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A Very Nice Picture
Falcon076 August 2006
This movie touched me and truly made me appreciate what I have in life, as it is easy to forget in a relationship how lucky and loved you are.

A good solid performance from both leading roles intrigued me to keep watching. Although a sad story, there is happiness in it, depending on your perspective of the movie.

I am also a fan of Leila Arcieri, as I think she is beautiful and her acting nice to watch..not too full on like a lot of over-powered wooden leads. Many Scenes she does in her whites, which is also a bonus !!!

Adrian Grenier played the part perfect and gave a sense of realism to the movie..as did Leila, they connected well and gave the film a realistic feel to it.

I especially enjoyed the old lady scene too :)

Go watch this one !!
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It is as if I were in the film living these scary moments!
ceo-9713 June 2006
I thoroughly enjoyed 'A Perfect Fit'. It is a compelling psychodrama that had me at the edge of my seat throughout the film. This film captures the vicissitudes of one's mental states and, in particular, the state of the lead character's mind. The imagery throughout the film transported me into the film as if I was there and part of the drama! I imagine we all know people including ourselves who have been challenged in some degree by obsession. This film illustrates, to perfection, the mania associated with those obsessions. Indeed,it exemplifies how life loses all control and meaning in the face of those states of mind. The lead actor takes on this role and it's manifestations brilliantly. Throughout the film, I was impressed by the depth of emotion and character that is portrayed and acted on. My congratulations to the many people involved from the original writing to the completion and presentation of the finished product.....Outstanding Work! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Highly recommended
sweetcoachpotato9 June 2006
A Perfect Fit looks at the damage that can be done to a relationship if we can't get beyond the scars carried over from our childhoods. Sarah (Leila Arcieri) is so eager to find a man that she overlooks the warning signals in John's (Adrian Grenier) behavior. The film makes it clear from the opening scenes that John is a disaster waiting to happen, but Sarah chooses to ignore some of the warning signals, and plunges headlong into a relationship with him. As an audience, we know more about John's troubles than Sarah does, which creates a lot of tension. Many of us have made similar mistakes in our own lives, and it is easy to relate to Sarah's predicament. When the film shows us the reasons for John's troubles, he becomes a sympathetic character. Even though we know it's probably futile, we hope that John will find a way to tame his demons, and that the relationship will work out in the end.

Adrian Grenier and Leila Arcieri give wonderful performances in demanding roles. They have an amazing chemistry that is at times exciting, and at other times, disturbing to watch. Watching Grenier try to manipulate and control Sarah causes discomfort, but we can't help but feel some empathy for him as he struggles to hold onto the thing that he has missed out on his whole life – love. Writer/director Ron Brown has created an intimate film with believable and concise dialogue. It definitely rings true, and that's what makes it unique.
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I loved this movie
Ashley_Stevens9 June 2006
I am a fan of Adrian Grenier and really love Entourage so I was excited when I saw this DVD was out. It was so much fun for me to watch him play a part that is nothing like the role he plays on TV. I was really impressed with his acting range. He was amazing in this movie. The movie held my interest in a way that reminds me how much I miss that feeling most of the time when I watch movies. The characters seem to me to be like people I know and I found myself relating to Leila Arcieri's character in a way that almost scared me. I have a feeling that many women looking for Mr. Right and feeling like she will never find him will also connect to this movie. I was never bored and I only wished I could have seen it in the theater because my TV is old and small. I want to tell as many people as I can to see this film because it is enjoyable, and it also makes you think and have a lot of feelings.
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Wow, anyone who enjoyed this was completely psycho
screengod32214 September 2007
you'd actually have to have experienced this weird crap in your real life in order to enjoy it. it was just a weird movie about some killer idiot. he was always thinking about murdering his therapist and it was constantly flashing back to scenes, but it was one of those lame flashbacks where they don't tell you it's a flashback and you think it's happening now. it's kind of confusing, but not in a deep sense. it's more like a sense of idiocy and waste of time. like, "why am i still watching this crap?" i'm actually at a loss for words as to why i finished the film. the grenier fellow really needs to try a new hair style. i mean, he has nice hair, but he only has one haircut and that's just retarded. he could get some corn rolls or a bowl cut even. i think the movie was retarded.
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A true to life story about looking for love ...
What I liked so much about A Perfect Fit is that it made me feel so much. The film is clearly a sad story about two people who desperately want to find the love that they feel will complete their lives. I felt like I could see myself, and many of my friends, in the character of Sarah. We have all looked for love in the wrong places many times. We consistently find ourselves drawn to men who look like a prize package, but wind up being major booby-traps. I wonder if I had seen this movie before my last heartbreak if I might have done things differently. Probably not because I, like Sarah, am a sucker for a gorgeous charmer. I, too, have trouble seeing a man for real at the beginning of the relationship. As I said, ultimately, A Perfect Fit is a sad story, but along the way, there are some great laughs, some moments of suspense, and it is all done in a way that made me not want the movie to end. The actors are beautiful to look at, and they seem like real people. I haven't seen them act before, but I am going to look for them in the future. This is a movie that I found myself thinking about long after it ended.
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I really liked this movie!
tolulope273 December 2006
I really liked this movie a lot. I got it on a whim and I was pleased. I thought the plot was really interesting and the way it was set up engaging.

Adrian did a good job of making his character sympathetic so you could really relate to him and wish for a happy ending though you know his past would eventually catch up with him and ruin his future.

Arcieri really surprised me because I didn't know she could act so well. Her and Adrian had really great chemistry. It was so believable and made it easy to imagine why they would fall so fast into a relationship with one another.

