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Season 5

22 Sep. 2007
The Batman/Superman Story: Part I
Lex Luthor teams with the rogues of Gotham City in a scheme to place Metropolis' Man of Steel under his control.
29 Sep. 2007
The Batman/Superman Story: Part II
Batman and Robin must free Superman from Lex Luthor's control via Poison Ivy's hypnotic spores.
6 Oct. 2007
When Count Vertigo starts trouble in Gotham City, Justice Leaguer Green Arrow teams up with Batman to defeat his arch-foe.
13 Oct. 2007
White Heat
Firefly becomes even more powerful when an accident turns him into Phosphorus, a superhot villain who threatens a nuclear power plant.
3 Nov. 2007
A Mirror Darkly
The Flash speeds to Gotham City and teams with Batman and Robin against his foe, Mirror Master. Can the Central City rogue outwit the Darknight Detective? Can Alfred make a lunch large enough to satisfy Flash's appetite?
10 Nov. 2007
Joker Express
How is the Joker mind-bending Gotham's citizens into committing crimes for him? Batman, Robin and Batgirl go underground to derail Joker's plot.
8 Dec. 2007
Ring Toss
Nearing defeat by his arch-foe Sinestro, Green Lantern sends his power ring to fellow Justice Leaguer Batman. Unfortunately the ring is instead intercepted by the nefarious Penguin.
15 Dec. 2007
The Metal Face of Comedy
A strange mishap causes the Joker's personality to be downloaded into a nanite entity, and the digitized Joker is an even greater threat than the real deal.
2 Feb. 2008
Attack of the Terrible Trio
Trouble comes in threes when Batman and Batgirl must deal with a trio of delinquent college students who are using the Man-Bat formula to become monstrous beasts.
9 Feb. 2008
The End of the Batman
The Batman meets his opposite number in the form of the Wrath and his partner Scorn. Includes appearances by Joker, Penguin, Scarface/Ventriloquist and Killer Croc.
16 Feb. 2008
What Goes Up...
The Batman teams up with fellow Justice Leaguer Hawkman to foil a plot hatched by their foes Black Mask and Shadow Thief.
23 Feb. 2008
Lost Heroes: Part One
When the most powerful members of the Justice League are abducted, Batman, Robin and Green Arrow must discover the mystery surrounding their disappearance.
8 Mar. 2008
Lost Heroes: Part Two
The Joining attempts a second invasion of Earth with a plan to steal the powers of the newly formed Justice League. Only the non-powered heroes Batman and Green [Arrow] stand between them and world conquest.

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