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Amazing acting
kylemccoy-3232511 January 2019
This is hogans best acting since his sex tape.I really believed that he was in love with Megan. but i couldn't help but notice the sexual tension between him and the boat its painfully obvious throughout this movie as well as the rest of the series.
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terry 'hulk' hogan part whale and part machine. the warrior in paradise
empire3602 November 2005
If you were given the movie, please give it back to the person who put this filth in your hands. This movie is the worst thing i have ever seen. Full of corny catch lines and super s.e.a.l stereotypes the hogan once again defeats evil. With a colorful cast of cameos by such big stars as Jimmy the 'speakerphone' Hart and other wrestling rejects. Please save two hours of your life (the movie is an hour and a half but i'd leave a half hour for vomiting) and don't watch this movie. Sure its packed with a few mildly entertaining fight scene's and the beautiful single women in distress that all the 'hulkamaniacs' can enjoy but this is not the time nor the place. I'd watch the 'Nanny' three times in a row and act like i enjoyed the 'Hulks' acting abilities before popping the VHS of Thunder in Paradise again. When searching for this movie i noticed there was a Part II and III, i honestly hope that's a joke or a misprint.

you have been warned.

Hollywood Al
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