Another thing the movie did well was display that not only did John have his issues, but so did Sarah. Her pastoral family life looked perfect from the outside, but her comments about her own family and her actions, the fact she herself was so needy for love, implied a lonely childhood. For that reason, them both being so needy and desperate for love, they fell for each other and Sarah ignored the warning signs. That and Adrian is just that good looking.

I liked the movie a lot though and would recommend.
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Pure Garbage
holt-amanda2 August 2006
So...I do not watch "Entourage", and before today I had no idea who Adrian Grenier was. Nor have I ever hated a movies so much that I wanted to review it. One, totally predictable. Two, totally boring. Three, zero chemistry. Four, huge waste of time.

There was nothing interesting about it. It was campy and really fake. I was not sure what was wrong with the guy for the first half of the hour long movie, than just waited for him to snap. There was zero emotion in Leila Arcieri's part,nothing.

This movie made me feel uncomfortable, angry and embarrassed that I actually finished watching it. Horrible!
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Excellent and true to live movie!
jonathanburhan18 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is exceptionally realistic, and I really enjoyed it. I have first hand experience in the sort of relationship shown in this movie, and I could relate to both Sarah and John's characters. John is a man that suffers from what appears to be Borderline Personality Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He feels lonely, and believes that the missing part of his life is love. The problem is, he is unstable and unable to control his emotions. While it may seem unrealistic that two people can fall in love and get involved in a serious relationship quickly, the fact remains that this usually happens with 2 people that miss what they feel is love. John's feelings, however, would never be accepted in society, hence why he is alone.

John has had a traumatic childhood, with his mother giving him away when he was a young child and later on is revealed that he was sexually abused as a boy, by the people looking after him.

John truly loves Sarah, and it is shown throughout the movie that his love is over excessive. To sum this movie up quickly, it's well worth watching, and shows how a mentally ill man tries to cope with a relationship with a fairly functioning woman. Whilst it can be argued that John didn't love Sarah, the fact remains, he did. What happened during the end, and because Sarah was not able to figure out John was unstable, was mostly Sarah's fault. The warning signs were there, but she ignored them, even when she knows John is seeing a doctor.
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A must see ... loved it!
marnie249 June 2006
I just finished watching this movie and it is really fantastic! I am completely blown away by it. I see many movies and I just loved this one because it kept me involved in it from start to finish. The acting is superb and the dialogue is believable. Adrian Grenier plays a guy who finds love but he has so many problems that he can't handle it. Because of Adrian Grenier's charm, acting ability, and the depth of his well written character, you really sympathize with his character and wish him well. Leila Arcieri does an equally wonderful job as a young woman who thinks she's found the perfect man, only to find out that he's got really big problems when they are both in it over their heads. Both of these roles require a lot of acting talent and Adrian (I love him in entourage!) and Leila deliver big time. If you've ever been in love with someone only to find out that he or she is not the right person for you, then you will love this film.
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Let down
noexcuses10151 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I thought a lot of this movie was unbelievable. I realize the main character had problems, but really... who goes skinny dipping just after meeting their fiancé's parents for the first time. The movie didn't leave me feeling anything but disappointed. The plot had a lot of potential but didn't reach that potential. I did like the way the characters were introduced and at first I had no trouble getting into them, but again, as the movie progressed, I couldn't understand what the characters were trying to do. In general, I like movies where characters don't act rationally, but with this movie I couldn't create any explanation for some events and the main character isn't completely insane so I should have been able to follow some type of reason. I don't recommend this movie to anyone.
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Very bad movie!!!
eabg_2217 February 2007
This movie fooled us by being in the "new release" section of the Video Gallery. In actuality, we had never heard of the film because it is so awful that it is hardly worth mention by the local media. This seemed like a made for T.V. Lifetime movie that my girlfriend and I wasted $5 to rent. The acting had all the talent of a low budget porno flick and the plot was predictable trash. It was in no way realistic or believable. This was not some deep rooted psychological thriller, just garbage with a creepy lead character. The storyline was full of holes and seemed to misrepresent current societal trends in technology and relationships. It was far from entertaining. We kept watching in hope of some great plot twist or character development, but that never occurred.
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One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Very very poor.
tree_rocks15 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Maybe Adrian is great on Entourage, but I don't see why this movie itself isn't getting worse star ratings. This is truly an awful movie, worthy of a midnight run on Lifetime network.

The two main characters are definitely very attractive and their acting skills are not terrible. Leila was gorgeous and didn't overdo her character, which was a relief. Adrian's character, however, was utterly unlikeable. Clingy, whiny, codependent, desperate, then violent and completely mentally unstable. I know that was the point of the movie, to showcase this behavior, but no one in their right minds would put up with that kind of partner.

Leila seemed so passive for someone who was clearly educated, from a stable family, and independent. She let this stranger (they only knew each other for a short time) knock her up, move in with her, and accepted his proposal in what was probably only several months' time. Ridiculous.

I also have many qualms with the way this movie was cut -- the weird "is it a dream, or is it reality" cuts were really tiring, annoying, and frustrating. They were unnecessary, and were used way too much throughout the movie, making it choppy and inconsistent.

The therapist character was also incredibly annoying, that that she was completely unemotional and subdued the whole time, even when Adrian's character attempted to murder her. He strangled her to the point of her losing consciousness, and what does she do? Call the cops? No! She follows him back to the couple's home and asks him not to murder his girlfriend, who he's tied up and is ready to kill.

The ending was completely absurd, too. I won't give it away, but it is so out there that this whole movie might as well have taken place on a different planet.

I watched this movie for a college Psychology class, and the whole class just looked around at each other, saying, "What the hell just happened?" and "This was the worst movie ever." I have to agree. I have never seen such a ridiculous movie before, and it shocks me that it has gotten as many stars as it has on IMDb.
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