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Salma Hayek Wishes She Could ‘Talk Sense’ Into Donald Trump Supporters (Video)

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Salma Hayek Wishes She Could ‘Talk Sense’ Into Donald Trump Supporters (Video)
Salma Hayek has her own opinion about Republican candidate Donald Trump running for president, admitting she’s known him for years. “I’ve known him for a long time,” she told Jimmy Kimmel. “I haven’t seen him since he started this part of his career — entertainment career.” When Kimmel suggested that Trump would listen to the actress, she said that it is necessary to not only “talk sense” into the real estate mogul, but the people who support him, as well. Also Read: Salma Hayek on Donald Trump's Immigration Remarks: 'I Cannot Be Insulted by Stupidity' “I
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Review: "Boredom" (2013), A Documentary By Albert Nerenberg

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By David King

You have to be a bit courageous to name a documentary “Boredom,” knowing it will eventually land in the hands of a snarky reviewer looking for an easy joke. Albert Nerenberg, the director behind other documentaries looking at everyday phenomena (“Laughology,” “Stupidity”) wanted to explore this common life experience: what boredom is, how it happens, and what effects it has on people.

In doing so, Nerenberg uses a variety of filmmaking styles, from research presented by experts, to B-roll and stock footage, to dramatizations and “Daily Show” style interviews meant as much to amuse as entertain.

Nerenberg warns us early on that there isn’t much research on the actual topic of boredom. It’s apparently a subject that sparks more curiosity and questions than it does answers.The documentary does pull together a variety of experts, however, from psychologists and neurologists to scholars on topics like education and technology.
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It's Hard Work Dealing With "Boredom"

In the documentary Boredom, “comedic” Canadian documentarian Albert Nerenberg delves into a full study of the concept and condition of boredom. Known for similar documentaries—Laughology, Stupidity—Nerenberg seems to be the ideal filmmaker to tackle such an unexplored topic. This hour-long doc brings some fascinating insight into the debilitating state of boredom.

Boredom results from a combination of three things: an unstimulating environment, a repetitious activity, and the need for constant vigilance of the repetitious activity in an unstimulating environment. But while you may think that boredom results from inactivity in brain usage, it turns out that boredom actually occurs from an over-stimulated mind. In fact, when bored, the brain is moving so fast that it distorts the concept time—hence that feeling that time is going even slower when you’re bored.

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Where Do Your Faves Rank on the Adam Sandler Stupidity Scale?

Just how stupid are Adam Sandler movies?

That's the big question being answered today by Of course, when it comes to Sandler films, "stupid" is not necessarily a pejorative term; after all, some of his funniest skits and gags are intentionally dumb. It's just how he rolls, you know?

But with "Jack and Jill" hitting theaters today, people are starting to ask: Just how dumb is too dumb? And that's where's brilliant new Adam Sandler Stupidity Scale comes into play.

The idea, like many of Sandler's films, is so simple a small child could understand it: All of Sandler movies, ranked from smartest to dumbest on one easy-to-read chart. Of course, since the Adam Sandler Stupidity Scale doesn't actually include "Jack and Jill" on it, you'll still have to go see it yourself to find out just how dumb it actually is. But for everything else,
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Hot Docs 2009 Report: Best Worst Movie, Winnebago Man, Carmen Meets Borat and More

Every year in Toronto, the Hot Docs Film Festival [1] manages to assemble an exciting assortment of top-notch documentary films from around the world. This year was certainly no different, and a number of the movies have already picked up distribution deals and are well on their way to gaining mainstream attention. However, there are always plenty of diamonds in the rough as well, amazing films that sadly may never find the audience they deserve. So which upcoming documentaries are hits and which are near-misses? Read on for our full report from the 2009 Hot Docs Festival! Best Worst Movie When he was 11 years old, Michael Paul Stephenson was cast in a low budget horror movie called Troll 2. He, along with many of the other actors, thought that it would be their ticket to big time acting careers, but were shocked to find out afterward that the final product was a complete disaster.
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