 2004

Sometimes when the action is coming thick and fast, the competitors need a little bit of down time. After all you could be in there for more than 60 minutes if you’re doing well.
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Randy Orton Returns January 16th WWE Raw in Anaheim, California

Randy Orton is scheduled for the January 16th WWE Raw SuperShow from Anaheim, California, the event that is expected to mark his return from the injury that is currently keeping him out on the sidelines. Orton was reported to have suffered a herniated disc on the L4-L5 level on the left side and that some reports said could keep him out for six months but with an extremely light schedule, he could return sooner.

Orton is also scheduled and still advertised for the WWE Royal Rumble taking place from January 29th in St. Louis, Missouri… Orton’s hometown. Early talk was of Orton winning the Royal Rumble and then going on to face the SmackDown World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania 28 and at the very least he will be a contender now for the 30-man match.

Meanwhile in other SmackDown news, ring announcer Lilian Garcia celebrated the New Year by
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Randy Orton Says Injury Rumours Are Funny & That He Is Pain-Free

Despite official and backstage reports telling us otherwise there are still some who think that the severity of Randy Orton’s back injury has been exaggerated by the WWE. Some believe this is in order to give one of their marquee stars some time off over the New Year period and to rest up some painful niggles he has been carrying for the past few months. Certainly when the angle was shot with Wade Barrett at the Street Fight last Friday night on SmackDown I believed it was mostly a work to write Orton out of current storylines for a few weeks building to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view later this month but we’ve heard time and time again his injury time is six months on the sidelines (at worst) or ten weeks (at best) if he can work a really, really light schedule to get him to the WrestleMania event on April 1st.
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Dolph Ziggler’s New 8th WWE Theme Song Is “Here To Show The World” by Downstait

WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler’s new theme song has been revealed as “Here To Show The World” by Downstait. The song, which in parts sounds exactly like “I Am Perfection” just with a different chorus, is Ziggler’s 8th theme song in the WWE and some are suggesting he has been given it to try and move away from comparisons with the late Curt “Mr. Perfect” Henning. Though personally I always thought those comparisons were flattering and you can see Ziggler has studied meticulously the old tapes of Perfect and is consciously taking the bumps the way the former WWE Intercontinental Champion used too.

You can listen to his new theme below.

Do you think this will catch on the same way “I Am Perfection” did? Do you approve of his theme music change?

Meanwhile reports are that Ziggler’s match against Cm Punk on Monday Night Raw
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Royal Rumble Preview

You should know the drill by now. Two men will start the Royal Rumble match and 28 others will enter in 90-second intervals. The goal for the wrestlers is to toss their opponents over the top rope and to the floor at ringside and be the last man standing in the ring. It’s every man for himself. Or is it? One story to follow in this year’s Rumble match is that Randy Orton has two allies. Wwe may have foreshadowed the outcome of the Rumble match on Monday’s Raw when they had Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes help Orton win a battle royal that served as a preview for the Rumble match. It can’t be that easy, though, can it?
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