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14 Jun. 1987
One: The Call
Exton Waite, A British member of Parliment and an old friend of Ramsey's dies from a supposed heart attack while taking cocaine, the reason for his death is kept secret. His body is found by his 24 year old daughter Tessa, a few days later she goes to France to ask Ramsey for help. While there she is followed by a mysterious man who later follows both of them back to England. Ramsey later meets Exton's lover Isobel who lets him know about what really killed Exton Waite.
21 Jun. 1987
Two: Observations
This episode of the serial begins with Ramsy talking to Exton's daughter Tessa to try to explain the reasons behind her father's cocaine addiction death. Later Ramsey goes back to his hotel and is shocked to discover from P.F. (the owner) that Ramsey is been followed by Police everywhere. After Exton's funeral Ramsey goes to visit Wyn-Bennet, the doctor who signed Exton's death certificate, This is mainly to get more information but the doctor reveals nothing to him. Beryl then takes a vindictive visit to Isobel to demand her husband's things but Isobel says no and ...
26 Jun. 1987
Three: Words of Warning
Ramsey has a meeting with Kate Ross's father to talk about her death, Ramsey finds out from him that she was also taking heroin. Exton's widow Beryl is asked to go for her late husband's place in Parliament. Ramsey goes to see Isabel to ask her if she knows who Simon Wood Is, She then tells him. Ramsey has the bad cocaine that he got from Charlie's place examined by a friend and he is then told by the pathologist that the cocaine contains a large amount of poisons as additives. Ramsey then visits Simon Wood, but he is followed all the way there by a mysterious man as ...
5 Jul. 1987
Four - The Trial
To get rid of the man who is following him, Ramsey 'phones the police and tells them that the man in the car outside is exposing himself to every woman who passes by. The police arrive and Ramsey makes his escape to another hotel. Ramsey then goes to find Jody Price, because if she uses the bad cocaine it could kill her or leave her with brain damage. Simon Wood who provided her with the cocaine is told by 'The Frenchman' that if he breaks free from him ,he will kill him. Wood disappears to get away from 'The Frenchman' so Ramsey goes to Wood's house to try and find ...

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