The Pacifier (2005) Poster


Brittany Snow: Zoe Plummer



  • Shane Wolfe : [after Seth has gone to his room]  Where's the older male? There were five.

    Helga : [fearfully]  He walks like Dracula, silent as the dead.

    Zoe Plummer : He's in his room.

  • Seth Plummer : [as they're being chased by the police]  Zoey, you're going too fast! You're not gonna have enough time to stop!

    Zoe Plummer : Who said anything about stopping? I'm parking!

  • Zoe Plummer : Personal Bubble Invasion!

  • Zoe Plummer : [about the people at the party]  Who are all these people?

    Scott : I don't know.

    Zoe Plummer : We need to talk.

    Scott : Don't hate the player, girl, hate the game.

  • Shane Wolfe : Give me twenty.

    [Scott reaches for his wallet] 

    Shane Wolfe : I meant push-ups!

    Scott : [uncomfortably]  Zoe?

    Shane Wolfe : Drop down! Do twenty!

    [Scott drops down on the ground and begins doing push-ups. Shane begins to count] 

    Shane Wolfe : One...

    Zoe Plummer : [Shane continues to count]  OK, this is not the Army or the Navy!

    [Later after Scott is gone, Zoe is going upstairs angrily] 

    Zoe Plummer : Real nice move, Lt. Smooth! Now he'll probably never want to see me again!

    Shane Wolfe : Then I did you a favor.

    Zoe Plummer : Whoa! Personal bubble invasion.

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