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Comedy | Drama | Romance

A man haunted by ghosts must make their final wish come true in order to get rid of them.

Director: Chris Columbus

A wife and mother who serves in the National Guard is called to perform a tour of duty in Iraq.

Director: Chris Columbus

Set in 1935, a WWI veteran traveling with some companions along the Florida Gulf Coast begins to have premonitions of death.

Horror | Thriller

A remake of the 2010 Norwegian film about a group of students trying to solve a series of mysterious killings.

Director: Neil Marshall

A young kid from from Calico Rock, Arkansas becomes a baseball sensation.

Action | Adventure | Fantasy

An American family find themselves trapped in a magical Korean temple.

Director: JK Youn

Holocaust survivors flee Europe aboard the SS Exodus after World War II.


Feature film inspired by stories included in "CREEPY magazine".


A vengeful Victorian orphan stops at nothing to control her own fate. Based on Lyndsay Faye's novel 'Jane Steele'.

Action | Comedy | Fantasy

A teenager lands a summer job at a pizzeria that is secretly a front for a monster-hunting organization.

Director: Adam Green

A modern day re-telling of Alfred Hitchcock's classic tales.


A Baptist minister is on the Exodus 47 on its mission to deliver Holocaust survivors to freedom in 1947.

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