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Unexpectedly Good!
travsta_9215 December 2005
I used to play it all the time as it came out but I had no theory on it seeing that I was only about 8 when it came out. I played it the other day and I enjoyed it. I never finished the game completely, I only got up to the Second Last level and I am one token left for the last level.

The background are good, the graphics are good but no way near as good as the Movie, and the gameplay is Surprisingly fun! I am 13 years old and i am not normally into kids sort of games, I basically only play Racing games, Sports or Gun games like Max Payne or GTA series.

Each level has 5 tokens to collect, you have to collect a certain amount of tokens to pass on to the next level and Save Woody! Great Game.
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kartiksharma1394 August 2018
Loved this game.played it in childhood, and was addicted to it. Still miss this game
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Oh the memories...
Heimski_Hannes8 January 2011
Note that this is a review of the PlayStation Version.

Toy Story 2 was the first real video game that I played on my old Windows '98 and therefore will always have a place in my heart.

Today some unknown fate made me pop my PlayStation version of this game into my PS3 and it still has the same effect on my that it had eleven years ago.

Lets talk about the actual game now. The game starts as Al is stealing Woody and you take control of Buzz to go rescue him. While doing so you encounter obstacles through the various interesting stages. Starting out in Andy's House and going through his Yard, a construction site, an alley, Al's Toy Barn, Al's space barn, the ventilation system at Al's building, Al's suite, inside the Airport and ending at the outside of the Airport.

The controls were simple and easy to get used to. The X button jumps, the square button fires lasers, the circle button does a spinning attack, the L1 button aim's and R1 lets you check your stats.

A problem I had with the game was that you couldn't use the joystick, and this was a game released in 1999, well it could have just been the fact that I was playing on a PS3 but it still got annoying.

The graphics weren't anything special at the time, it was basically like every PS1 game released around that time. The music was fantastic though, it really fit the areas that each track was placed in and every area had a unique track.

To sum up, I love this game. It was amazing when I was only five years old and eleven years later, it still is.

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A flawed-yet-fun game.
rajveerdhanak8 July 2019
I remember watching a gameplay video of Toy Story 2 at age 11, really wanting to play it but unable to because of its unavailability in 2009. Now (ten years later), having gotten a PS1 emulator, it was finally the time to give the game a try.

To be clear, I wasn't expecting the game to be great - but simply thought it'd be cool to try out as a fan of the series. Hence, I wasn't disappointed by the flaws of the game, instead simply grateful that I finally got this chance - and I actually had fun playing it.

The game consists of 15 levels, each filled with consistent types of tasks to complete in order to proceed to the next level. These levels are mostly platformers, getting from mission to mission by jumping and swinging through objects. Though the tasks may get repetitive, the varying level designs keep the game fresh with each level.

A major flaw of this game is the camera, awkwardly moving around the character as the player struggles to align the camera to the environment. This is mainly due to lack of camera controls (the ability to move the camera around with joystick). This leads to several other problems which could've been avoided by incorporating the then-recently released Dual Analog controller's analog sticks - allowing players to move camera around freely.

First off, since the game is a platformer, the awkward camera made it all the more difficult to be able to grasp the depth and distance of objects our character would have to jump and latch onto. There are several levels in the game where the players (as the toy-sized Buzz) would have to jump and climb tall structures - such as a building under construction, an elevator shaft, and the baggage area of an airport.

With the lack of adequate checkpoints, it gets annoying when the players fall down due to a misstep and have to climb all the way to the top again and again. Even the playable character becomes unreliable in having to latch or hold on to objects despite several jumps and falls, aggravating the frustration.

In spite of its flaws and frustration-inducing nature, the game is addicting and fun to play - easily a 7/10. The platforming difficulties aren't restraining, as players can proceed to the next level even just by completing 1 out of 5 tasks in a level (with some revisits needed). This structure is great for kids who may not be able to complete certain tasks in a level but still want to move ahead.
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One of the better movie based games that I have played and that's saying quite a lot since there are lot of bad ones out there.
vivifan14 July 2018
Toy Story is one of Pixar's most beloved franchises and for good reason, the characters were amazing, the story, animation and overall presentation makes it an outstanding film series. This is a video game that is based on the second Toy story movie and is the best Toy Story game imo. The graphics are good colourful and bright that makes it feel like the movie in a lot of ways, the music is awesome and is one of the most memorable I have heard in a game, it's sound effects are good, the controls are easy to get used to and the levels are for the most part very well done, it's got a good atmosphere and the game is overall very good! Tho it's got a few problems, the first being the camera sometimes it can be a bit of a pain in the bum trying to get it to face the right way at points, Some levels in this game are very bland, Some of it's puzzles are a little bit annoying for a child to play, The game can be a bit too easy as well since if you lose a life at a boss you can still continue taking it down like you didn't die what so ever and it's very short. But Overall this is a very well done game that I highly recommend to any Toy Story fan or anyone who is looking for a solid 3D Platformer. It's definitely Worth your time
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One of the most frustrating games ever.
The_Light_Triton22 January 2009
(Please note that this comment is based on the Review of the N64 Version of the Game, Not the Sony Playstation version) Just because it's Frustrating, doesn't make it bad.

You play Buzz lightyear, on a quest to rescue None other than Woody, who has been stolen by a toy collector named Al, to finally complete his collection of Woody's Round-up toys. What Al doesn't know is that while Andy nor Andy's mom know of the theft, The toys do. And the toys are going to bring Woody home.

You might have seen the movie (So have I) and while it might not follow it too accurately, i must admit this game was OK. it's not bad, but it could have some room for improvement, like in the control department.

Another note about the game is that it's extremely Frustrating. if you're an 80's gamer, you'd probably be used to the frustration, but if you were a child of the 90's like me, then you're in for a frustrating time. What could be so frustrating in a game about toys? Well, try spending 5 minutes getting up in a room to get something, and mis-time your jumps and land back on the floor, where you have to spend another 5 minutes working your way back up.

But the bottom line, this is a game you may want to try out. it can be addicting once you get into it, but you'll probably never play it again once you've beaten it.
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